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Input Needed

About a year ago, I spun off another website/blog/business that I named “Red Pill Dating” (link below). I thought the name was catchy and bespoke of a different and better way of looking at attraction and dating. The business model was to have live events and perhaps a bit of one-on-one advice. I didn’t push it much for a variety of reasons.

Very recently, I decided to ramp that business up. Then I ran into a huge snag. “Red Pill” is already trade marked. It’s trade marked by a PUA “systems” guy, Vin DiCarlo (link below). So if I made any serious money with Red Pill Dating, ol’ Vin could swoop in and nuke my efforts based on trade mark infringement. I know how this works because I’ve done my research. I’m not going to get involved a trade mark battle.

So, I need a new name for Red Pill Dating. This is where you come in. I’m going to crowd source this. I want some good ideas. Before y’all start blasting me comments and emails, it’s important to understand some of the background:

  • Live events is what I want to do (links below). One-on-one coaching, less so.
  • The name must be short and catchy and involve the word “dating”.
  • The name must have an available URL and trademark.
  • My primary demographic is post divorce men and women,
  • I deal with truth, not unrealistic social expectations.
  • This is about attraction and dating, not necessarily about relationships.

While this will be initially a local (south Florida) effort, I’ll be structuring it so it can be repeated in any North American market, except for Toronto. That city is the graveyard of dating advice.

With a good name, I can then set up the usual business infrastructure. Going forward, I might even try a Kickstarter campaign so I can do the appropriate marketing, which can get expensive. I’m kind of glad that I can’t use “Red Pill” in the name, for a variety of reasons.

I will soon need a web-developer and local marketing person. If any of you clever folks are interested, let me know.

Red Pill Dating home page

Red Pill Dating live events page

Vin DiCarlo (Pandora’s Box Video)

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20 thoughts on “Input Needed

  1. 1. Click the trackback. Victor has no BS or fluff. His ‘So you wanna be a professional blogger’ posts are FREE but should cost big. Part 2 has thoughts on figuring out a name.

    2. Cnsider that both pills – red and blue – are from the same source.

    3. Eben Pagan uses alliteration in his pen name and original ebook.

    Hope that helps. Your work is a valuable resource and I enjoyed the interview.

  2. Darwin dating
    Carbon dating
    Paleo dating
    All natural dating
    Evolutionary Attraction
    Divide by Conquering
    Strong men want pretty girls

  3. Second Chance Roullette

  4. Dating Desirables

  5. Magnetic Attraction

  6. Dating for Grown-ups

  7. ospurt on said:

    Dating Unplugged

    Disconnect from the way you were taught to date and mate!

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  9. Brilliance Dating:
    See Attraction in a Whole New Light!

    Eyes Wide Open Dating:
    Viewing Attraction and Romance the way it was meant to be seen!

    The Dating-X-Files:
    The Truth is Out There, Trust No One.. but Drew.

  10. Yep It's Me on said:

    Found this here…http:// — I can’t claim any authorship or ownership of the information below.

    Here are the top business name generator.

    WORDLAB – (
    Wordlab’s uniqueness is that it provides industry based business name generators. It has more than half a dozen different generators like Team Name Generator, Restaurant Name Generator, Band Name Generator, etc. It also provides a separate domain name availability checker.


    NameStation is a great tool if you are looking for a business name along with a domain. NameStation return business name ideas along with the domain availability status. It uses keyword lists, brainstorming, dictionaries, etc. to create random names based on your input.It has features like adding prefixes and suffixes, setting minimum and maximum length and combining keywords with many preset categorized wordlists like random adjectives, random nouns, medicine, music, technical, etc. It also has features to include synonyms and custom wordlists.


    Use Dot-o-Mator to generate business and domain name suggestions. Enter one or more words, and then choose some prefixes or suffixes (you can also add your own). Click COMBINE to get the results. You can save all the creative business names you like to a scratch board and check availability of related domain names.


    Company Name Generator is one of the most advanced free online business name generators. You can customize the generator by selecting patterns of vowels and consonants you wish to have. You can also select a wordlist for prefixes and suffixes. Although this service does not provide domain name availability checker it can provide valuable new business name suggestions.

    BUST A NAME – (

    Bust a Name is a complete domain name researcher and generator. You enter a few keywords, set options like domain extensions, prefixes, suffixes, hyphen, etc. and hit ADD. You can then sort, search, save and review related domains names. This is one of the top name generators if you are looking for a business name for an online venture.


    Write Express helps name businesses, products and websites. You start by entering a word or syllable that is associated to your business. You then choose a wordlist, number of desired syllables and a few more options and hit FIND NAMES. This is an easy to use tool and can help you find a business name from dozens of potential names in quick time.

  11. Actually, there are two live trademarks registrations for “Red Pill.” One is a pending registration for virtual reality hardware and software related to gaming. The other is DiCarlo’s but trademarks can be very narrowly tailored. His is specifically for “G & S: Pre-recorded CDs featuring self-help and dating advice” under goods and services.

    So, technically, as long as you’re not offering pre-recorded CDs, you might still be able to use it. And a Google search on “red pill dating advice” shows DiCarlo doesn’t even come up until the fourth page whereas you are the very first result on the first page. And the page that result links to doesn’t even mention “red pill” at all except in the URL. In fact, I can’t find any indication that he’s actually using it as a trademark anywhere. And, given that there are plenty of other site and blogs that are using “red pill” in the context of PUA or dating/relationship advice, he can’t be protecting it very vigorously. Athol uses it quite regularly. So, if you wanted to continue to use the term, I would suggest that you’re probably pretty safe; after all, you’re in completely different market segments.

    That said, it may not be a bad idea to drop the “red pill” from the label. Since the manosphere has started to be “discovered” there will likely be negative connotations connected with the name in a broader market that would limit the market potential.

    Given your focus, I’d suggest:

    Back in the Saddle Dating

    She Got the House, You Get the Babes Dating

    Revenge Dating: A Dish Best Served Cold…With a Hot Partner

    You Could Do Better, Really, Dating

    I’m pretty sure none of those would be trademarked…

  12. Dating Re-revisited

  13. Sir_Chancealot on said:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but you could always dispute the trademark. “Red Pill” was around LONG before Vin DeCarlo. Sosuave posters were using it (and was where it was first used) back in 2002. But IANAL.

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