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Input Needed

About a year ago, I spun off another website/blog/business that I named “Red Pill Dating” (link below). I thought the name was catchy and bespoke of a different and better way of looking at attraction and dating. The business model was to have live events and perhaps a bit of one-on-one advice. I didn’t push it much for a variety of reasons.

Very recently, I decided to ramp that business up. Then I ran into a huge snag. “Red Pill” is already trade marked. It’s trade marked by a PUA “systems” guy, Vin DiCarlo (link below). So if I made any serious money with Red Pill Dating, ol’ Vin could swoop in and nuke my efforts based on trade mark infringement. I know how this works because I’ve done my research. I’m not going to get involved a trade mark battle.

So, I need a new name for Red Pill Dating. This is where you come in. I’m going to crowd source this. I want some good ideas. Before y’all start blasting me comments and emails, it’s important to understand some of the background:

  • Live events is what I want to do (links below). One-on-one coaching, less so.
  • The name must be short and catchy and involve the word “dating”.
  • The name must have an available URL and trademark.
  • My primary demographic is post divorce men and women,
  • I deal with truth, not unrealistic social expectations.
  • This is about attraction and dating, not necessarily about relationships.

While this will be initially a local (south Florida) effort, I’ll be structuring it so it can be repeated in any North American market, except for Toronto. That city is the graveyard of dating advice.

With a good name, I can then set up the usual business infrastructure. Going forward, I might even try a Kickstarter campaign so I can do the appropriate marketing, which can get expensive. I’m kind of glad that I can’t use “Red Pill” in the name, for a variety of reasons.

I will soon need a web-developer and local marketing person. If any of you clever folks are interested, let me know.

Red Pill Dating home page

Red Pill Dating live events page

Vin DiCarlo (Pandora’s Box Video)

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