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My regular readers know that I am part of the “Manosphere”. Yes, it’s an awkward name. Regardless, the name has been around for at least a couple of years and it’s got some ‘net traction, for what that’s worth. There are also two variations of the name – androsphere and MANdrosphere. They are both the same thing. This is a loose collection of blogs, forums, and websites that focus on men’s interests and men’s self-improvement. We gots some politics, some seduction, some guys just dropping out. But the common feature is that the men have taken the red pill, we have all internalized the reality of social interactions without being too polluted with unrealistic and often damaging social expectations.

The guys in the ‘sphere can be a stubborn, fractious bunch. This is a feature, not a bug. The conflicts can be both spectacular and subtle. Just today, Manosphere luminary, Roosh, (link below) announced that the “Manosphere Is Lost”. After hours of intense thought and consideration of his blog post, I can only say “meh”. So he backs away from the semantics and subjective nomenclature, no big deal. He can do whatever he wants. I won’t question his motivation. He will do what he wants. I will do what I want (dating and attraction advice for the over 35 crowd).

Regardless, the toothpaste is out of the tube and can’t be put back in. The knowledge is out there. The wisdom is being shared.  It really doesn’t matter how it’s labelled. Call it the Manosphere. Call it Red Pill. Call it whatever you think it should be called. What the Manosphere presents is truth. Hey, here’s a good name for what’s going on with my blog and all the others – “truth”. I care not a whit for the inner machinations of what’s going on with the ‘sphere. Nor does Danny (link below), another Manosphere luminary. We talked about this. And I have to give Danny respect, he’s giving me a shot gun… sweet!

I don’t get all the Manosphere back and forth nastiness. It can be healthy. It can also be divisive. I prefer the former.

The Manosphere Is Lost


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16 thoughts on “Manosphere Insider Stuff

  1. I found it a little strange for Roosh to throw down the gauntlet like this today, especially picking on Donlak, who has been once of the Manosphere’s most consistent voices. I admire his conviction to the cause, but if he’s looking for enemies, there are more than enough outside the Manosphere.

  2. He’s probably just saying that because RoK has gotten so diluted and shallow.

  3. Roosh functions by over compensating for perceived insecurities. He’s even stated this himself:

    This, and the Minter stuff are just how he motivates himself by building his own walls to climb.

  4. The sphere isn’t “lost”. It’s evolving. Evolution is always a good thing.

    And I’m no luminary to the scene. I’m just your average guy trying to help other guys that are seeking help.

    Well that and hoping to cop nakie pics from my female readers, but it’s still all about helping dudes.

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  6. I made a handy chart to diagram the future Rooshosphere as according to his post. Let me know if I need to adjust anything.

    Also, I am amused that he says he “will gleefully ban all women” yet there are all of those comments from women still un-banned.

    /shameless self promotion

  7. Richard Cranium on said:

    The thing is everyone has their own idea on what the ‘sphere should be and what direction it should take. Invariably they’ll be disagreements and differences of opinions.

    That’s fine really that’s why many call it the MGTOW (men going their own way) movement. If one blog/site isn’t to your taste then simply find another. But some of the infighting is detrimental and gets away from the big picture.

    Personally I have no use for the hardcore PUA sites and methods but I’m not gonna try to say they’re wrong or bad just because it’s not my cup of tea. Many guys have found this information useful and helpful and good for them.

    At the end of the day we’re all trying to better ourselves as men and people and are fortunate to have such a wealth of information at our fingertips.

    • This.

      It’s like so many have become infected with the “need for identicalism” which has become the hallmark of feminism – like wtf? There’s room for many and many different thoughts and approaches.

      If we’re growing, we’re good.

  8. Peregrine John on said:

    I’d love for us, as a group, to drop a bunch of our insider nomenclature, not because it’s insidery and exclusive, but because it gets really bad… um, what’s “mission creep” when it’s a word’s definition instead of a goal? Whatever that is, terms get. Like “red pill,” an amazingly easy to understand metaphor that somehow gets applied to everything from what it actually means to a particular lifestyle, which is nonsense. “Awake”, “aware”, and as many synonyms as we can drum up might be a safer way to keep things on target. A mass movement away from PUAspeak was a fine improvement, as we’ve all seen.

    At Martel’s place I’ve been using the word “reality” (sometimes Reality) to work with the idea of the overarching thing. Truth is great in my view, too.

    You’re totally right that the fractiousness is a good thing, iron sharpening iron and all that. The androsphere (I likes that one) is at its worst when it becomes a thin-skinned echo chamber. We are men, dammit, and challenging each other is what we do. Makes us all better and more honest, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  9. Yep It's Me on said:

    First of all, we all broke the first tenet of the Manosphere, because we are talking about it (yes pun intended). Next – as a loose confederation of men with no central organization to guide us, I guess we’ll just have to decide on our own.

    Personally, I could care less if the Manosphere died. I’d still read PM’s blog (because I like the content), I would still read the comments here (because I always come away learning something), I would still read other blogs because I like the subject matter. Labels are BS and terms/language/slang is both a help and hindrance in understanding what people write about. It took me about a month (when I first started) to figure out all the acronyms, terms and slang.

    To tell you the truth, some of the best stuff is not even listed on the “blog rolls” of the most read Manosphere blogs. The forum over at No More Mr Nice Guy may be the manliest forum on the internet – because it’s not a head bobbing forum, if you need a swift kick to get you going, you’ll get it. The Art of Maniless is another one, lots of good general stuff for men. But neither of those get a lot of airplay.

    So, I say, let it die. Because as men, we don’t need it. Or as has been said previously by @Dannyfrom504 – it’s just doing what things do naturally, evolve. I would like more “men only” places – but hey, this is the internet, I get to ignore anything I want to.

    @PM – keep writing and keep evolving.

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  14. I like reading Roosh but he’s still a pretty young guy and not really aware that men’s interests shift as they get older. There’s nothing wrong with having different bloggers focusing on different age segments or different subjects. A lot of time is spent arguing whether the manosphere should just focus on “game” or larger societal changes that have changed how women interact with men. I think the two subjects complement each other. Understanding the larger societal changes makes you aware of the increased importance of game in getting women. Now, whether or not the typical modern day American female is worth getting at all is a separate subject and there’s room in the manosphere to discuss that too.

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