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My regular readers know that I am part of the “Manosphere”. Yes, it’s an awkward name. Regardless, the name has been around for at least a couple of years and it’s got some ‘net traction, for what that’s worth. There are also two variations of the name – androsphere and MANdrosphere. They are both the same thing. This is a loose collection of blogs, forums, and websites that focus on men’s interests and men’s self-improvement. We gots some politics, some seduction, some guys just dropping out. But the common feature is that the men have taken the red pill, we have all internalized the reality of social interactions without being too polluted with unrealistic and often damaging social expectations.

The guys in the ‘sphere can be a stubborn, fractious bunch. This is a feature, not a bug. The conflicts can be both spectacular and subtle. Just today, Manosphere luminary, Roosh, (link below) announced that the “Manosphere Is Lost”. After hours of intense thought and consideration of his blog post, I can only say “meh”. So he backs away from the semantics and subjective nomenclature, no big deal. He can do whatever he wants. I won’t question his motivation. He will do what he wants. I will do what I want (dating and attraction advice for the over 35 crowd).

Regardless, the toothpaste is out of the tube and can’t be put back in. The knowledge is out there. The wisdom is being shared.  It really doesn’t matter how it’s labelled. Call it the Manosphere. Call it Red Pill. Call it whatever you think it should be called. What the Manosphere presents is truth. Hey, here’s a good name for what’s going on with my blog and all the others – “truth”. I care not a whit for the inner machinations of what’s going on with the ‘sphere. Nor does Danny (link below), another Manosphere luminary. We talked about this. And I have to give Danny respect, he’s giving me a shot gun… sweet!

I don’t get all the Manosphere back and forth nastiness. It can be healthy. It can also be divisive. I prefer the former.

The Manosphere Is Lost


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