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My Interview On Manosphere Radio

Pete’s a good guy who is doing a series of interviews with Manosphere bloggers. My interview with him is now up for everyone to have a listen.

It’s long (over an hour) so be warned. I do hammer some ideas repeatedly and my regular readers will recognize those ideas. As it’s an audio interview, you’ll get to know my voice and how I speak. Note: the audio is structured so that that Pete’s questions are in one ear and my answers are in the other ear.

If I get a good response, I might do some of my own podcasts or maybe do a live audio/video event. Let me know what you think of the interview and if you’d listen to a podcast or live event.

Thanks again, Pete.

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8 thoughts on “My Interview On Manosphere Radio

  1. VooDooMan on said:

    Extremely well done!

    I had to laugh at your description of the divorced isolated suburban man, this describes me to a T

    You have to do more of this, I would suggest regular podcasts

  2. GREAT WORK! I’ve written a few notes from your interview to pass on to some men I know that need the advice.

    Nice job focusing on ‘middle-aged men’ (that are likely divorced). You specifically related by stating what his life is likely like day to day. You understand that he’s likely been beaten down until his new freedom. You’ve given exact steps that do not cost him anything… so he can build a new life and enjoy meeting that amazing woman.

    On Getting Out More–

    “Even that simple act of asking for cheese is an example of a social interaction, and with more of that a man begins to… do better with his social skills in general.”

    “The dog doesn’t play video games… I would recommend that every man get a dog… 25 lbs and up.”

    Other nuggets–

    “For every year that a man is involved with a woman, it takes on month to get over it.”

    What do women find attractive in men?
    The biggest sign of confidence a man can project is social confidence. Is he willing to approach. The average dudes are not doing that.
    “A woman over 40 is finding dating very unfulfilling… every man… landscapers or whatever… find one-good-thing-about them… they’re waiting…
    The Air Force is not dropping Prince Charming over South Florida or St. Louis or Chicago…
    “(The fantasy fed through popular media to women) is called emotional pornography… Nora Ephron… known for setting up very unrealistic expectations of romance.”

    “We’re left with online dating and” (meetup is highly recommended during the interview)
    CHARISMA “Charisma and Frame are very closely related” “If he knows he’s good at what he does, he exudes that by his frame” “Some men know (their greatest skills) – he could be a stamp collector… stamp collecting is not a sexy thing to do, however, if he knows that he’s good at what he does, he exudes that by his frame.” “We could have that enthusiasm that gives us that inner frame… that inner sense of confidence… enthusiasm… that is manifested by our inner sense of confidence.” “…the ability to flirt… to have a comeback… without sounding creepy”
    LEADERSHIP – Recommends Toastmasters – people fear public speaking, and Toastmasters changes everything for men. Not only does this skill exude confidence, charisma, intelligence, leadership and frame, but it’s social proof that you can enhance life (which includes revenue)

    “The supermarket is great. If the cashier asks how you are doing … ‘this is the most enlightening shopping experience of my life’ … the woman behind the counter… 16 or 60… she will remember that for the rest of her life.” David expands on this in this 17-minute show at our market on Marina Del Rey, CA – the two of you need to connect.

    “The average middle-aged divorce guy is not living in a culture of leisure, he’s living in a culture of work.” “Online dating is not the healthiest solution… it is a supplement, it is not reality… for guys, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, go to the groups… it might feel CONTRIVED…but eventually… that becomes much more NATURAL… the most I’ve ever spent on (a meetup) is like five or six dollars.”

  3. No worries, enjoyed having you on the show!

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  6. i tried listening to it tonight at work but the command intarwebz has AIDS. i’ll check it out when i get home.

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