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Reality TV Knocks On My Door – A True Story

Almost a month ago I received this missive in my email in-box account:


My name is [name redacted]; I am the Casting Director in series development at [redacted] Films in New York City [URL to the production company]. You may recognize us from our most popular series, “[Redacted]” on [redacted] and “[redacted]” on the [redacted] Network.

We are currently casting a series about dating and matchmaking for a male skewed network; and are looking for the perfect matchmaker [she later indicated that it was more about date coaching]. We are looking for someone that can communicate effectively with both men and women. Someone who is down to earth, that people would not mind letting into their lives.

The majority of matchmakers on television are hostile and aggressive, we are not after that style. We do not mind a little bit of tough love for very difficult clients; however, we are not aiming high on the “sassy meter.” We need someone that can help men and women with everything from presentation (dress, what your apartment looks like) to personality.

I saw a few articles about you and came across your website. I am very interested in learning more and would love to see if you would be available to have a 15 minute Skype casting interview with me at some point later this week?

Please let me know if you are interested and when you are available.

Thank you so much for your time.


[Name Redacted]

Immediately suspicious, I did my research. I found the casting director’s LinkedIn account. Yup, legit. I looked into the production company. Again, legit. This appeared to be no clever Nigerian scam.

We exchanged a few emails where I agreed to do the audition she complimented “my style”. I clearly told her that I was firmly middle age. She still wanted the audition. I also inquired about how she found my blog(s). Her response was a delightfully opaque one word answer: “Google”. Good one, casting director, good one.

So, with Skype installed on my laptop, I booked a conference room at work for privacy and did the audition on June 7, right after lunch. She explained that she would be asking about me and what I do and gave me one piece of advice: “be sure to speak in full sentences”. That’s good advice. I warned her that I would have my own questions at the end of the audition. She agreed laughingly. It was a good start.

The audition lasted just a few minutes. I think I did well. As I’ve had experience in radio and live comedy shows, my presentation was smooth with few vocalized interruptions (link below). As things were concluding, I did ask about the show and where it was in the development process. Due to obvious confidentiality agreements, she couldn’t say much. But she did mention that the show couldn’t progress until they found a host for the show.

“This is what this audition was for?”


I had just been auditioning to be the host.


She told me that I would hear from her a week after the following week. So ended the audition. Within hours I sent a thank you email.

It’s been three weeks since I auditioned and I’ve not heard back. I’ve also learned that at least one other dating advisor has done the audition. Likely, others have, as well. But outside of the Pickup artistry (PUA) guys selling “systems”, I’m one of the few dating advisers who actually specializes in helping men.

This request for an audition points to the fact that there is interest in cable TV land for a show that could possibly deal with actually improving men so that they can meet their relationship goals. Or, it’s just a terrible goof on dating advisers. We’re talking “reality” TV here. Would you watch such a program where a man helps other men be more attractive to women without all of the PUA element?

I’ll keep my readers posted.

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