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Weekend Weirdness – A Pink Police Car

While out walking my ugly dog (photo below) this morning, I came across a small local event promoting the fight against cancer. Several local organizations were present. Sadly, the music was provided by a mediocre group butchering rock ‘n roll classics with very dull knives.

Local law enforcement was present, as well:

Pink Cop Car

Of course, not all Broward County sheriff’s patrol cars are painted like this. In fact, this is the first pink one I’ve seen. I wonder if it actually goes out on patrol.

Yeah, it’s a pink patrol car. I really don’t have any commentary. So, here’s a photo of my dog licking my big, bald head. I don’t sit on the sofa much because every time I do, she jumps on the back and commences to licking. It’s weird and everyone who has witnessed this canine behavior laughs for the first few seconds and then says “that’s really weird.”


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