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An Invitation To Describe Your Online Dating Experiences

Moxie over at And That’s Why You’re Single posted about what not to say to women on OKCupid (link below). Unfortunately, she wrote the whole post at Role Reboot – the worst of the worst when it comes to politically correct dating and relationship advice. No direct link from me because it’s that bad.

The comments from men complaining about online dating quickly accumulated. Moxie was not amused and was quite clear about it.

Yeah, this isn’t going to be an excuse for guys to flock here and whine about how hard online dating is for them. Sorry. I’m sick of listening to it.

It’s her blog so she gets to make the rules. However, this becomes an opportunity for me. I am inviting men who are doing online dating to report their online dating experiences, positive or negative.

This is not for the purpose of random venting. It is for the purpose of seeing patterns and generalizations so we can work towards solutions. Online dating for men at any age is a frustrating experience. I empathize because I did online dating off and on for over a decade. Towards the end, my ratio of outgoing messages to actual dates was 100 to 1.

For the record, I most recently used Plenty of Fish. I still maintain a profile but haven’t logged in in months. It’s now recommended to men that they keep their online dating activities limited to about 25% of their overall dating activities (link below).

So guys, use the comments to share your online dating experiences. Please indicate the following:

  • Your age
  • Your location
  • Online Dating Websites you use


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