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Almost Time To Upgrade The Phone – Not To Samsung

I’ve seen this commercial several times. It’s not for the American market because it’s too long. It’s an advertisement for the international market and this makes it worse given its potential reach.

I can imagine the scene at Samsung’s marketing department. A group of women are reviewing potential advertising spots submitted by their advertising agency. This commercial is run. Once ended, the accolades are delivered by the marketing cupcakes…

“Oh, my husband really needs to evolve, this is a great video!”

“My boyfriend does exactly that, I wish I could get him to do more in the house.”

“Men are such neanderthals.”

So, the video is approved with little discussion. Fine, Samsung is a business and its very essence is to increase profits. I can live with that provided that Samsung understands that the consumer can make purchasing decisions independently. More importantly, consumers can talk amongst themselves to influence other consumers. As a blogger, I urge my readers to avoid Samsung products. When it’s time to upgrade my phone, I’ll make a point to select a brand that doesn’t take such a dim view of men.

However, if Samsung were truly clever, there would be a follow-up video where this happens: “…a put-upon husband tired of the rolling-pin treatment can magically morph his bon-bon chomping, soap-opera addicted, bitchy shrew-in-curlers wife into a physically fit & active sex-pot who fixes doors, pours cement driveways, replaces garbage disposals, hunts wild game, and earns a paycheck.”*

That would be hilarious and then I’d be happy to buy outright a spiffy new Samsung smart phone should this happen.

* From a comment on the Youtube video.

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