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Random & Tweetable Dating Tips For Guys Of A Certain Age

Some of these might seem patently obvious but each one is based on women’s actual dating and attraction experiences. Feel free to tweet these to your followers or add your own random dating tip.

  • If it’s a first date from online dating, go to a place without bright lighting.
  • If entertaining a lady at your place, keep chilled water in your bedroom. Wink, wink.
  • Shoes and wristwatch, keep them classy and elegant. Women immediately notice this and judge you for it.
  • Stand up straight, sit up straight, walk straight.
  • Women want you to boldly approach them. It’s a sign of confidence. Only do so in a safe environment.
  • When starting a conversation with a woman, never compliment below the neck.
  • Get out of the house. Run single errands on different days of the week.
  • When walking with a woman, offer your arm. Don’t hold her hand.
  • Even if it’s her car, you drive it when on the date.
  • Worst first date: Dinner and a movie.
  • When standing, keep your hands out of your pockets. Pocket thumb hook, cowboy style, is acceptable.
  • When walking, look at the horizon, not the ground.
  • Speak clearly. Too much “Um” and “er” kills conversation.
  • Dress one level up from all the guys around you.
  • If you don’t want to text, you don’t want to date.
  • Put your name at the end of your outgoing online dating messages.
  • If you get the date, don’t over-communicate with her before the date.
  • You want to give a gift on the first date?! Don’t be a moron. You barely even know this woman.
  • The future of meeting women will be singles events in real life. You do remember real life, right?
  • Do you feel compelled to talk about an ex on a first date? Stop dating. Recover emotionally first.
  • If you don’t have the time to date, you’re not ready for dating.
  • Fingernails, clean ’em and trim ’em.
  • That haircut of yours sucks. Trust me on this.
  • The point of online dating is to actually go on dates with real women.

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