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The Wise Uncle

A recent tweet from the Wall Street Playboys (@wallstreetplayboys) gave some succinct advice – gotta love Twitter and that 140 character limit – to young men:

Truthful steps to success:
1. Ignore family
2. Throw away the TV
3. Delete mainstream news
4. Ditch your average peers
5. Find older mentors

I agree with most of it. Ignoring family is a bit strong but if family is heaping pressure to follow the standard life script, those words should be ignored. Family can too easily sabotage a young man’s efforts towards self-improvement.

The television really is a bad influence because the mainstream media is not about helping men, it’s about keeping men down with terrible messages about masculinity. With high-speed bandwidth and streaming video, the TV simply becomes a very big computer monitor.

Yeah, mainstream news media is quite awful. The purpose of that form of media is to make money, not be accurate or thoughtful. National Public Radio is an option just be sure to screen for the left-wing bias.

Average peers preach mediocrity. Quality guy friends are worth cultivating and emulating. This is especially true if your “friends” are urging you to toe the party line and not make waves, culturally and socially speaking.

The last point is extremely important. When a man has a few decades on this planet and is reasonably evolved, he has a tremendous amount of wisdom to offer. A bunch of young pick-up artists sharing Game tips might work in the short-term. Yet a younger man needs a wise, older uncle to offer long-term guidance that goes beyond the pleasures of the flesh.

The Manosphere has a mostly young demographic. Many bloggers here are in their 20s and have yet to gain the seasoning of life experiences. ‘Sphere men in their 30s are a great source of wisdom and knowledge. Danny (link below) is a great example of this. He lives life soundly and boldly and then shares the knowledge he has gained. Young men with a long-term view of life should look at even older guys for wisdom and advice.

I am in my early 50s (51, to be accurate) and my life has been complex and filled with mistakes and successes. I don’t have kids. At this point in life, I want to pass along wisdom to both men of my age and the younger generation. To wit, I want to be the wise uncle to any young man who wishes to reach to me with more personal questions and issues. I’ve learned almost too much from my life’s mistakes and I certainly don’t want the younger generation to repeat my mistakes.

To my regular readers, pass along this blog post to the young men in your life. I hope they reach out to me. Just be warned, I can be nicely bombastic. Hit the Contact Me page for the relevant info.

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