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The Mind Reels… And Is Repelled…

My long time readers know that I’ve backed away from the vitriol that immediately arises when feminism is discussed in the Manosphere. Yes, I’m generally scornful of this ideology. It’s done more to poison the dating and relationship well than even the selfish individualism started by baby boomers back in the 1960s. No matter, my focus is now much more on attraction and dating, for both men and women.

Until I saw this video.


This is what a feminist looks like.

If you get through more than five minutes, it’ll be a miracle. There’s not much more commentary than I can give. The back story at the University of Toronto is unpleasant. Research it for your own edification….I’ve got dating and attraction advice to dispense.


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38 thoughts on “The Mind Reels… And Is Repelled…

  1. Richard Cranium on said:

    Five minutes? Shit I had to tap out after 18 seconds that shrill shrieking voice made me want to shove an icepick in my ears,

  2. JustYX on said:

    hideous human being in every way. ugly to the core. society might want to look into how such a creature came to be created, or diagnose her interesting personality quirks.

  3. sunday sunday sunday.

    oh. clean up aisle 5. lol

  4. Jack Schitz on said:

    The cunt lost me at “PATRIARCHY!!!!!!!!”

  5. Amanjaw Marcuntte on said:

    Heartiste gave her the grilling she deserved and the mangina community is apoplectic.

  6. I never even hit the play button. Everything I need to know about her is right there on the face she’s making.

  7. I could only go a few seconds…that succubus was destroying my soul.

  8. Lil me. on said:

    Nope. ‘fraid i could only stomach about 30 seconds of her foul toilet mouth…. tsk.
    ….i always find it quite ironic that most of these women that call themselves ‘feminists’ are anything *but* feminine!
    Shame on her.

  9. The thing is…..she could be rocking a naughty librarian thing what with those glasses…just sayin’…oh yes, it’d be a challenge – but that’s why mountains are there – to conquer. Think of her as an Everest – and if you’re really good, the years she’ll spend pining for the moments of happiness tossed her way while she sits in her rocking chair surrounded by cats….priceless

    “Excuse me, honey – man talking. Zip it.”

    • I generally do not agree with the “Pump and Dump” philosophies prevalent around the manosphere. But women like that are exceptions. An extra dose of satisfaction that would come with wooing her utterly submit and betray everything she says she believes in would be very satisfying. Unfortunately, her voice is so annoying that I could probably not do it. But I do see tj’s point.

    • A 2/10 that guys would bang.

  10. got to 9mins, feel a bit shitty. Anyway, I feel for these MRA guys, they actually go out there and put themselves in-front of the shit storm and look what they have to cop..

  11. She’s make a great cartoon character…

  12. Nergal on said:

    The thing is. That IS what a feminist looks like. It’s a pretty basic profile. I think I’m going to start calling the cops and the DHS on chicks that look like that and say they’re “threatening a child”. Chicks do this kind of thing all the time, for the most trivial of reasons. Since everybody’s acting like hysterical children, one might as well take advantage of it.

    We can put a stop to this “Shut up,fuckface” bs pretty fast. Plus,we can see how they like a taste of their own medicine.

  13. Nergal on said:

    *The thing is…That IS what a feminist looks like.

    Keyboard malfunction,lol.

  14. The Lucky Lothario on said:

    My favourite part of this video is the Asian male feminist having the sudden realisation this his ideology might be founded on some false grounds.

    ‘Does that actually happen? Does someone have google?’

    That moment of clarity that two people can have consensual sex without being ‘in love’. It’s never occurred to him before that girls might regret that choice. Or even never occurred to him that girls might make that choice at all.

    Even if the MRA fella didn’t get anywhere with the harpees screeching away, he might have just converted one soldier and woken him up. In two years time I look forward to reading ‘Pimpin for ex-Male Feminists’ by the Asian dude.

    • P Ray on said:

      The average Asian guy has this dumb idea that women appreciate their “ability to provide and be loyal”.
      They forget the next part of the sentence “after they can’t attract the man they’re really attracted to” … because “all men who get a lot of female attention can’t be trusted” and “women are easily fooled by untrustworthy men”.
      It’s rare to meet an Asian guy who says “women make their own decisions who to be involved with, some make piss-poor choices”.

  15. Hamster Tamer on said:

    I assume–with good reason–that her choice of (UNnatural) hair and blouse color is to show “solidarity” with her Communist Party string-pullers.

    The only relevant question is what (Canadian?) MSM outlets, if any, are giving her camera time, or is all amateur internet stuff???

  16. Feminism tends to attract women who are below average in looks and who are filled with self-loathing, which they then take out on everyone else.

    • P Ray on said:

      Which means every woman gets there someday, since looks fade with time, and the teenybopper of today is the fishwife of tomorrow?
      (Serious question).

  17. P Ray on said:

    You didn’t get the best version of the video.
    Here’s one with her logical inconsistencies going back-to-back.

    You’re welcome!

  18. I’ve got to stop talking about it, and finally just move out of Toronto!

  19. I braved those waters–the things I do for you guys–and what I found most amusing was she was trying to appeal to the MRA guys that they should embrace feminism’s fight against Patriarchy! because feminists and MRAs really truly agree on most everything and if Patriarchy is demolished, then Men’s Rights would be achieved. Apparently, Feminists are against alimony payments; who knew?

    I’ve seen this type of argument popping up more and more often. The whole “Patriarchy hurts men, too!” idea. Manjaw Mandy has done this several times: the solution to men’s problems is (wait for it) Feminism!

    Do they actually think we’re stupid enough to fall for this?

  20. This woman’s image and voice will make a great villain in a video game.

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  22. 2:21 … that’s all I can take.

  23. Hamster Tamer on said:

    Can’t speak for TPM, but I admit to being a just a tad chagrined that none of her ilk were attracted to the 2013 TPM Spring Break Man-o-sphere Meetup Extravaganza-Bonanza-Palooza… oh well, always next year. 😉

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