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The New Project Has Commenced

With the help of a very good web guy, I’ve got a preliminary website up and running for Red Pill Dating. The URL? There’s not much content just yet, just a format and template to pour in the content. Once some navigation and title-text issues are corrected, I’ll be copying over many of my blog posts from here and making some minor edits in the process. As I’ve said before, the Private Man blog will not be leaving.

Here’s the text from the About page:

Attraction and dating can be fun but certainly isn’t easy. This is especially so for those of us over a certain age who have experienced divorce and are once again single. Frankly, we all need some help. Welcome to Red Pill Dating.

Red Pill Dating is about helping people meet their relationship goals. It isn’t some Internet-only effort. It’s a combination of live events and online advice. The live events are highly entertaining where the audience learns and laughs. Some events are for men only, others are just for women. A few will be for both and with time for men and women to meet and mingle.

This isn’t coaching, it’s real life, real people, real social interactions. Sure, advice is dispensed via email but that’s only a portion of Red Pill Dating’s value. Human beings are social creatures and social skills have to be practiced face to face.

Red Pill Dating started as a humble blog (The Private Man) over two years ago and has since garnered over a million page views, thousands of comments, and lots of successful email advice given. The blog featured advice about real life dating, online dating, and how to be more attractive to the opposite sex. The truth was sometimes blunt but it was always the truth.

I was once The Private Man, now I am Drew Corbin and this is Red Pill Dating. Let’s have some fun.

As I respect my Private Man readers, I’m giving you the direct URL to Red Pill Dating so you can get a better sense of what I’ve got in mind. I’m looking to help the post-divorce crowd with dating advice and I’m staying geographically local with a focus on live events. I’m not calling myself a dating coach, I’m more of a local adviser. Regardless, I will adjust my business approach based on what the market demands.

As well, the Twitter feed has commenced – @redpilldating. The tweets will be mostly be advice snippets along with some general announcements and links to websites that provide useful and realistic dating advice. There’s some good stuff out there and it’s important to share. Twitter is an excellent vehicle for that.

It’s important to stress that Red Pill Dating will not have some of the stridency that the Manosphere blogs and websites contain. Comments on that blog which are too negative or nasty will be moderated out and commenters possible banned. I will not identify Red Pill Dating as a Manosphere blog. However, copious amounts of Red Pill wisdom will be amply, if diplomatically, dispensed.

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16 thoughts on “The New Project Has Commenced

  1. Interesting PM, good luck wirh it. Look forward to seeing how it pans out.

  2. Good luck with the site.

  3. Vicomte on said:

    This is really a great idea. And I like the pill logo.

    The About feels a little unwieldy. Minor detail.

  4. Sherlock on said:


  5. noice. are you sure you’re spry enough to handle 2 sites?

    • Oh, that was COLD, you young punk! However, I have brought in some extra help and I will be using a lot of the Private Man posts for the new blog/business. Going forward, there will enough overlap ‘twixt the two websites that having both shouldn’t be too much of an extra time burden.

    • Richard Cranium on said:

      Danny there’s plenty of Geritol in So Fla with all the old coots down there no worries.

  6. Site looks good PM. The Dating Tips for Men was my favorite. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet indeed. Good stuff…

    • My marketing guru – formally of the Vatican – swears up and down that the Latin-speaking audience is much bigger than we thought. Of course, I’m paying him in Papal Indulgences and he seems pleased with the arrangement.

      When the minor bugs are worked out, I’ll be populating the blog with a whole bunch of blog posts. My biggest concern is the appropriate venue for the live events.

      • Strip club?

        Oh, and the original Cicero from whence that line of bastardized Latin originated translates as “There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain …:

        Oddly appropriate?

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  8. This will do a lot of people some good. We really need something like this that is an actual website and doesn’t seem like another one of “those blogs” from an outside perspective.

  9. Nice-looking logo! I will be reading!

  10. I have to pass this site along to a sort of “friend of mine.” I read the blog of a 45 year old woman who’s been on 400 (400!!!!!) internet dates in the past four years, and she’s just a real piece of work. You guys would all die if you read some of the crazy reasons she has for rejecting these perfectly great guys, and all her unrealistic expectations/demands. She’s the worst kind of blue pill crazy person you could ever imagine and I don’t think she’s ever going to find a relationship that meets her “expectations.” I don’t know if it’s possible to knock any sense into a person like that, but hopefully, maybe, if more people started dispensing dating advice like this.

    What do you think of Evan Marc Katz? As dating advice for women goes, he seems pretty level to me? Is he a good-advice giver, or a bad-advice giver?

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