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So Private Man… Where Ya Been?

I’ve been right here, healing up from my motorcycle injuries and working on a project that will go live quite soon (a few days, I reckon). I’ve got an ace website developer who is busy with a swanky WordPress theme that will serve my needs well. While I’ve already revealed this project in some previous blog posts, I’m not announcing the URL again because the site is still too preliminary for public consumption.

When the new website is ready, I’ll announce it to my readers. It’s not necessarily a Manosphere type of website/blog but there’s plenty of Red Pill wisdom for single men and women who are dealing with dating. Many of my previous posts I’ll be copying over to the new website/blog. However, I will continue to post here and keep this blog active. I started the project almost a year ago but kept getting sidetracked. I did start a book (Dating 2.0, Advice For The Suddenly Single) and that’s coming along, albeit very slowly.


I took this photo earlier this week.

Also, I’ve been working on the Spring Break 2013 Manosphere meetup (link below). This promises to be a good event even though Danny (link below) can’t make it. He’s scheduled to work that weekend. We might be able to figure out something with Skype. The weather has been wonderful here in South Florida so anyone flying in from the North will likely be greeted by warm, sunny days and very pleasant evenings.

March promises to be an exciting month for me. Hopefully, I can keep the motorcycle upright. Oh, and I turn 51 years old. Also, this blog is now two years old and I’ve gotten 1.1 million page views since it started. It’s Miller time.

Spring Break Manosphere 2013 Meetup


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3 thoughts on “So Private Man… Where Ya Been?

  1. Congrats on the longevity of the blog and the page views. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, too. Keep that bike upright!

  2. congrats. wish i could be there. i get off work at 0730, so between 8-11 i’m awake. i was figuring saturday would be best to skype me.

    hugs and sloppy kisses-

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