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Temporary Absence

I’ve not posted in a week or so because I’m still dealing with the injuries related to my recent motorcycle mishap. Yes, I’ve seen my physician and she told me that the healing process – especially the  cracked rib – would take several weeks.

While I’ve not been writing much, I have been reading comments on my blog and other blogs, some Manosphere, some not. I urge all my readers to read the blogs in my blog roll. There’s some excellent, if incredibly blunt, advice for men and women alike.

Also, the Spring Break meetup is coming up soon (link below) and that could be quite the event with some Manosphere luminaries potentially attending. It’s a relatively unorganized event. It’s main purpose is for the guys to meet each other in person. I would rather this meetup be about men being better men and not politics.

I’ll be posting again soon while also working on my next project, Red Pill Dating, a series of entertaining and educational live classes for both men and women.

Spring Break 2013 Manosphere Meetup Update

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