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Astrological Sign Determines Romantic Compatibility? WTF?!

“Oh, I can’t date a Capricorn”

A woman friend of mine actually said this with a straight face. I simply raised my eyebrows in a subtle gesture of incredulity. She then went on to list the astrological signs of men she could date. I could say nothing. My friend then went on a lengthy monologue of her inability to find love and commitment. Of course, I knew the answer. Anyone silly and immature enough to use astrology as a serious rule in finding romance is incapable of romantic commitment.

I do understand that many women take astrology rather seriously and won’t change their views on the matter. But to use something so arbitrary and capricious as a birthdate to rule out a potential romantic partner is quite absurd and potentially self-defeating. Astrology is a minefield to be avoided. In my opinion, relying on astrology is ridiculous and absurd.

For women, I simply say this: Never, ever ask for a man’s astrological sign. It’s simply not important. Not asking the question is easy.  Be aware that the insistence to ask is not the hallmark of a well-balanced person. Yes, I’m judging and I urge men to judge as well.

For men, the advice gets trickier: If asked, evade. Give your birth year and then say “I think it was a Tuesday”. Or, make up your own sign. “I’m a Papyrus”. Try a traffic sign like “Yield” or something along those lines. If she’s insistent, judge her silently, harshly, but ultimately yield with the truth. You’ve got a silly and immature dame on your hands and she’s good for casually dating, nothing more. Seriously, do you want to make a commitment to a woman who makes her romantic decisions based on your astrological sign? And when on a date, don’t even bring up the subject of astrology, ever.

Back to the women: Did you read what I just advised men? It’s a bit harsh but this means you need to re-evaluate your beliefs in astrology when determining your romantic connection to a potential paramour. If you want to cling to those beliefs, that’s your business but know the consequences – most men will judge you negatively. The small number of guys who also have those beliefs are not likely to commitment-minded because they’ll be flaky and weird.

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