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Spring Break 2013 Manosphere Meetup Update

I took this photo earlier this week... and it's February!

I took this photo earlier this week… and it’s February!

I’m going through my posts on the Spring Break Meetup here in Fort Lauderdale, March 8 – March 10, 2013. I’ve also checked the Roosh forum where I also posted information on this event.

So far, 34 guys and my ugly dog have expressed interest:

The Private Man
Hamster Tamer
Bill Powell
Phat Guy Fitness
Kurt Green
Changed Man
A.B. Dada
Changed Man
JT Styles
DC Phil
Tom White
Matt Forney
Senor Beast Mode
Ian Ironwood
Captain Capitalism
Lucy, my ugly dog

I’m also encouraging El Mechanico from the Roosh forum to attend. I’ve also extended the invitation to Rollo over at Rational Male. That would be epic!

If only half those guys showed up, the event would be a success.

Here’s what I’m planning:

Friday night, March 8 – Early arrivals will meet up in the village of Lauderdale By The Sea. There is live music every Friday and it’s a good scene, if not exactly a really young crowd. Also, there is a arts/crafts scheduled for the weekend and that brings in a healthy crowd.

Saturday afternoon, March 9 – I tentatively have a room (part of a good bar/restaurant) for everyone to get together for introductions, a possible presentation or two, and an opportunity to socialize and figure out plans for Saturday night.

Saturday night, March 9 – I will be holding a special world domination meeting at my humble abode, all are welcome (space permitting). The serious PUA guys can head down to Fort Lauderdale beach and practice their skills. I’ll have recommendations by then.

Sunday late morning, March 10 – Church. OK, kidding. We’ll all meet up for brunch so we can debrief each other on the previous night’s activities. If any of you are successful with girls, we fully expect a detailed field report.

For the guys flying in, renting a car is not necessary. There is van service (about $20) that will take you directly from the Fort Lauderdale airport to hotels here in the village. Once here, walking and short cab rides will be the primary method of transport.

As for hotels, Hamster Tamer (another local) has some suggestions.

The weather might be slightly chilly in the evenings making a light jacket appropriate. The beach water should be warm enough for swimming. If anyone brings a Speedo, my dog will bite you. As this is Florida and Spring Break, swanky business suits are optional.

This is going to be fun…

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