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How Women Turn Men Into Pickup Artists

A friend and colleague is doing the online dating thing with OKCupid. He’s 26, intelligent, and with a diverse range of interests and enthusiasms. All in all, he’s a good guy and certainly boyfriend material. He’s also relatively short at 5’6″ and he accepts his height realistically.

A girl recently sent him this OKCupid message:

“You are perfect except for your height wahhh. We should be friends, I think we would get along really well and have similar tastes/interests.”

What. A. Bitch.

She is the one who sent the message to him and then she rejects him romantically in the first sentence because of a physical characteristic completely beyond his control. Worse, she still wants “friendship” as an option. Here’s the most clueless girl on the planet. It’s clueless (and classless) girls like this who turn men into cold-hearted pickup artists. If she’s pulling a shit test to see if my friend would rise to the occasion, she’s taking bitchery to stratospheric levels. Likely, she’s not even aware of how awful she came across in her message.

It’s these types of rejections from women that lead men to Red Pill wisdom, for better and worse. M3’s emotionally shattering blog post on his 12 years of involuntary celibacy is a perfect example of this (links below). My friend’s preemptive online dating rejection is yet another example. The thermonuclear rejections doled out by rude girls to hapless guys simply serve to push men into relationship territory not approved by mom (link below).

Most men have enough awareness to not send the following online dating message to a perfect stranger:

“You are perfect except for your weight. We should be friends, I think we would get along really well and have similar tastes/interests.”

Here’s the hard reality of this: Women can lose weight but men can’t grow. Still, a clueless dame decided to remind my friend about his inability to grow a few more inches so he might be able to meet cupcake’s need for a taller guy. Thankfully, my friend is a rational fellow and did not give me the girl’s OKCupid account name, not allowing me to make her public. The Manosphere guys would not be nice to her.

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