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Calling Captain Obvious!

When I hear discussions about dating, it always amazes me that many of you seem not to have any time for actual dates. We stuff every waking moment with something that is not dating. Yet we manage to complain mightily about wanting to date.

It’s time to call in Captain Obvious:

This is your captain speaking, if you want to have a fun and healthy dating life, you have to make time for it.

For men, it’s their enthusiasms – video games, sports, outdoor hobbies, etc – that often fill their time to the exclusion of dating. Those are optional activities in life and must be re-arranged accordingly. Your buddies will understand. Your favorite team won’t miss your eyeballs for a couple of games. These are small sacrifices for perhaps meeting a very wonderful girl.

For women, it’s usually social activities or something like yoga which eat into their potential dating time. Your friend, Linda, doesn’t need to see you every Saturday for lunch. If she’s a real friend, she’ll be supportive. If she gets possessive with you time, re-evaluate your friendship. Also, don’t forget that you shouldn’t be talking about your dating life with your friends (link below)

For the online daters, it takes time to write and/or respond messages. It takes time to read profiles. It takes time to write and modify a profile. In general, if you don’t have the time to date, you shouldn’t even try and stop bitching about it.

I certainly understand that work and family are always priorities for both men and women. Regardless, dating does take time. Let’s call in Captain Obvious for an encore performance:

This is your captain speaking, you will meet people who are unsuitable for you. Dating is a risk.

This is the really frustrating part of dating because of the time spent (and money) with people who will never get a second date. Fortunately, the risk can really pay off. Also, each date is an opportunity to learn and meet someone to have a good conversation with. Social skills require practice and dating is excellent practice.

Captain Obvious has now left the building, for now.

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