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A Big Change Here… And A Request

It’s been a fine two years blogging and that has garnered almost a million page views. I’ve accumulated many readers and commenters with a blog that has few photos. It’s time to make a change. I’ve alluded to what I’ve planned but now it’s time to make if official. The Private Man is moving on. Relax, this blog won’t vanish. I’ll still post here. Rather, I’m transitioning to something different. The new year makes it all the more auspicious.

My new project is Red Pill Dating. That will be my new blog and business. I am not casting out my shingle with the hopes that I become the next Evan Mark Katz (link below). He’s a great dating and relationship coach. There are others – Moxie and Bobbi come to mind, as well (links below). It’s tough yet delicate work to de-program politically correct ideology so that men and women understand dating and themselves honestly. I give th e successful dating coaches huge amounts of credit.

My approach will be different. I will be offering live classes in front of real people. Perhaps I am old school. I don’t care. I need to see eyeballs and hear laughter. I need to listen to questions directly so I can see facial expressions.  Dating is about the real world where two people actually see each other. I’m an old softy (link below) . I really do want to see people meet their relationship goals. That’s my passion (link below).

Each class will be about 90 minutes long and include appetizers and drinks. Entertainment will be a huge part of each class. What some of you don’t know is that I’ve done both stand-up and improvisational comedy. I’m also a licensed teacher and have a few years experience doing just that. When I’m in front of a crowd, I know what I’m doing. Applause and laughter are always the reactions.

The Internet-based, fee-based, personalized dating services is not my priority business model. However, if that’s where my business ultimately leads, I’m not stupid. Just know that live classes in front of real people will always be the core of what I will be doing. I’m good at what I do.

Some of the ground work has already been completed. URL, hosting, class venue(s), PowerPoint presentations, and curricula have all been arranged or created. But I’m still missing some things. I want to hire a good web developer (Bronan? Link below) and do effective local marketing.

Marketing is not my forte but I know the subject fairly well. The professional marketers are concentrating on web marketing. Sure, that can work when selling books or PUA “systems”. I want to focus on a particular geographic and demographic group.

My first need for help is honest content. My commenters have contributed some righteous truths regarding attraction and dating ‘twixt the genders. I really need that content to keep coming. Do bear in mind that the Red Pill Dating blog will have a more polite tone to it. I know, that sucks. You commenters can use your bluntness on The Private Man blog.

My second need is for investment. Web development and marketing isn’t cheap. While two investors have been quite generous, I want my regular readers to give a hand so I can make this work. This is somewhat like crowdsourcing. Here’s where the investment will go:

1. A fine website. Hosting is arranged along with Webpress extensions but I need someone (hired, of course) to make it shine brightly.

2. Marketing. Criminy, just how does one market to a specific geographic/demographic market in the realm of the world wide web? Regardless, it will cost money.

The return?

1. Free classes! Of course, that requires you come to South Florida (link below). South Florida is a weird and wonderful place, bonus! The class will be awesome. You invest, you get a free seat. Laughter guaranteed.

2. Knowledge that a Manospherian is getting up front and personal with real men and women to dispense Red Pill wisdom. Local media coverage is almost guaranteed. National coverage is likely. Reading my obituary after a blue pill person shoots me is another bonus!

So, hit the donate button. Let’s get this really started.

I’m Drew Corbin and this message is enthusiastically endorsed!

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I’m an old softy

Bronan the Barbarian


Spring Break!

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20 thoughts on “A Big Change Here… And A Request

  1. Best wishes with it Private Man!

  2. OK then. You’re now on my “List.” It’s only five dollars a week, but that adds up to a tidy yearly subscription. I’m not posting this comment to ask for gratitude; I’m posting it as a broad hint to your other readers. Nickel-and-dime online fundraising WORKS. If you need proof, go check out

  3. p.s. See you Monday!

  4. Vicomte on said:

    TPM ORIGINALS represent.

  5. Long time reader, first time commenter (blah blah). I like your idea and would like to help. I’m a teacher by trade and would offer any help you’d require in terms of pedagogy. I’ve done a fair amount of adult education and can offer a second eye on lesson plans, etc. shoot me an email if you’d like help with existing lesson ideas, or need someone to create PowerPoint, or SMART (love that software) lessons

  6. Okay, but please do maintain this blog. I’m sure you’ll find great success in your future endeavours. Your style and writer’s voice are the reasons I started blogging.
    Stay gold.

  7. Nupnupnup on said:

    Too bad that Springbreak is in a slightly inconvenient time frame for me that prohibits me from doing an 11 hour flight just for a couple of days of fun… Good luck in any case!

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  9. Deilyn Mayorga on said:


  10. to look for super cheap designs for websites. Once you have one, any competent web guy can wire that up for you. Should be very little investment.

  11. Good luck! The world needs more red pill education.

  12. gregariouswolf on said:

    Happy trails. I am recently unplugged, and your blog was on my regular rotation. Glad you’re not taking it down.

  13. DC Phil on said:

    Content I can do, but it might be limited to my own limited experiences. I require little in the way of payment. :)

  14. Changed Man on said:

    Money well spent, IMO!

  15. Good luck with the new venture, TPM. I know you’ve been working on it for a long time. Dating in South Florida will not know what hit it and will never be the same…

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  17. Titanium on said:

    Good luck, PM!

  18. I’ve been away from this blog for too long and now there’s another one? I need to stay in the loop!

    Contribution will be posted soon.

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