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Oh, Another Hater Comment!

The vast majority of my commenters are thoughtful and intelligent people. Yeah, even Danny with his hockey helmet and fat crayons (link below). I do, however receive comments that bring on da hate. Sometimes, they are so good that they turn in blog posts (link below).

Another such comment has recently rolled in and I’m more than happy to give it a thorough fisking. The comment is in response to my post “Reader Mailbag – The 30Something Single Professional Woman” (link below).

[From the post:]”Cupcake, you can’t compete with men. Men always win. We’re stronger, more intelligent, far more patient, and willing to take the kinds of risks that women would never even conceive of.”

Hmm. Any idea how offensive this is? Women are strong and intelligent and patient and willing to take risks too. I’m thinking that such comparisons are only accurate in a person to person basis, and not as gender generalizations.

Offensive? You’re on a Manosphere blog and you want to shut down the discussion because you’re offended? Unless you’re the CEO of WordPress threatening to shut me down, your being offended means absolutely nothing. Hell, if you saw me in person and told me you were offended, nothing would change. Guess what, my quote is the truth. You didn’t refute it, you just claimed to be offended. Also, generalizations work. Finding patterns and commonality is fundamental to the expansion of knowledge. Telling people to stop generalizing is telling them to be ignorant.

For the record, I didn’t say that women weren’t strong, intelligent, patient, and not willing to take risks. I just said that men are a great deal more of those things.

It seems from this article that the author believes men don’t want partners. They want doormats and servants. Is a partner really so threatening to your manhood?

Men do want partners, but not in the politically correct, ideologically driven, contemporary definition of the word. See Athol Kay (link below) for the healthiest and most realistic way to approach a committed relationship between a man and a woman. It’s called the Captain/First Mate arrangement and it reflects the reality of biology. Biology. Always. Wins.

“Doormats and servants?” The strawman logical fallacy is strong in you. “Threatening your manhood”? Really? You do realize that this is simply shaming language in order to stifle the message. Actually, you probably don’t realize this. You’re too intellectually weak. Just step away from your keyboard, you’re dumbing down the Internet.

I don’t let such comments leave moderation, that is my blog policy.

Danny from 504

Reader Mailbag – The 30Something Single Professional Woman

Married Man Sex Life


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20 thoughts on “Oh, Another Hater Comment!

  1. Spoos in August on said:

    Well, at least we get to see them in the follow-up post; they’re an entertaining diversion from a grey morning

  2. Bah. Feminist don’t understand the irony of exalting all male related attributes while completely shitting on the feminine virtues. They seem to be the biggest chauvinist pigs of all….

  3. Sometimes I think all female commenters should have a probationary period where their handle is ‘Another County Heard From’.

    Make a lot of threads easier to skim through.

  4. I wish I got angry comments at my blog. 😦

    Stereotypes always have some truth in them.

  5. What exactly do these women think a partner is? I would also like to know how many women have actually met a woman whom they would consider a doormat and precisely what qualities she possesses to make them think so. Is respecting a man and his decisions really all it takes to be considered a doormat or is it something more?

  6. I have occasionally come across women who become infuriated when I have generalised; but to generalise is to philosophise: to find the common ground in a number of different instances. What they do not like is to be pinned down – and found wanting. It is just another version of NAWALT.

    As for the quoted comment, I would not have said as a generalisation and certainly not in relation to men that women are strong, intelligent , patient or willing to take risks, on the contrary, their physical fraility is self-evident; such intelligence is usually vitiated by swathes of oestrogen-driven emotion, patience is less in evidence because they seem to have little impulse control, and it is surely beyongd serious doubt that risk taking is their thing – why should it be, if you are a cute female you can let guys take risks to impress or protect you and your offspring. I am entirely indifferent as to whether this paragraph offends anyone.

    Behind the commentors offence-taking, surely lies the usual female envy of males.

  7. “It seems from this article that the author believes men don’t want partners. They want doormats and servants. Is a partner really so threatening to your manhood?”

    Yes men want doormats and servants….that’s why we go out and slave away at a job to have money to keep our doormats and servants alive. /sarc

    Honestly a lot of women need to let go of the control…their lives would be so much easier and happier. They would also be surprised how well a man can run the show.

  8. Roland3337 on said:

    Undergraduate womyn’s studies major. I can spot ’em from miles away. Manboobz logic, shaming tactics, etc. Your tuition dollars at work.

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  10. Thanatos on said:

    “It seems from this article that the author believes men don’t want partners. They want doormats and servants. Is a partner really so threatening to your manhood?”

    Honey, if I wanted to have a gay marriage, I’d move to Massachusetts.

    Men don’t want to have a gay relationship with a woman. Pray,for your own sake, that it remains that way. Men are pretty smart, if we start pining to live the gay lifestyle en masse, we’ll most likely cut out the middleman (that’s you).

  11. thanks for the linkage. Bill Powell told me once you “get on the radar”, the hater start showing up.

    got any paste i can eat. fuckin’ starvin’

  12. @taterearl

    Honestly a lot of women need to let go of the control…their lives would be so much easier and happier. They would also be surprised how well a man can run the show.

    Not me, baby. Without Mr. JudgyBitch I’d be fucking lost. I’m one of the world’s shittiest drivers. For real. Wrecked three cars and had six more accidents in ten years and gave up driving at 26. I’m not good at it. And I like my arms attached to my body and my brain in a reasonably fucntional state, so bikes and sneakers and buses and Mr. JB it is for me.

    The idea that there are things I am JUST NOT GOOD AT is not foreign to me. It could literally cost me my life (not to mention the lives of innocent people) for me to believe I need to be in control at all times. I honestly think my marriage works as well as it does because I started with the assumption that I am not good at EVERYTHING and that it’s okay to take the passenger seat.

    I also suck at reading maps, so I’m a shit navigator, too.

    Good thing I can sing! Car rides are a delight with me!

    Actually, no. I can’t sing either. I’m basically your worst nightmare in a car. Oops.

    But I’m cheerful and cute and I can cook and play a mean game of Scrabble! Actually, I’m on Private Man’s blog list.

    Can I steal your line from above? I think it’s pretty awesome.

  13. LostSailor on said:

    PM, if you’re not offending the feminists, you’re not doing it right. Keep up the offensive good work!

  14. Her argument was actually perfectly reasonable.

  15. When women conceive of and build something like this of their own volition, then I’ll be impressed with their equality of intelligence, imagination, risk taking and can-do spirit. Til then… meh, sing me your songs of greatness sister.

  16. Hamster Tamer on said:

    Aw MAN!… can’t *BELIEVE* I missed that original “30Something full-of-herself wimminz lawyer” post from 11/1… oh well, when it comes to such a non-stop Hamster Lulz Fest, better late than never… eh? 😀

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