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I Like Trinidad And Tobago – International Men’s Day

Ironically, I’ve never been there. No doubt it’s a cool place because I do know that the country has a righteously fun carnivale. I am not praising the place for outrageous costumes and a Caribbean beat. I am praising the place because of International Men’s Day (link below), which is tomorrow, November 19.

International Men’s Day (wiki link below) was resurrected from obscurity by resident of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, back in 1999. From there, this day of recognition has spread quietly to many different countries, including here in the United States. Even in Denmark – Roosh is laughing – men have formed a group to celebrate the day.

When you wake up tomorrow, know that there is indeed a day to recognize men. I’ll be tweeting tomorrow (@man_private) some bits of information about International Men’s Day and positive things about men in general. As a man, I salute other men for their accomplishments. Carry on!

Internation Men’s Day

Internation Men’s Day – Wikipedia

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