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The Manosphere Is Evolving

Some prominent blogs have voluntarily shut down in the past couple of weeks. That’s perfectly natural because the folks behind the blogs feel that they have contributed enough wisdom and are moving on to other projects, online and off. So we politely wave the following blogs goodbye:

University of Man – Mentu and Ahsur went “poof” quite effectively. This blog will be well-missed and I do hope the guys do well in their lives. But it sucks that so many good posts are mostly lost to this world.

Fly, Fresh, And Young (Generation Nihilsim) – He’s shifting over to a group blog that has some very prominent Manosphere guys involved. Keep reading for more information

GMac – I don’t know all the reasons why he pulled the plug but I know that blogging is not always easy. I wish him the best in his future efforts, even if offline.

Alpha Persona – He’s taken his readers to a new profit-making venture. Good move and one that I’ll be doing, too. Read on for more information.

Complementarian Loners  – “We have come to a point where we have said what we wanted to say and feel it is time to close up shop, so within the next couple of weeks we will be pulling this blog offline.”

Cedonulli – He wrote a post that was not very flattering to the Manosphere and later pulled the plug. The blog is still up but only with links to some archived posts. His post on how girls pick guys is legend (link below).

So we’ve lost some blogs but have gained others that need attention. Some of these have been around a bit while others are new. Check them out, give ’em some comment love. Tell them that the Private Man sent you.

M3  Here’s a young man with an excellent Red Pill approach to life. I sense that he’s still looking for a consistent voice. With some encouragement through increased traffic and comments, I see good things ahead.

3rd Millenium Men  – I think these guys are out of the UK but perhaps they are more international. It’s a solid Charisma (Game) blog that is putting out good posts. I don’t agree with everything they say (that marriage stuff) but it’s a good blog for your reading rotation.

Return of Kings  – This is a Roosh effort with other prominent Manosphere bloggers contributing. My man Virgel Kent writes some righteous posts.

Nexxt Level Up  – This is another group effort with Roosh contributing and some fine men of the Manosphere contributing like Fly, Fresh, and Young. Um, guys… Maybe you could merge with Return of Kings?

Phat Guy Fitness  – This guy is going to make it big. I know him personally. He’s fat. Or was fat. Or something. His directness and his approach to fitness speaks of honesty and resolve. Yo, dude, you know what to do… we talked about it on the phone.

Ride With Blaze – He has been around for a bit. He’s got funny personal stories and is honest with his life and meeting up with girls.

Il Risorgimento ~ Rising Up (Beppo)  – As I tweeted before, we should all read more Beppo. Read the posts on his surgery. Holy shit! Or maybe I should say “Holy ribcage!”

There are a couple of newish female bloggers definitely worth reading:

Adventures in Red Pill Wifery – I like this lady. She’s married, has taken the Red Pill, and writes about it. The stories of her personal evolution are amazing.

Cakes and Shakes  – She’s a funny dame. Her post on menses is fucking hilarious. Yeah. She turned menstruation into humor. She’s got a fairly good Red Pill approach to relationships and she also dishes out solid advice for men and women alike.

I know that I’ve missed other blogs and I urge those authors to comment on this post with a link and a description of your blog. There is so much good reading on the Interwebz that I simply don’t have the time to read them all. It’s a good thing I don’t own a television!

My blog roll will be changing. I will be culling the defunct and abandoned blogs and adding new ones like those above.

As for my plans for this blog, I will be transitioning to another blog/business where I will be moving many posts and will continue to write new posts. I’ll be keeping this blog up but no new posts will be made here. This transition is about a month away, maybe sooner or maybe later. I’ll keep my readers up to date.

Cedo Nulli – Why Girls Fail

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