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Big Media – This Is An Eye-Opening Graphic

Why is this relevant to the Manosphere? Because this loose collection of blogs, forums, and websites is off the grid of big media. Sure, we’re but a tiny ant compared to big media but I like to think we carry some big ideas. Enjoy (scroll down, it’s long but not like “LongCat”):

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20 thoughts on “Big Media – This Is An Eye-Opening Graphic

  1. How Merovingian of you.

    The internet was always the last bastion of freedom that i can recall. Back in my antiwar 2000-2001 days, it was the only place to get the truth while Newscorp peddled neoconservative donkey diarrhea soft-serve in a bag to the American electorate.

    Voila. Iraq War.

    PNAC is to neocons what Patriarchy Theory is to Feminism.

    Manosphere=Truth. Angry, bitter, unvarnished. But truth nonetheless.

  2. Okay, clear, simple, near frightening outline of the problem, what’s the solution? Where does one seek new avenues of news and entertainment when the BigSicks control 90% of everything out there?

    Independent Movie theaters? PBS? Piracy?

    • just visiting on said:

      The internet. And a healthy helping of discernment.

      @ TPM
      The chart reminds me of an old movie called “Network.” Howard Beale may have been a fictitious character having a breakdown, but his rant’s seem a little close for comfort.

      • PM,

        Sorry about being off topic here.


        At some post here you mentioned how you might like to see a reality show based on (I can’t fully remember all of what you said and I can’t find it again) a woman or family with more traditional values. I don’t know much about this woman other than she is married with five children, she is Catholic and she homeschools. She has just finished filming a reality show that will be airing this Christmas. It is not on one of the big networks listed here (though it will be streaming On-Demand with Verizon, does that count?) but it is a start nonetheless. I thought you might be interested. Here is her post about it:

      • I’m moderately upset and I’m only gonna tolerate a bit more.

      • just visiting on said:

        @ Stingray
        Thanks! I’ll check it out.

        @ Phat Guy

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      Okay, clear, simple, near frightening outline of the problem, what’s the solution? Where does one seek new avenues of news and entertainment when the BigSicks control 90% of everything out there?

      Independent Movie theaters? PBS? Piracy?

      Learning Spanish, French, or Arabic opens a whole universe of alt news sources, though most of those sources have convenient English versions. GREAT English-language news out of Lebanon and India. Don’t forget al-Jazeera… when The PTBs block something from ALL satellites over N. America, you KNOW they’re laying down some righteous anti-Establishment anti-NeoCon brimstone.

      >>>>> consolidates MANY REAL-JOURNALISM news sources on one site.

      But yes, definitely patronize indie/art-house theaters that screen foreign/indie films, esp. documentaries which are panned/denounced by Duh MSM.

      Big PS: Big “Sicks”–LOVE it!… yours?

  3. Also have you notice that majority of it is geared towards women.

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      No surprise really, i.e. Big Sicks have a decidedly Marxist bent and agenda, and wimminz izz Duh Useful Idiots of Marxism–simply look at their voting patterns since they got the vote!

      Had to be said. No apologies.

  4. Speaking of the Manosphere, what with up the recent spate of writers hanging it up?
    U of Man, Generation Nihilism, Cedonulli? Even Krauser blogging a lot less

    • It’s the natural rotation of Manosphere bloggers. Others will fill the void. I’m currently vetting a local guy with a very unique angle about helping men. If he’s up for it, he’ll be a big hit for a certain category of guys. He does blog but not not enough yet.

      • Random Angeleno on said:

        You wouldn’t happen to be speaking of men of a certain age, would you?

      • I have two more in my backlog awaiting graphics inspired by our conversation, I appreciate the guidance and suggestions so far, and I’m going to try filling my backlog and being on a more regular release schedule.

  5. I don’t read, watch or listen to any of that crap. That’s the solution.

  6. Actually, we’re sponsored by Time Warner and Viacom. Just so you know.

  7. The Outsider on said:

    I’m not all that impressed. “Owned by” is not synonymous with “controlled by.” Consumers, who are the source of all that revenue, are ultimately in control. These companies can afford to own media only if consumers like what they provide. The problem, then, is that most people like crap. So they get it.

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  9. Senior Manchild on said:

    You must also consider how young and not so young men have been changing their media consumption.

    Not much market dominance in porn and video games. I would even go so far as to include something like 4chan as an example of how difficult it is to dominate men´s media; no big media corporation will touch such things and thereby lose out on all of the rest.

    Interesting information. Just not so worrisome to me.

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