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Spring Break, 2013

I don’t make a secret of where I live (the ZIP code is 33308) and it’s also no secret that where I live is very close to the epicenter of college Spring Break. As a man over a certain again, Spring Break holds only limited appeal to me. Yes, I will definately oogle young women if they are out and about. No, I will not approach them because I would likely get the “C” word applied to me (link below).

Spring Break provides an interesting opportunity for a Manosphere event. The younger guys can hit Fort Lauderdale beach to use their Charisma while the older guys can plot and scheme world domination. But there are opportunities for all ages.

I am proposing a meetup, March 9-11, 2013. All are welcome. If enough folks show up, I’ll make it organized. If only a few, it will be rather informal. For those in the northern climes, a visit to South Florida will be a great change of weather.

I’ve got a page about this (link below) and if you’re interested, drop a comment or two. There are scads of small hotels in these parts and the beach is incredibly convenient. As well, there is no need to rent a car or use a car. Flights should be to Fort Lauderdale, not Miami.

There are times when the Manosphere needs to meet up and actually see each other. Spring Break is a fine opporunity for this. Besides, for all the wisdom I have dispensed, y’all owe me drinks.

Nope, Just Loathing. (A Quick Twofer)

Spring Break, 2013


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21 thoughts on “Spring Break, 2013

  1. Richard Cranium on said:

    If I’m in town I’ll be there. I joined a new band and we travel a lot so I’m not sure of my schedule that far out.

  2. If I can get my finances in order by then, I’m all in for the gathering.

  3. Parrrrrty. Not sure where I’ll be at that stage, but will try and get some of the 3MM to make it.

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  5. Hamster Tamer on said:

    I will try to get a certain 33308 hotelier to once again book a certain female collegiate swim team… or three! Can’t be losing ALL ze eye-candy to duh Big Chains on Duh Strip. ;^)

    • Oh, that would be sweet! Also, you know any local hotels that might cut a Manosphere deal? I don’t know any except for Dave G.

      • Hamster Tamer on said:

        Dave G. has a great array of rooms, from basic crashpad to apts. which sleep 4-6 Man-o’s, w/ kitchen. Generous guy… epitome of Laid-Back-But-High-Achieving Alpha. Remind me to tell you about “The Tour”, and his young honey… lulz.

        Don’t forget John B. @ the ‘Jammer… group dealz are his thing.

  6. I will try and make this if I am not overseas.

  7. I’m local, so I’m in.

  8. wingman on said:

    I will definitely try to make it, and will likely join the scheming world domination group. But let’s not let a few ‘C’ words scare us too much. If we don’t get at least a few nasty rebuffs, then we might as well stay in and read poetry.

    • Hamster Tamer on said:

      But let’s not let a few ‘C’ words scare us too much. If we don’t get at least a few nasty rebuffs, then we might as well stay in and read poetry.

      LULZ!… with any luck, they’ll be a bloger-ette with high page-views/followers (think A-man-DUH “up her own ass” Marcotte), and her online whinging will drive more traffic to TPM’s blog, win-win! ;^)

  9. I’ll see what i can do to make it. I usually don’t make plans that far in advance. Just make sure Florida lays in a goodly supply of fine Bourbon. Oh, and I assume if I don’t get a few C-word epithets thrown at me, I’m not trying hard enough…

  10. I’m in, provided I get my money in order by then.

  11. I would like to come, we’ll see what my schedule is like.

  12. now u are talking…..spring break

  13. I’d come. Just need to figure if it’s better to drive from Orlando or brave amtrak.

  14. How is Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break now? I used to come down to S. FL for years. I though most people go to Daytona and Panama City? What will hotels cost there? Can we walk to all the bars. I will check into it.

    • Spring Break has had something of a resurgence here in the past few years. Daytona and Panama city can still have very cool weather in March. Hotels… that’s one I really can’t answer. Yes, there are bars within walking distance but bear in mind that Lauderdale by the Sea is about three miles North of all the Fort Lauderdale beach spring break action.

      • I’ve been to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea before. I visited Miami Beach for many years while my grandparents were alive. I may not be coming due to starting a new job. I’m sure it will be great. We should focus on doing some other get together for St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras and other such wild events!

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