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The Long Strike – Don’t Be So Ambitious

Politics tend to be the manifestation of social trends. Given the gender breakdown of last night’s election, it’s clear that the transfer of public wealth from men to women will continue and likely increase. Men create wealth while women consume wealth. But as women vote en bloc, they control the political purse strings. This is political reality and I won’t stick my toes into such polluted waters.

Men can respond to social trends without directly addressing politics. Charismatic men have a unique social and economic power they don’t realize. A man with Charisma can achieve his relationship goals without having to surround himself with the trappings of affluence. This means he can live a low velocity lifestyle free of the economic and career complications that accompany the standard American life script. Sure, a man needs to dress well and have some fashion accessories but in the grand fiduciary scheme, this represents pocket change.

Climbing the corporate ladder just to earn enough money to purchase pretty (and ultimately unnecessary) things with the hopes of impressing some dame is a piss-poor approach to life. The aspiration to be middle or upper middle class is the goal of the average frustrated chump. Worse, the wealth he might acquire will be nicely siphoned off to women who have made poor life decisions and who continue to use their votes to maintain a fundamentally broken socio-economic system. Here’s a quote (not from de Tocqueville) on this subject:

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

A man with Charisma can safely throttle back on his career and financial goals because his ability to be charming and social can easily compensate for his lack of a car payment and a three-bedroom mortgage. He will pay fewer taxes, have lower stress, and have far more options in life in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. The blue pill man paints himself into a soul-sucking corner with no pathway to lifestyle freedom, before or after the divorce.

For my political readers, this represents the “long strike” and is already underway. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is the more cohesive vanguard of the long strike. But every young man who discovers and learns Game (Charisma) or simply decides that Internet porn and video games are better than an anonymous life in a cube farm is also part of the long strike. Men who decide to live independently while using their Charisma to enjoy their sexuality with women are also part of the long strike. It’s men voting with their feet because no political candidate is going to attempt to represent men, regardless of ethnicity. So, if we’re on our own, let’s do what’s good for us individually.

Poolside. That’s where men should be as they watch with detached bemusement as our culture willingly tears itself asunder with the aid of a voting bloc utterly incapable of understanding the consequences of its actions. Pay more taxes? Nah, just earn less money and Game the economy. Get that vasectomy early, don’t cohabitate with women, spin plates, and generally be the charming cad.

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66 thoughts on “The Long Strike – Don’t Be So Ambitious

  1. This is great advice for young men without a wife and family. But, what do us old married with kids men do? I can’t simply “cut back” because it isn’t MY lifestyle I’m supporting. My youngest will is in 7th grade this year, which means I have at least 5 more years before I can start making these kinds of decisions for myself. Provided the economy doesn’t implode before then of course. Once that happens, we’ll all (mostly all) be in the same boat, and Lord help us if it happens.

    • There will certainly be a place poolside for you when you can start leading the low-velocity lifestyle. When you get there, grab a beer from the cooler and join the other men.

    • Can you have your wife make some snacks to bring to the pool?

    • Ted D and Private Man,

      What an absolutely great post. Very well articulated and thought out.

      I am 57, married, with two kids about the same age. Six years ago this was me:

      The blue pill man paints himself into a soul-sucking corner with no pathway to lifestyle freedom, before or after the divorce.

      I said fuck it, I quit working for the man and now live a low velocity lifestyle. My wife kept her career and I went poolside (well, not poolside, it was motorcycles and fishing). I pay my half of the bills, she her half. As for the lack of sex? I just used charisma and dread game to loosen her up.

      He will pay fewer taxes, have lower stress, and have far more options in life in the bedroom and out of the bedroom.

      Yup. The marriage divorce game is rigged for women. If you are in a no fault divorce state the reality is you are in an open marriage. Go ahead and get a grateful cutie or two on the side, deny any affairs while your dong drips with saliva and vag juice, and watch the wife respond. What is the worse that can happen? She tells you divorce, fine, you will not get hurt as if you were working and could even take her to the cleaners, and find a better woman in the future.

      This is working for me. I know it sounds evil, but it is just adopting the feminist women’s playbook against her. Take back the reins of your life. What a great lesson for the kids.

    • Cadders on said:

      Ted, I posted this over at Dalrock’s place a few months ago…..

      I have been married for 22 years. I discovered Game three and a half years ago and since then I have been implementing Game into my relationship with my wife. Our relationship is better, our sex life has massively improved and our marriage seems to grow stronger all the time. No real suprises there.

      But something else has happened as well.

      I am the wealthiest and most relaxed I have ever been in my life.

      Not because I have suddenly won massive amounts of money and live a life of leisure. Not because I have secured a high earning job. Simply because Game allowed me to be the man I was born to be. Now I lead the relationship, set boundries and make clear my expectations. My wife’s response to me (finally) behaving like a man?

      The demands for ‘stuff’ have (almost) disappeared.
      The ‘demands’ have turned into more respectful requests (‘We need’ has turned into ‘Do you think we could have…’)
      My opinions are frequently sought and considered. Not for everything but always for the bigger issues.
      No objections (indeed encouragement) when I accepted a slightly lower paying position (but with much less pressure). This may seem minor to some readers but given the place we were at before Game, this is HUGE.

      So I am wealthier because my wife simply demands, spends and consumes less.
      And I am more relaxed because I am working in a less pressured environment, being treated with respect at home and getting laid like tile.

      Put simply, I no longer work so hard.

      And my wife is the most content I have ever seen her.

      You have (as do I) dependant children so your responsibilities to them cannot and should not be shirked. But once you discover – and implement – Game, you realise that the Beta provider role you have been slogging away at for years isn’t the only way; it isn’t even mandatory. Continue to provide for your family but use Game to set the terms.

      • Cadders – Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been working on implementing game for over a year now, and I can see plenty of benefits in my relationship. My comment was more in the general sense. I have two car payments, a house payment, three minor children in the house (and one starting college in January), and various other bills aquired from normal everyday living. We are indeed cutting back on frivolous expenses, and I’m not getting any negative pushback on that plan in any way.

        My concern is that despite my best efforts, it will all be for naught if the ecomony crashes. I can scrimp and save all I want, but if the U.S. dollar is worth nothing, so is my savings. Put another way: I’m not so concerned about my personal life and more concerned about how all this will affect my personal life. Living on less is a great idea, but living on nothing is impossible. I don’t need all this “stuff”, but a roof over my head and food to eat is required, and unfortunatly that also means I need a car or two (we both work) which comes with its own set of costs. We don’t have or use credit cards which is a good thing overall. However it also means that those unforseen expenses have to come from savings, since we don’t have a credit buffer. In a nutshell, I’m holding my own, but I’m not making much progress either.

  2. “Poolside.”

    Or shooting range for some of us.

    • I think the pool has a range…

      • Eh, they can be at least a few miles apart. If I’m at the pool, I don’t want to hear people doing mag-dumps of .308 from their FAL.

      • Hamster Tamer on said:

        RE: AR10… FN-FAL (w/ WOOD “furniture”, nach): Thee most ergonomic battle-proven MBR/EBR ever. Anywhere. Period. (AR-10 more of a prototype/curiosity… may get one some day…)

        So naturally I “hate it” when shady Austrians, replete w/ “Ahnold” accents, “accidentally” import NIB select-fire StG-58s into the Miami metro area… ’cause it upsets Duh Wimminz… and old-womanish menz… lulz. ;^)

  3. Funny enough, I read some of de Tocqueville in a university course.

    Of course it passed by without much interest. Sigh.

  4. Cail Corishev on said:

    In my small Midwestern town, a single guy can live comfortably enough on $20K/year. Rent a small house or apartment for $500/month, $200 or so for electric/gas, and another $100 for phone and internet. $300 for good quality paleo food, some more for fuel and insurance for your car, and you’ve still got some leftover. Save that up for several months until you can buy a nice used car for $4K, and you’re all set. If you want TV, get Netflix/Hulu for a fraction of the cost of cable. Football is still on free broadcast TV, believe it or not. Don’t pay for health coverage; you’ll just be paying extra for other people’s. You can get a cheap catastrophic care policy to cover the one-in-a-million chance that you get cancer in your 20s/30s, or just figure if that happens, you’ll go on the dole like everyone else.

    That means you can pick up a menial $10/hour job, or if you have the skills to do something more valuable, you can work part-time. I know guys who just work when they run out of cash — when you pay them, you don’t see them again until it’s gone. That’s a bit extreme, but you certainly don’t have to be a wage slave. Some guys work hard through the summer at construction jobs, and then basically take the winter off and putter around their hobby farms. Especially in the rural areas, there are many jobs that can be had for cash, cutting your taxes (and helping to cut the blood flow of Leviathan). If you do something that pays $50/hour, you can work 20 hours a week and have lots of money and time leftover for your hobbies.

    A lot of that can even be done by a married couple, if she’s on the same page with you. You’re kinda stuck paying for health coverage, but you don’t have to be stupid about it and get the expensive kind of coverage that covers every time you run someone to the doctor with sniffles. Do like my parents did and treat earaches and flu at home, and save doctor visits for serious stuff, and get coverage that reflects that. You can’t be as detached from material things once you have a family, but you don’t have to buy into the entire consumerist/welfare system either.

  5. Escoffier on said:

    Just so you know, that Tocqueville “quote” is made up. He never said and as AFAIK scholars have been unable to trace its source.

    There is, however, this from Macaulay:

    “On one side is a statesman preaching patience, respect for vested rights, strict observance of public faith. On the other is a demagogue ranting about the tyranny of capitalists and usurers, and asking why anybody should be permitted to drink champagne and to ride in a carriage, while thousands of honest folks are in want of necessaries. Which of the two candidates is likely to be preferred by a working-man who hears his children cry for more bread? I seriously apprehend that you will, in some such season of adversity as I have described, do things which will prevent prosperity from returning; that you will act like people who should in a year of scarcity devour all the seed-corn, and thus make the next year not of scarcity, but of absolute famine. There will be, I fear, spoilation. The spoilation will increase the distress. The distress will produce fresh spoilation.”

  6. Wonder when women will vote for taxes high enough that will starve men following such a plan, with special deductions for women of course.

    • I think it’s more likely that there will be a sudden and awkward moment when the then-majority “career women” realize that the taxes they’re paying to the state are going to allow other women the privilege of state-subsidized motherhood when they’re too busy to even date. When that happens, we’ll see some changes. Men will just downsize, go their own way, or join the Puerarchy.

      • Clarkson on said:

        Out of interest, what is the Puerarchy (how is it pronounced?) and how does it differ from MGTOW along with other subgroups within the Manosphere?

      • Cail Corishev on said:

        Poo-air-ark-ee. From the Latin puer meaning boy or child. My impression is that it refers to men who don’t just go their own way, but who are frivolous about it. Not the ones redirecting their energy into a career or lifting weights, but men living as boys, playing and avoiding adult responsibilities.

    • In a way, it’s happening. If you get sole custody, you get the tax deduction for the kids. A friend went through an ugly divorce with split custody and in spite of a settlement to alternate years on the deduction, his ex went ahead and took the deduction for a few years until the IRS caught on to the double dipping and went after… wait for it…

      The father.

  7. Escoffier on said:

    I would amend that slightly further. The quote is definitely NOT Tocqueville. That has been established. His works have been scoured and it is not there.

    However, the quote’s actual source is unknown, as is the origin of its attribution to Tocqueville.

  8. Oscar Calme on said:

    Wilson this has already been touted in Europe in both Ireland and Portugal as part of the IMF measures relating to the recent bailouts. The IMF is the “European” economic body but I think the “American” World Bank will soon follow the logic. Seems that the economic powers to be are aware that grass eating men may be a problem in the developed world but I reckon the measure would simply produce more grass eaters.

  9. I’m all for the low velocity life style in principle, but a great problem here for me and maybe others is the loss of respect it will cause me from my parents. Already face to much of that, and Im by no means poor and lazy. It kind of sucks when your parents dont respect you because you are not the high flyer they had hoped for; the low velocity deal will make it worse. If you can live with the scorn from others that you hope might respect you, then go for it.

    • Scorn from a blue pill world view is hardly scorn at all. It’s a combination of fear and envy and a ringing endorsement for leading a Red Pill life.

    • Explain to them the realities of the situation, and tell them if they want grandkids that this is your best shot: spending the next ten years mastering a trade or craft, improving your position until you can find an uncomplicated, traditionally-oriented girl (possibly from Latin America or Asia) who values you for what you can offer in building a family. But TPM is right: live life by your own standards, not your parents’. You don’t live in the same world they grew up in anymore.

  10. someguy302004 on said:

    I was talking with a married friend on the phone a couple months ago- both of us catching up, essentially bullshitting and muttering about bosses, bills, etc.

    At one point he says to me, “so are you laying enough pipe these days?” to which I replied “well, yeah, I do OK.”

    He retorts, “well what are you complaining about, then? You’re single with options. I’m jealous, but god bless you, man.”

  11. dddunn on said:

    While I enjoy reading PM’s various musings on the state of the world and those who live upon it, I rarely take time to comment. This one’s different.

    Immediately before perusing my e-mail accounts, I was rummaging through the various news accounts about the Presidential election and wondering why would an electorate do this to itself and what the future now may hold. Great socio-economic upheaval? A magnified polarization of our country? A rendering of the administrative fabric that has for over two hundred years (excepting 1861-65) covered the body politic?

    None of the above, I think. One of the physical properties of mass is inertia. And brother, the citizenry of these United States is massive. I don’t see any type of wide-spread cohesive movement ever having the appeal to change by any great degree the path which we’ve chosen for ourselves.

    My prediction– change “Men” to “People” in MGTOW, and eventually we’ll reach a new equilibrium.

    • I agree with the inertia element. I also agree there is no mass movement. However, the actions of individual men regarding their lifestyle choices can be conceived of as a type of mass movement. Consider the decline in male college enrollments. There was no leader of these men exhorting them to eschew college. It was a variety of factors (social, political, and economic) which led them to not pursue a college degree. A school of fish doesn’t have a leader, the fish just go where there is food and away from danger. The current incentives are causing men to act in surprising unity. The Internet allows a few to communicate this amongst themselves.

      And brother, the citizenry of these United States is massive.

      Yeah, we are getting fatter… hehehe

  12. Shameful on said:

    Honestly i’m going the other way, killing myself working and trying to claw up. Figure if i save and invest properly i might be able to blow this popsicle stand in style when shit goes real bad. But otherwise i agree, economic standing is nothing compared to charm here. Maybe deluding myself but thinking a fat roll of loot would be nice to leave with.

    • For some, that’s a valid route as long as your efforts are only for you, not to impress some dame.

      Given how many women are working and the college graduation rates for men, my medicare (if it still even exists) will be funded by a lot of young working women taxed to death so I can sit around teaching the guys about Charisma and how not to feed the economic beast.

      • OK, despite my long post below and my general discomfort with the nihilism that fills the manosphere and this particular strand of its thinking, the thought of paying in while you are collecting medicare convinced me to move to a lower-velocity life.

      • DC Phil on said:

        Yep, the women funding us is the preferable route, no doubt about it.

    • Cail Corishev on said:

      Depending on what you do, you may be able to save up that roll a lot faster if you go ahead and leave. There are far cheaper places to live, and if you can do your work online, you can take advantage of the difference. Also, there’s no guarantee that it will be that easy to get out with your loot when things get bad enough for you to try. When Clinton took office, one of his early acts was to add restrictions on people taking money out of the country, because there were concerns that when he raised taxes on practically everyone with a job, a lot of money would flee offshore. If you save your loot in a bank or anywhere but your mattress, you may have to leave without it anyway.

      I’m staying here until the fires start because I want to be close to family. If it weren’t for that, I’d be on a plane to some Eastern European country tomorrow.

  13. My husband & I have been living the low velocity lifestyle since college, and it works well for us, but we have caught a lot of flak for it from our families. I don’t really understand why our families wanted us to be heavily in debt and drive $60K cars around, but they did. They have mostly gotten over it now, almost 3 decades later, and all of my family has followed our lead & paid off their houses.

    We live in a tiny shack near the downtown of a small city in Middle America. My husband is one of those that has dropped out of the job market due to the housing debacle, and probably won’t be returning. I have a very low stress, flexible job that more than pays for both of us. We have been debt-free for most of our lives, including the house & cars.

    People think we are NUTS! Hahaha! Joke’s on them.

    The tiny house costs nothing to heat & cool, and since we live in an unfashionable neighborhood we only pay a few hundred bucks in property tax each year. My husband does all of the grocery shopping, and man can he get some bargains! Not that he is my Kitchen Bitch™ or anything; he is also currently building a fence & shed & has other projects on the way for Spring.

    The manosphere is the only corner of the internet I’ve seen that really subscribes to the lifestyle we have enjoyed. Thanks for all the work you and others do; our lives are much better for it!

  14. VooDooMan on said:

    Well said!
    I had come to the same conclusion myself within the last twelve hours or so
    A shame it has had to come to this…

  15. The problem is, the “poolside” man becomes part of an ever-spiraling positive feedback loop. As the supply of traditional provider-types fall, the single female population swells and the hamsters get stronger, hardened by ever more rapid puming-and-dumpings and an ever-more-genuine need for the “independence” provided by their cubicle-bound paper shuffling, the system will continue to degenerate. The result is that the single woman vote that defined this election will continue to get larger as their miserable ranks swell, while outlets dwindle for those who wish to opt out of this empowered spinsterhood.

    There’s an argument for giving the feminists what they want, good and hard, but I see tremendous collateral damage in the meantime while we wait for the inevitable collapse that would be needed to return us to a sane and sustainable view of gender relations. I think the less bloody way to fight this is by living out the life they’ve sacrificed – to aspire to being the committed couple and happy family, so that you hold up a mirror to their selfish brokenness, and a beacon to society about how things still can be when a feminine woman and a strong man pair up. We need to present the happier, healthier alternative to the feminist vision. It’s also the way to win demographically, not only fathering but raising kids to reclaim sanity regarding gender.

    Several of my female acquaintances in the legal field tell stories of crying when they see the nieces, nephews, and cousins born to their younger, simpler relatives – that’s been the most frequent example of causing that pool of StrongIndependentWomen to critically reconsider their life and choices. Meanwhile, when the spinstersphere still defends its lifetime of awful choices, it overrides clear cause and effect with hazy memories of temporary happiness. Remember that we’re dealing with women here – pure cause and effect and long-term consequences may not be as influential as demonstrating an emotionally appealing alternative.

    For me, I won’t yet abandon my goal of building a family and pursuing lifetime companionship. The red pill helps me acknowledge the costs of my choice – fewer notches along the way for my particular strategy, a significant risk of failure, and acknowledging the truly tiny pool of women that remain suitable as wives and mothers – but it also gives me the tools to identify and mitigate risks, helps me be attractive to the prospects I think may be worthwhile, and reminds me that I hold the ultimate market power, the abillity to walk away. It has been and will be a tough path, but one I’ll face with my eyes open and with careful consideration.

    So I’ll be in my office, but when I do step out, I do so with competence and without compromise. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ll have a larger ammo budget for my range trips (AR10308, see you there).

  16. Chuck Groin Punch on said:

    I am very likely one of the youngest posters on this site, being only 27.

    There are (small) battles being won even now. The look on the faces of my older female relatives when I tell them I don’t plan on getting married is a tiny victory. The look on their faces when I, very seriously, ask them what’s in it for me after being chided for my silliness is priceless.

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  18. Random Angeleno on said:

    Low velocity … damn I have been living this ever since I got rif’d a few years back. I have savings and some investment income though I’ll need to do more than that. But I haven’t been motivated to work my butt off for almost anything.

    What I might want to do next year is to find some like-minded low velocity guys (but not too low, haha) somewhere near my age to rent a house or large apartment with. Split that rent a few ways, it’s cheap. One internet, one cable service, one set of utilities for all. …

  19. @ In The Frigid North: Its a prisoners dilemma problem at its finest: Being the man who tries to save society while the rest of us kickback means you open yourself upto getting screwed over unless you can convince the rest of us to join in; in short, whoever acts first is vulnerable and relies on the rest of the men to stand with him, yet I don’t see it happening

    As much as I love Western Civilization I can’t see any plausible action but to cover my ass as much possible, withdraw myself as much as possible from a broken society and ride out the decline whilst continually focusing on my self improvement

    In 20 or 30 years after reality hits men like us may be the force which rebuilds and reshapes society, but it has to collapse of its own weight first

    • Agreed that it’s a prisoner’s dilemma, but the men don’t play each other. You’re more of another iteration of the game happening in parallel. So you inform women’s aggregate strategy, but don’t necessarily have much bearing on one specific player in one specific game.

      That’s admittedly a somewhat NAWALT line of thinking, but I do my best to ruthlessly screen out women who actually “are like that” or in the game theory terms, appear likely to defect. It definitely feels like a unicorn safari at times, but a nice side effect of my hard work is the kind of social opportunities, travels, and outward-showing status elements that at least make it a little easier to keep putting more in the sieve even as much falls through.

      Further, I just can’t handle the nihilism – there will be future generations, so I want some of them to be mine, and to have a shot at being raised well. Also, my family history has been very positive in terms of marriages, and while those are all from a different era, that reminds me that while the risks are bigger than ever, the payoff is potentially huge.

      • You know I’m not sure the risks are greater than ever – it must have been pretty miserable in the past to select a woman when you’re say 19, pick the wrong one, and then being stuck with them until one of you dies, while supporting maybe 12 children. The answer is in selecting the right person, and not being swayed by a pretty face. It was ever thus.

      • Fi, you don’t understand male goals or risks and are projecting with your example. You’re pretending your fears – unsatisfied hypergamy by settling early, abstract fears of unhappiness, concern about access to resources – are the male fears.

        The real fears are investing these hard-won resources in people that aren’t my current spouse or children, and a fear of sudden, seemingly arbitrary loss of companionship. The risks are the the legal system, cultural hamster fuel, and damage carouselers inflict on their ability to form long-term bonds. So yes, the risk is higher than ever for the men out there, when you score things by the male criteria.

        Oh, and a pretty face does still matter.

      • Those aren’t my fears. Mine is being stuck with an unremitting fool.

  20. Stonelifter on said:

    the transfer of wealth is from White men to all others

  21. sunshinemary on said:

    You wouldn’t think a forty-something, happily married, Christian housewife would agree with this post, but actually I really do. Men should unplug from the current wealth-transfer system in order to bring about the big reset sooner. If for no other reason, I can support MGTOW for Christian men and PUA for non-Christians because it will be better for children when the slutty, entitlement-addicted babymomma goes the way of the dodo bird.

  22. mulligan on said:

    Funny, as I’m reading the comments this song came up on my playlist…

  23. The sun is warm, and cocktails cold, poolside.

  24. It is illogical, counterproductive, and generally foolish for men to labor in a society that diminishes them and has withdrawn respect for them. Feminism could only succeed with the acquiescence of men. Now that the feminist monolith has been build, it will be impossible to dismantle and can only fall of its own weight. And it can only be supported and sustained to the extent that men allow it. Without the respect of society, men can only be drones in a system that pays them no regard.

    So the logical conclusion when the Red Pill reveals this truth is to withdraw that support. If society will not respect men’s work and contributions, then we must supply that respect ourselves, by living our lives for ourselves and our immediate loved ones.

    The same phenomenon is playing out in our economic travails and is reflected in our politics, building up pressure toward an earthquake that hopefully will unleash a tsunami that will flood the foundations of the feminist society. A low-velocity lifestyle will then be a life-raft. In a tsunami, the safest place to be is off-shore where the tidal wave is but a gentle swell lifting your raft as it builds destructive fury to be wreaked on the mainland.

  25. Feminists rely on the almighty state to enforce their agenda. The state relies on the huddled masses (mostly men) to pay tax. Feminism took roots during the Industrial Age, but gained power during the 60’ies, as society grew more affluent. This affluence allows society to invest more in “fluff jobs” that are mostly occupied by women – kindergarden teachers, real estate agents, human resources managers, insurance sales. However, when the economy tanks, these jobs are the first to go, but the sense of entitlement from those individuals still linger.
    Then, you have catastrophic events like Sandy and Katrina, that show how fragile society is, and how you revert to the stone age without electricity, running water, gasoline, food, communications. Well, guess who provide all these? It’s mostly men. See the strong feminist crying to Rep. Shumer on video, wailing that they’ll all going to die she’s a single woman (wow, the sense of entitlement is strong with this one) and they ask President Obama for help.

    And this was only a small tropical storm. What are you going to do when the big one strikes California or WA state? Or another flood? Or the supervolcano in WY exploding ….

    By the time the disaster strikes, men will not want you and your spawn, it will be survival of the fittest, and no matter how you twist it, men are more self-reliant and more prone to endure hardships successfully than women.

    So chew on this for a while, women, and find someone to save your ass BEFORE the disaster strikes or you and your spawn are doomed to extinction.

  26. Sigma Male on said:

    I’m a college educated White man with student loan debt. Can you provide some examples of low velocity careers, so that I might drop off the grid?

    Thank you.

    • Get a government job. You only have to work four hours a day, get paid well, and by occupying that government position you are hastening the collapse because you aren’t doing or creating anything of value that can be taken away by the government. Spend your time just enjoying yourself. If you work hard and be a productive responsible person no one will appreciate it or you so why bother?

  27. “I’m a college educated White man with student loan debt. Can you provide some examples of low velocity careers, so that I might drop off the grid?”

    Live in an apartment in a shitty part of town that costs cheap. Share the apartment rental with others to save more money. Work part time for 10-15$ an hour, 3 days a week. Make sure you make less than 11k a year total. Get the full food stamps benefits for 200$ a month (that 2400$ a year tax free, so more like 3k food free a year if you count taxes). Continually stay on unemployment, Obama will be happy to renew automatically, just work your 3 days a week for at least 3-4 months of the year, and you qualify for unemployement. Your w2 will show 5-10k a year, you get free unemployment for around 3-5k a year, and free food of around 3k a year. Watch with joy as the mexican lady ringing up your groceries at the supermarket will scowl at you, since your food stamp card is taking money from her illegal babymomma brethren who need free bennies. Watch with joy as you tell everyone you make less than 10k a year, and are now milking the system as good as any illegal or dreadlocked hippy could possibly do. Watch with joy as the ladies faces turn to a scowl when they realize they can’t hire a female lawyer pro bono to try to fuck you out of invisible assets you don’t own, and they realize it would be them paying alimony to you if they married. Continue this cycle ad infinitum until your parents die, then move to the Phillipines or Thailand, and bang 18 year olds until you die.

    Hope this helps.

  28. Richard Cranium on said:

    The MRA’s have a term for this it’s called “ghosting”. Basically dropping out of society and doing the bare minimum to get by and minding your own business.

    I have to admit I’ve been following this for a couple of years now. I’m lucky enough to be able to play music for a living and not necessarily drop out of society but severely limit my involvement in it. I don’t own a house or a car, no kinds, no wife, very few things to tie me down. All I need to do is keep my cell phone bill payed, feed myself and buy a new bass when the fancy strikes me. And before you ask, no I rarely if ever meet women on the road. I’m 5’5″ 120 pounds, balding and I play bass. I’m good at what I do but I’m pretty much the invisible man.

    It’s a middle finger to the whole “corporate” mindset that all life is supposed to be is working at some soul-crushing job making someone else rich because well, “that’s what everyone else does”. I call bullshit. AS you can imagine I’ve been called selfish for thinking this but I disagree. Selfish would be putting others out because of my actions.

    Don’t get me wrong I work very hard at my craft and enjoy it very much but my hard work has direct results. Instead of seeing some undeserved crony get the raise/promotion I was hoping to get or dealing with office politics and dipshit managers the band gets better and more lucrative gigs and bookings because of the time and effort put in. I get to travel, see lots of the country I wouldn’t normally get to see and always meet new people that love what we do.

    To be perfectly honest I seriously doubt I could go back to having a “regular” job anymore. Hopefully I’ll never have to. Sure there’s downsides. I have zero money saved for the future and my credit is ruined. I’m 45 and have no health insurance. I’m away from my family and friends for extended periods at a time. Despite being in the music business in one form or another on and off for almost 30 years my family doesn’t approve and wonders when I’ll “grow out of it”. But considering the alternative I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  29. I almost forgot, please add on the EIC tax refund at the end of the year onto your new Free Shit Army winnings. Thats good for almost an extra grand, that’s a free Q.P. of diggity dank, on the house baby!

  30. I’m a bit behind the times on this post, but to the posters who asked about good off-the-radar careers, I’d suggest the diving and yachting industries. They’re fundamentally different from working 3 hours a day three times a week, but get you to the same place.

    As a dive instructor in a beautiful Caribbean country, you can live hand-to-mouth and save a bit for ‘famine’ months. If you go down with some pocket change from selling your belongings in the states, you should be able to pay for your courses and then some. I had a sweet room in an oceanfront Honduran apartment for $250/mo. Major bonus points if you’re bilingual. You’ll be working more hours than the options listed above, but — come on. You’re scuba diving. You’ll live.

    A lot of dive destinations have good clinics or hospitals (bc they need fully kitted re-compression chambers and people who know how to operate them). You could disappear in Central America, literally. If diving’s not your thing, you could as an English teacher in the heart of Mayan Guatemala. The Lago de Atitlan area is beautiful, and Santiago la Laguna has a beautiful modern clinic at which treatment is done by volunteer American doctors, and cash is the standard method of payment. I paid $24 for a visit and full course of meds for a lung infection.

    In my travels, I also met a lot of very happy expats who owned off-the-beaten-track backpacker hostels. They pretty much do small construction projects during the day, and hang / eat / drink with the guests at night. Not a bad life.

    A bunch of friends of mine were tired of being on the street meat diet during slow season and got their STCW 95′ licenses. Sure, being a deckhand/steward on a yacht is a buttkicking job, but it’s work-hard-party-hard and you can make some serious bank if you stay in it long enough. My friends are stewards/stewardesses, and they start at $3000/mo, five months on and one month of paid vaca w/ paid plane tickets anywhere in the world and back. Besides, you get to do the TransAt, sometimes the TransPac, and spend all of your time in the Med and Caribbean (or even better places, like Fiji and Indo if you’re lucky).

    If you’re tentatively optimistic about finding a low-velocity woman to share your life and start a family with, those careers are pretty good places to find them. If not, there will always be a surplus of here-today-gone-tomorrow tourists to work your way through — not to mention the option of marrying a local, if that’s your thing. Though I will caution you: I’ve met just as many batshit Honduran women as I have American women. Proceed carefully with local chicks.

    Personally, I’m planning on finishing out my degree and heading back down to the Caribbean. Plan A is to teach gap year high school and diving in the Bahamas or BVIs. Plan B is to use my connections to get a job on one of the high-paying luxury liveaboard dive yachts. Plan C is megayachts. Tough life, huh?

    I’ll be ocean side. Feel free to join.

  31. As T mentions, I wholeheartedly endorse leaving the country and not feeding the machine. Whether that be Roatan, Honduras, or some deserted island in the Phillipines, you can earn up to 80k a year before having to pay income tax and feeding the beast. Bonus: getting laid by non brainwashed women.

  32. dragnet on said:

    Loved this post.

    Looks like white guys are beginning to learn the lessons us black men learned a long time ago–checking out is a more rational strategy than staying invested in a system that is setup to destroy you.

  33. This is illustrated perfectly in the popular show “The League.” The more I read the manosphere, the more I’m seeing examples of manosphere concepts.

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