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The Long Strike – Don’t Be So Ambitious

Politics tend to be the manifestation of social trends. Given the gender breakdown of last night’s election, it’s clear that the transfer of public wealth from men to women will continue and likely increase. Men create wealth while women consume wealth. But as women vote en bloc, they control the political purse strings. This is political reality and I won’t stick my toes into such polluted waters.

Men can respond to social trends without directly addressing politics. Charismatic men have a unique social and economic power they don’t realize. A man with Charisma can achieve his relationship goals without having to surround himself with the trappings of affluence. This means he can live a low velocity lifestyle free of the economic and career complications that accompany the standard American life script. Sure, a man needs to dress well and have some fashion accessories but in the grand fiduciary scheme, this represents pocket change.

Climbing the corporate ladder just to earn enough money to purchase pretty (and ultimately unnecessary) things with the hopes of impressing some dame is a piss-poor approach to life. The aspiration to be middle or upper middle class is the goal of the average frustrated chump. Worse, the wealth he might acquire will be nicely siphoned off to women who have made poor life decisions and who continue to use their votes to maintain a fundamentally broken socio-economic system. Here’s a quote (not from de Tocqueville) on this subject:

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

A man with Charisma can safely throttle back on his career and financial goals because his ability to be charming and social can easily compensate for his lack of a car payment and a three-bedroom mortgage. He will pay fewer taxes, have lower stress, and have far more options in life in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. The blue pill man paints himself into a soul-sucking corner with no pathway to lifestyle freedom, before or after the divorce.

For my political readers, this represents the “long strike” and is already underway. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is the more cohesive vanguard of the long strike. But every young man who discovers and learns Game (Charisma) or simply decides that Internet porn and video games are better than an anonymous life in a cube farm is also part of the long strike. Men who decide to live independently while using their Charisma to enjoy their sexuality with women are also part of the long strike. It’s men voting with their feet because no political candidate is going to attempt to represent men, regardless of ethnicity. So, if we’re on our own, let’s do what’s good for us individually.

Poolside. That’s where men should be as they watch with detached bemusement as our culture willingly tears itself asunder with the aid of a voting bloc utterly incapable of understanding the consequences of its actions. Pay more taxes? Nah, just earn less money and Game the economy. Get that vasectomy early, don’t cohabitate with women, spin plates, and generally be the charming cad.

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