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The Sexual Marketplace And Middle Age

Amongst the younger set of Manosphere bloggers is the idea that a woman over a certain age has no value in the sexual market place (SMP). When a woman hits “the wall”, she is basically not worth a man’s attention. Her sexual market value (SMV) has diminished too much. For younger men who have Charisma and seek youth and its accompanying youthful beauty, I do not disagree.

There are men over a certain age who seek women who are not the young, club-hopping chippies. I am in this category. As I am not in the investment class – note the donate button – I’m quite aware of my own SMV. This being said, I practice Charisma on all adult ages and socio-economic statuses. A guy with an ugly dog, a motorcycle, and Charisma has certain advantages over the typical middle-aged chumpasaurus lacking all of those.

After a certain age, a woman’s N number (the number of turgid cocks she’s touched) becomes less relevant regarding her SMV. In fact, a long-term relationship can re-set her N number back to something much lower. We’re different people when we cross the 40 years old threshold. The twenties are so vastly different that we are completely different people. With age comes a certain mellowing. Men and women alike aren’t collared by libidinous intent as our younger peers. The “M” word (menopause) can get dropped into conversation without instant recoil. Ever date a grandmother? You will. Time is a cruel mistress.

Thankfully, there is hope. Many women work hard to maintain themselves (link below). They work out. They keep their hair long. They maintain their femininity. Be warned, such dames are in relatively short supply and it takes serious Charisma to land them. The attractive 40-something women tend not to have kids or have sufficient income (alimony or “marketing” job?) to afford them the gym, pilates, and yoga. Just be careful of the the cluster B types (link below).

As I wrote just above, a man must have serious Charisma to get those hot 40-somethings. Just showing up won’t cut it. Just being a man won’t cut it. A man must have an arsenal of attraction weapons because, in the end, it really is something of a war in regards to Dating 2.0.

My name is Drew and I approve of this message.

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