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The Running Of The Lurkers

Yesterday’s running of the lurkers (link below) proved extremely successful. I thank all the lurkers who de-cloaked to post a comment. I did respond to each and every one, if only with a few brief words. One comment rolled in that deserves special treatment. It’s from “anonymous” – a woman as she indicated in a previous comment – and it’s encouraging. Also, it serves to remind men that we are the gatekeepers to commitment. I’ve done some minor editing to make it a bit more readable.

No, thank you.

Your blog is helpful and we haven’t been treated harshly when we dare ask a question, unlike some sites, one in which I was really surprised at the attitude I encountered considering the poignant header. The anger turned my daughter off for a while, but drove me to find out what was behind it so I started searching.

Allow me to tell you and your gentlemen readers out there that all is not lost on American women. Some are getting it, look for them and reward their good behavior. I think intuitively young women are starting to wake up and realize the teachings of the previous generation were false.

While I cannot see us returning to the days of pre-feminism, I do see the Manosphere heralding a time of accountability for women that will change their current mode of thinking. In the end hetero women innately want to be in a relationship with men and will do what is required to be done to make that happen. Remember you hold the keys gentlemen, now jingle them where the ladies can see and hear them.

Every time  you get a chance to espouse red pill wisdom, do so. I do, but sometimes it has to be ever so subtle as I live in a very liberal town and have to be careful. My daughter does with her actions and words at college and has seen two of her five roommates change for the better. I hope your readers will do the same. Change is coming but it is slow, as always.

Privateman, keep being a voice of change.

After reading all the comments and making some mental notes about my readership, here are some conclusions I have come to:

  • My readers are geographically diverse. One of the comments came from a guy in Ethiopia!
  • I have a fair number of female readers. I suspect this is because many women are frustrated at the current cultural landscape regarding dating and they are looking for honest answers about men.
  • The age range is quite large but looks to be skewing to the post-35 crowd. This is expected because I write like a middle-aged guy (because I am one, go figure).
  • My writing style is somewhat in contrast to other Manosphere bloggers in that I’m perceived as more moderate and measured with my words. Though one commenter thought I was too cynical and acerbic at times.

I really do enjoy writing this blog and knowing that I do have real readers is tremendous encouragement. Thanks again to all.

Lurkers Of The World, Unite!

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8 thoughts on “The Running Of The Lurkers

  1. LostSailor on said:

    Every time you get a chance to espouse red pill wisdom, do so. I do, but sometimes it has to be ever so subtle as I live in a very liberal town and have to be careful. My daughter does with her actions and words at college…

    It can be very difficult to get someone to absorb Red-Pill wisdom. My social circle in NY is pretty varied between liberal and conservative, traditional and post-feminist, and I find even around those men (and a few women) who would seem receptive to the Red Pill, I have to tread carefully. As Anon indicated with her daughter (good for her!), here is where actions are preferred to words.

    You cannot force the Red Pill. It must be freely chosen or it will come back up. It’s hard enough to accept these truths when you recognize them. It’s nearly impossible to accept them if you haven’t chosen to see them

  2. The Seething Lurker on said:

    PM, I love, love, love the title of this post. Cocky funny indeed.

  3. Good comments, as always.

    I’ve taken to explaining ‘Red Pill Wisdom’ (as you guys call it) to my girlfriends as a sort of ‘test’ to determine their worth (which in my case includes a certain measure of intelligence, racial awareness, and cultural sophistication). Life is too short, I find, to live by deception and lies.

    I was surprised in one case this past weekend to find the young recipient of my views agreeing wholeheartedly with my words. “At last, a man who gets it!’, she said to me, adding that she too felt the same but was unable to express it. She explained that she found most men weak and timid, afraid to express their views, hesitant to take control. She was also turned on, she claimed, by my sexual agressiveness. (But then again, I’ve heard that before).

    Are some young women starting to ‘get it’? Perhaps, in certain cases. I’m not being maudlin when I tell you I fear I will be gone and will have missed my chance by the time the tide turns in any meaningful way, a situation in which I suspect a lot of men find themselves. In the meantime, I’m having fun.

    I would agree with your anonymous commenter that men do indeed hold the ‘keys’, which I think is another way of saying men should speak up, proceed with decisive boldness, and act like leaders.

    The pussy, as always, will follow. And if one is lucky enough, one might even find love.

  4. check out the report at on “post-familialism” by Joel Kotkin. Really interesting reading for all those interested in the consequences of feminism and govt policy combining

  5. OT, but i wanted to spread this around the sphere:

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  7. Dear PM,
    I for one appreciate your “moderate” style. And I think you as one of the best within the manosphere in being able to eloquently and succinctly put your point across. Especially with the death of ManU. I have no end of thanks for you for spotting me being such a beta chump and start acting for myself.
    A huge amount of thanks are not enough. But all the same, thank you. Thank you so much.

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