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I’m Lazy And Trolls Allow Me To Be So

Overnight comments can make for fun mornings. A commenter left behind three highly enjoyable comments this past evening. As you read them, you’ll probably figure out quickly the huge trollishness of these comments. Hell, so many feminist tropes are covered that it’s humorous and quite possibly a false flag kind of thing. I don’t mind these comments because I pulled a muscle in my left arm and it’s messed up my left thumb making typing challenging. The troll basically typed this post for me, thanks!

This comment was in response to Radical Feminism Still Exists:

When women are tired of being treated like second class citizens/raped/abused domestically by their “loving men/being sexually harassed on the streets and at work and in general/being seen as “property”/and oh so much more-something has got to give. If men were treated this way wouldn’t you do something radical about it? Enter radical feminism. Women made great progress in the 60′s…and life was better for awhile. Then came backlash of feminism. Rape is an epidemic/porn is more violent and degrading/we still don’t get paid as much as you guys and much more. Men have made life hell for women for centuries. And now we are fighting back. Valerie was right. You men are more violent than ever now. Your victims? Women and children. The patriarchy is outdated and must be changed. The only way for us to be is “radical feminists.” And yes men deserve to suffer for their wrongs! Castration is a good way to start.

This comment was in response to Stop Holding Hands:

You must be kidding me. Women don’t NEED to be lead when we walk! What’s wrong with holding hands?! Oh I guess that would level the playing field so the couple appears to be equal-and of course-god forbid you do anything that the woman wants to do on the date. You are so immature. Most of you assholes couldn’t protect a woman if you had to! We can protect ourselves-thank you. All we need is Smith and Wesson. Get with the times! You wonder why women hate men-due to closed-old fashion minds like yours!

This comment was in response to Creeps Or Criminals?:

Sounds like the creator of this website is a class A “creep.” You say your stupid men’s rights groups do not hate women-so why use the word cunt? You don’t need to stand up for creepy guys. Women instinctively know when there is a bad vibe near them-hence-a creep. You act as if all men are angels! Read the paper today and see how many men were put in prison for violent crime. The prisons are overflowing with “creeps!” You keep putting feminism down but men’s rights groups are waaay more hateful and violent than feminism ever was or will be. I can’t believe there are women on here defending you! They are kissing up to the oppresor-YOU. As I said-women are on to guys like you. We always have been. If a woman calls a guy a creep-he most probably is. Aww we didn’t mean to hurt your wittle feelings (smirk)!

Naturally, I deleted the comments from the comment section. My blog, my rules.

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32 thoughts on “I’m Lazy And Trolls Allow Me To Be So

  1. Feminists are in a perpetual state of butthurt.

  2. I’m sure her cat just died or something. Or it’s . . . that time. Or she’s in the middle of a divorce. Or she got tied up and gang-rejected by a group of little boys when she was a child. But I smell a lot of “batshit crazy” coming off of this one.

  3. We can protect ourselves-thank you. All we need is Smith and Wesson.

    That’s how you know for absolute certain it’s a troll. I’ve got an ongoing debate with a persistent feminist at my own blog about feminists and gun control; while she has quite a lot to say, she continues to gloss over the question of why feminists (voting, as they do, for progressives) are trying to prevent women from having the choice to arm themselves against the Army of Patriarchal Irregulars. All I can get out of her so far is some incorrect data and faulty conjectures about self-defense.

    • I absolutely agree. I have never before heard or read about any self-described feminist who advocated the use of firearms in self-defense. But this particular troll spent a lot of time on those comments. Hmmmmm, perhaps a Manosphere guy wanting to help me out?

    • Yes, but this one invoked the name of she-who-shall-not-be-mentioned.. author of the SCUM chronicles. Guns are perfectly acceptable for use against men who threaten them with rape…

      ..or ask them if they’d like some coffee while in an elevator.

  4. I am amused by one young lady I know who normally carries a 9mm in a concealed holster and is also an expert with a rifle. She’s also very feminine, very active with her church and overall a very nurturing person. She’s the sort of woman that feminists hate, strong and capable while still being quite feminine.

  5. The LULZ! I’m not convinced it’s a troll, but who knows… Entertaining nonetheless.

  6. I think it’s the real deal. Tho im glad you decided to pull the comments (don’t want to feed it after midnight.. we’ve all watched Gremlins), it still made for a gut busting good read.

    I’m sure this woman (thing?) will be 45 years old down the road, stroking her smith n wesson while feeding her plethora of cats rancid fancy feast crying herself to sleep completely unable to figure out why no man wants to be in her company.

    At 55 she’ll be found in her hoarding house with 100 cats, the majority of which are dead and a few stragglers chewing on her leftovers trying to survive.

  7. No, not a troll; absolutely the real deal.

    Women like Marcotte call themselves radical feminists, but they can’t hold a candle to the real RadFems. After that last post back in December, I did my research, and still occasionally dip into the fetid cesspool mentioned in the comments on that post: RadFemHub.

    The RadFems are indeed batshit crazy. They exist in a distorted nexus of abject numbing terror and absolute hatred of men. All men. Any men. At best they’re all “separatists” and at worst they are eliminationist. At best their fervently desired solution to the “Patriarchy” is to separate themselves from any influence or association with men. At their worst they advocate the complete elimination of men from the face of the planet, save for a few kept as pets and firewall against the elimination of the species. But if it came to the elimination of the species as a result of removing all men, many of them would be just fine with that.

    Their view of sex is that because all women everywhere have been so brainwashed by patriarchal culture that “consent” to sex with a man has not meaning, all sex with men is rape. They don’t even believe that coitus is “sex” in any meaningful way, which is why most of them are lesbians. Pregnancy and childbirth are considered horrible diseases fraught with danger and harm with virtually no redeeming outcomes. They propose to use male-developed technology and science to perpetuate the species without the messy need for actual biological reproduction.

    Fortunately, they aren’t a real threat. They frequently blather on about the “important work” they bravely do by crafting blog posts and writing papers, but that’s about all they do. There is no meaningful action they can take to carry out their andro-genocide. Even if they did, within a few generations, they’d be back to living in grass huts as the global male-built and maintained infrastructure crumbled around them

    The truth that RadFems and feminists in general refuse to face because it is their deepest nightmare is the fact that the feminist “liberation” they have achieved has only been because men have allowed it. When they push too far, we’ll just start taking it back.

    It might be fun to let one of them through in comments to toy with, but then it’s not my blog…

  8. They don’t need men to protect them…except the one’s who make the guns, and the bullets, and just to be safe the courts so we can put the sadistic rapists in jail to be guarded by yet more men, just in case the men who made her gun didn’t make it accurate enough for her.

  9. Vicomte on said:

    Whenever the women say they can protect themselves, I’m always tempted to call for a cage match.

    I just did a google search so I could arm each combatant with a weapon invented by their gender, but after five links I have concluded that women don’t invent shit.

    I was hoping for a really clever joke in there somewhere, too.

  10. Wow. 716576316542 comedians out of work and these dozey broads are looking for a job.

    In response to the response to Radical Feminism Still Exists:

    Honey, get it through your dense skull.

    9 of 10 Men didn’t hit that cunt back.
    There is still WAY too much chivalry in the world.

    In response to the response to Stop Holding Hands:

    “Asshole” is the best goddam compliment a man can possibly get from a woman. So women should really stop pretending it’s some kind of “insult”. All men should have the balls to let a woman hate him. It means he’s doing everything RIGHT. When a man is called an “asshole” by a woman…. he can bet sex will happen in zero-point-five minutes.

    In response to the response to Creeps Or Criminals:

    “If a woman calls a guy a creep-he most probably is.”???

    A woman wouldn’t know a good man if he were standing right in front of her. So how can she pretend to know a “creep”?? Women are the shittiest and most inaccurate judges of character anywhere. A woman will cry “rape” when a law-abiding officer gives her a ticket for driving without a license.

    So who’s the “creep” now, cunts.
    The jig is up, bitches. Men are on to YOU.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Amazing how a movement which spends ~80% of its energy discussing how to please women is more “hateful and violent” than a movement that suggests castrating men.

  12. Awww… …hysterical cunts.argumentum ad hominem.

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Oh my, my husband and I thought the post about not holding hands was spot on and implemented it the next day. It is a great way to remind me and demonstrate to the world how a real man handles his wife, but then she’ll never know the pleasure of being one will she? Sad really, never allowing yourself to experience the true essence of being a woman.

  14. Team-Red on said:

    Sounds like these are ugly women that are completely undesirable by men lashing out. You see this alot in women that hate everyone else just a little bit more than they hate themselves for not being attractive. No joy or happiness in their unfeminine and meaningless existence. Sad

  15. ” As I said-women are on to guys like you”

    De-facto,by pussy magic,you’re guilty of something,because you wrote something she did not like.
    She forgot to check her privilege at the door,the sexist pig.
    After a couple of decades of men being second class citizens,something HAS to give.
    All men need are Smith and Wesson.

  16. This is def not a troll. lol.

    I wish some angry feminists could separate the rapists and abusers from all men. Similarly to how I wish that some men in the sphere could separate the cuckolding manipulative women from ALL women.

    • …. except here’s the thing.

      MOST men are NOT rapists and abusers.
      The behavior of MOST men demonstrates this.

      But most women ARE manipulative, man-hating b*tches.
      The behavior of MOST women demonstrates this.

      This can be seen by observing the world around you. You can turn on your television and witness an entire female audience, and *ALL* — yes, ALL of them — will join in on the laughter and delight in it when an insane wife cuts off her husband’s penis. Even when he did nothing wrong.

      You will NEVER see a group of men on television sitting around with coffee LAUGHING about slicing up a woman’s vagina and throwing the remains in the dog’s bowl.


      • Aah, but one could argue that only the catty bitches you love to hate are the ones who would go to and watch such a show. Plenty of women wouldn’t be caught dead watching that trash.

      • Even though its a joke, he’s dead right that men would never laugh at an equivalent female version, so I suppose it does say something that (any/some/most/all?) women could joke about it, and that it’s acceptable to do so even on TV. I might think it harmless but if I switch the sexes I see it’s not. Like old jokes about domestic violence that women didn’t like and which resulted in men accusing women of not having a sense of humour if they objected, this does fall into the same category.

      • Exactly right. It isn’t about the mere dozens of women who physically go there to watch the show. That shit is pumped into their houses through television THEY PAY for. It isn’t “some” women. It’s deep in the MENTALITY of ALL of them. It’s widely acceptable – nation(s)wide – and endorse by advertising – while being considered “entertaining”. Only a person with a callous indifference to humanity of men would not have a problem with that.

        It doesn’t matter if “plenty of women wouldn’t be caught dead watching that trash.” We know that ALL women are like that, because if the genders were reversed , ALL women would have a problem with it.

        “Not all women are like that” is not a defense, or an argument. It’s a deflection away from the truth that – indeed – ALL women are like that. RedPillWifey is not *innocent by disassociation*.

        ALL women are like that because we already know that if I went on Oprah (or Ellen) and said “ALL women are beautiful, perfect, and they can do no wrong” ….. I would get an automatic round of applause. Even though it couldn’t possibly be true. There isn’t ONE woman who would correct me and shout “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!” But if I said “men are smarter than women”, I would be booed and laughed off the stage — even though history proves that to be a more accurate and true statement.

        That’s how we know “all women ARE like that”.

        Even more importantly, whenever a woman says “not all women are like that”… it does nothing to prove that SHE is not like that.

        It doesn’t prove that she is good. It doesn’t show that she is noble. It doesn’t mean that she is kind and compassionate. It is a lazy deflection where she expects her innocence and good qualities to be presumed – just because she opens her mouth.

        It actually PAYS HUGE for a man to know “all women are like that.” There is zero benefit to believing the opposite. None. The only benefit a man enjoys by believing “not all women are like that”… is that he gets to keep his own penis. But that’s hardly an enhancement, advantage, or a positive. She is effectively saying NOTHING.

        To make the point, I would present to RedPillWifey a box of hand grenades. “It’s OK. Pick one, and pull the pin. Not all grenades are like that. Not all of them will explode in your face.” Is she going to take my word for it? Even if she does, there is nothing for her to gain. There is no advantage. The best possible outcome is that she doesn’t die.

        So even if “not all women are like that”…..
        The only good thing about that is –> you get to keep your own penis.

      • Yes, because women cut off their husband’s genitals all the time. I don’t know a single person who finds this acceptable, male or, especially, female.

      • And fi, you only need to skim the internet to see the tons of jokes men post about domestic violence and abuse. Take a look at people who justify Chris Brown’s behavior or how Chris Brown is back performing music and winning awards when that idiot waste of a human being really should be behind bars. Take a look at the number of pictures of beaten women captioned with,”She shouldn’t have left the kitchen.” And guys casually make jokes about rape pretty frequently, towards women and…other men.

        Last night I got stuck on the drunk bus after leaving a friend’s, and this drunk kid in front of me pointed at two guys who got on the bus and whispered,”They’re rapist.”

        Jokes about violence and rape are still prevalent, and this goes around both genders. Men do it to men, women do it to women, men do it to women, women do it to men. I had female friends tell me that I looked so cute I might get raped if I went out with them. WTFFFFFFFF.

      • Stormy. Maybe. I’m talking about mainstream British TV where that sort of stuff about rape etc isn’t acceptable. I can’t comment on Chris Rock – I’ve heard the name I think, but I think he’s American isn’t he and he’s not managed to successfully transition across to us. That might be why though.

  17. “Yes, because women cut off their husband’s genitals all the time.”

    Careful there. Sarcasm doesn’t translate to print. It doesn’t matter if they do or don’t. You’re only proving that it is widely regarded as a “joke”. It is perceived as hilarious and entertaining. But is the idea of carving out a woman’s vagina hilarious to you??? I believe I’ve made my point. The FACT that it’s a “joke” is the core of the problem.

    “you only need to skim the internet to see the tons of jokes men post about domestic violence and abuse.”

    Of course there are “jokes” about rape and domestic violence. And it’s WOMEN who set that standard. Women are the only gender that LIES about NOT being “raped”.

    So since not even WOMEN take “rape” seriously…

    OF COURSE men will joke about rape and domestic violence, because to women, these subjects ARE a joke. 72% of all divorce, domestic disputes and domestic violence is solely initiated —>> by WOMEN.

    Men didn’t set that standard. WOMEN do. So when we hear or see a man “joke” about bashing his girlfriend’s face in… how is that WORSE than what women actually DO?? It isn’t.

    Take a look at people who justify Chris Brown’s behavior or how Chris Brown is back performing music and winning awards when that idiot waste of a human being really should be behind bars

    Interesting argument. But guess who is the FIRST one to justify his behavior….

    —–>> RHIANNA.

    That’s right “ladies”. Women knowingly and intentionally CHOOSE to fornicate and get involved with abusive and violent men – and they keep going back for more. It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault that women are the gender that lines up outside of prisons – in droves – to make marriage proposals to murderers, drug addicts, criminals, rapists, abusive men , and choose to have babies with them. It’s not my fault that women respect and screw men who repeatedly mistreat them.

    Men don’t set that standard.
    WOMEN do.

    You got a PROBLEM with that??????
    Don’t take it up with MEN.
    Take it up with OTHER WOMEN.

    Take a look at the number of pictures of beaten women captioned with,”She shouldn’t have left the kitchen.”

    That’s right. She shouldn’t have left the kitchen. It’s 100% true. It’s not even a joke. “Get back to the kitchen” SAVES LIVES. Because women do not believe they are accountable for their own actions and shitty behavior. And it’s precisely for that reason that they belong in the kitchen.

    “Get back to the kitchen” protects women from ruining other people’s LIVES. Not just their own. When Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to prison for breaking the law on several separate occasions – SHE CRIED. She CRIED because she doesn’t believe she should be accountable for her actions.

    The fact that women think they have any business being OUT of the kitchen is the “joke”. Comments like “she shouldn’t have left the kitchen” are dead serious. Because in the moment she was sentenced, if the judge had offered her the choice between getting back to the kitchen and making a sammich — or a jail cell to serve her sentence — she would have chosen the kitchen. “Get back to the kitchen” protects women from having to accept respsonsibility when they don’t even believe they SHOULD.

    So the next time a man says “get back to the kitchen”…. THANK HIM for it. He is only protecting her from having to pay for her own mistakes – which she is totally unwilling to do. She doesn’t belong OUT of the kitchen in the first place.

    • This comment’s for the videos only:

      Memo to these girls:

      Repeat after me– *You chose him.*

      He’s lazy? You chose him. He doesn’t pay the bills? You chose him?
      He ignores you? You chose him.

      Smashing his Xbox *will only teach him that you’re crazy.* It will not “show him” that he’s ignoring you. You only make yourself look petty and stupid. Smashing something because it doesn’t work is something a child does.

      End memo.

  18. “Women instinctively know when there is a bad vibe near them-hence-a creep”
    Goddamnit. Listerine through the nose.

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