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Rationalization Hamster – Post Recycle

[Note: This post has been a fair amount of attention just today – 09/28/2012 – so let’s make it really prominent.]

The Manosphere contains many, many words regarding a woman’s rationalization hamster because it’s such an effective and amusing way to describe how a woman thinks. Occasionally it’s necessary to re-educate Manosphere readers to the nuances and details of how the rationalization hamster operates.

The rationalization hamster is an analogy for the thought processes used by women to turn bad behavior and bad decisions into acceptable ones to herself and her friends. When a woman makes a bad decision, the hamster spins in its wheel (the woman’s thinking) and creates some type of acceptable reasons for that bad decision. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity.

When the hamster rationalizes successfully, a woman can divorce [yeah, I meant to use that verb] herself from the consequences of her bad decision or behavior. Here are some examples:

Bad Decision:
“I’m going out and getting drunk with my friends.”

Resulting Consequences:
Drunken and unsatisfactory hookup sex with a stranger.

Hamster Processing Result:
“I was drunk and he took advantage of me or maybe even raped me! Maybe it was a date rape drug!”

Final Result:
“It’s not my fault.”

Bad Decision:
“I deserve only the most attractive and successful man despite the fact that I don’t have much to offer in the context of dating and relationships.”

Resulting Consequences:
Can’t find any man for dating or a relationship or only has one-night stands.

Hamster Processing Result:
“There are no good men” or “Men suck”

Final Result:
“It’s not my fault.”

Bad Decision:
“I have such chemistry [vagina tingles!] with this guy so I’ll ignore the obvious red flags regarding his character.”

Resulting Consequences:
The sex is great for a short time and then the guy dumps her.

Hamster Processing Result:
“All men are players”

Final Result:
“It’s not my fault.”

Bad Decision:
I want to have a baby but I don’t have a man.

Resulting Consequences:
8lb bundle of “joy” through dubious means and resultant loss of career opportunities because of time management issues.

Hamster Processing Result:
“I’m a strong and empowered woman fulfilling her own needs but who has an employer who doesn’t support my lifestyle decision.”

Final Result:
“It’s not my fault.”

Note how the final result is always the same.

The vast majority of women simply won’t understand the concept of the rationalization hamster. This makes the hamster immortal. Sure, it can be slowed down, but it always lives on. Hamster wisdom is now passed on to the younger generations of women with messages of “you deserve anything you want” or “you’re a special snowflake”. The hamster has become an integral part of our social fabric.

There is a social expectation that women cannot be faulted for their decisions and behaviors. Mark Rudov calls it the 11th commandment – Thou shalt not criticize women. This means that our collective folklore has “liberated” women to act on their worst motivations and behaviors without consequence. This will be for generations to come.

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33 thoughts on “Rationalization Hamster – Post Recycle

  1. Speaking from the female perspective, I’ve come to loath the hamster. And not for the usual reasons… It sucks that I know what the hamster is, I can recognize it in others and most of the time in myself, but every now and then it shows up with a vengeance. I never see it until after the fact, then I feel like a complete bitch. I’m not sure there’s a complete way to irradicate it, unless it goes away with time.

    It’s also difficult to keep friends, because I can see their hamsters making shit decisions, and I can’t really convince them otherwise.

  2. oh… that’s the reason… guess its not my fault … blame the hamster.. (please note severe sarcasm) I think you put the idea well.

  3. Ulf Elfvin on said:

    “This will be for generations to come.”

    No, it won’t. The US economy won’t support this rampant subjectivist culture for much longer.

    Apart from that, good post.


    • Good point. You can look at Spain or Greece and see we are rapidly headed in that direction. The welfare state and a pro-female legal system helps cushion the blow when women make bad decisions by shifting the cost of their bad decisons to someone else. Especially in the case of the “I want a baby now” situation where the female then expects to be able to either go on welfare or food stamps, get a cushy government provided job, or legally force a private employer to promote her over more qualified men while also bending over backwards to accomodate her desire to spend lots of time with her kids. We can’t afford that much longer and I think the end is sooner than a lot of people think.

      • Anonymous on said:

        “The welfare state and a pro-female legal system helps cushion the blow when women make bad decisions by shifting the cost of their bad decisons to someone else.”… namely, men.

  4. Hamster Tamer on said:

    The RATionalization HAMster is certainly one of thee most useful and on-target metaphors of the last half-century, or longer! Can anyone shed light on the Manosphere hero who originated it?… I want to build him a shrine, sponsored by Merriam-Webster. ;^)

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  6. I don’t know how going out and drinking with friends is necessarily a bad decision that necessarily leads to regretted hookups. I’m sure there’s always that shitshow girl that can’t keep her legs shut (sober or drunk) but going out and drinking with friends doesn’t mean you’re going to hookup that night or have sex with someone. Then again, last time I drank was over a month ago….and it was like one drink…

    Either I’m really ridiculously sheltered or you base most of your opinions on tv shows and bad movies….:/

    • You must be ridiculously sheltered. TPM’s points are based on the collective experience and observations of thousands of men in the Manosphere.

    • I mean I go to a college that got ranked up there in terms of party schools for some weird reason. I’ve never heard a girl say,”OMG I was taken advantage of cuz I was drunk.” The sluts I know are usually pretty happy to hook up, drunk or sober. And the girls who aren’t slutty usually go out, have a couple drinks, and all get home safely together. There might be a moment or two when something really sketch happens but girls step in for one another and end things when they need to be ended. Guys might call it cockblocking, we call it preventing disaster. Like I said, I don’t really know what’s going on unless after college, somehow, women start mysteriously rationalizing things differently.

      Also…if the men in the manosphere have trouble with women…and even being around them…then wouldn’t their observations be a bit skewed?

      • I think your perspective is off because you are still really young. Women in their early 20’s who get drunk and hook up are able to sleep with desirable guys, so they feel good about themselves (remember: many women would do anything to have one night with an alpha because it makes them feel desirable). As these women get older, their sexual market value drops, and when they can’t hook up with really desirable guys they end up with guys they look down on (the classic beta trap). And that’s when the hamster takes over and they think the guys must have “taken advantage of them.” After all, they would never willingly settle for a lesser guy, so it must be someone else’ fault.

      • Okay that makes sense.

        And also my original stance is that people who go out and have a drink or two with friends aren’t looking to hook up. It isn’t necessarily a bad decision to go out and drink with friends. The bad decision is to hook up with someone you just met.

      • E-B is correct. The rules are different in college. Things change when you get older and out in the real world, stormy. But if you’re paying attention to the Manosphere, you might be ahead of the game…

      • stormy on said:

        I plan on being in school for a while so hopefully I’ll get to hide behind books! 😀 Also plan on getting married before I become a “real person.” >.>’ Might work out, we’ll see.

      • Don’t stay in school too long, it tends to warp the perspective of the real world. Hopefully you’re studying something valuable, such as one of the STEM fields.

        And you might want to consider become a real person before you get married. Becoming a real person afterward doesn’t tend to work out that well…

      • stormy on said:

        Yeah I’m in a STEM field.

        yeah how about I never become a real person and just hug myself and say,”I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!” and see what happens.

        I could try sprinkling glitter around for effect.

        I’ll let you know how it goes.

  7. @Hamster Tamer

    It was Roissy, now Heartiste.

  8. Anonymous on said:

    A little off-topic, but… Rationalization Hamster applied.

  9. You mean to tell me that the reason I’ve been the target of gender discrimination at the family courts by having my daughter stolen from me and my money regularly taken from me is all because of a god damn hamster?!?

    • Well, it’s a metaphorical hamster, but yes.

      • A metaphorical hamster? What the fuck? That sounds like a female hamster.

        Male hamster would just be a regular everyday fucking pet store $12 hamster.

        Leave it to the females to be an imaginary mindfuck twisted demon hamster.

        PS-no shit

      • stormy on said:

        I like robo hamsters. They’re the cutest.

        At pet stores you have to watch out because you might get a pregnant hamster. Though it might be a good thing because you get many for the price of one.

      • That again sounds like a metaphorical female, more for the price of 1. Your on to something there

  10. Men modify their emotions to align with logic (rational thinker)
    Women justify their feelings and emotions with logic (rationalization hamster)

  11. Become best pals with the hamster. Learn how to feed it, pet it, and tell it when to sit or run.

    • I want to get one and put it on one of those balls that go on the floor. Then I want to see how big and bad it acts when I take it to court and refer the judge to your post. When the bitch tries to talk tryna get all metaphorical on me, no one will hear her because she will be inside that sealed up plastic ball.

      Thinking about it now I think she would still win. Oh we’ll forget about it.

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