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New Blog To Watch

Red Pill wisdom is percolating nicely on yonder interwebz. While bopping around the Manosphere and chasing various links, I came across this gem of a blog:

Adventures in Red Pill Wifery

In this blog, a married woman with kids is going through the process of taking the Red Pill and writes about it with remarkable candor. Here’s a sample post:

Feminine Attracts the Masculine

Since I was a young girl, I’ve been taught that femininity = weakness. I grew up a little tomboy, never wore makeup, rarely wore dresses or skirts. I kept my hair long, but I never did anything with it. I can probably count the number of times my mother got dressed up on one hand. She never taught me how to wear makeup, and for that I’m kinda glad, because she’s not very good at it either, bless her heart.

Girls are bombarded with the message that they shouldn’t bother trying to look feminine, while at the same time are berated if they don’t look a certain feminine way. It’s confusing and makes no sense. “A man should love you for who you are, even if you’re overweight and ugly and don’t try!”, “Femininity is weakness!”, coupled with “If you’re not rail thin with huge boobs and nice hips, you fail.” It makes for a bunch of women who feel entitled, yet have no self esteem.

I really hated all things feminine growing up. And after joining the military after high school. And through part of our marriage. I even demanded purple instead of pink at my daughter’s baby shower.

However, as Mr. RedPill often reminds me when I start to make a distasteful face at something pink and flowery, “the feminine attracts the masculine”. Old hamster thinking lead to to thought, “Why doesn’t he love me for meeeeee?” We had MANY fights over this, particularly on the issue of makeup.

Why is femininity’s attractiveness such a toxic idea for feminism? It seems that an embrace of women’s natural femininity would be a good ideal, but it runs contrary to the belief that men and women are equal, and therefore exactly the same. It’s an idea that has become so ingrained in modern women that I find myself falling back on it at times, even though I know better. Men and women can be equal in their dignity and human worth, but still be fundamentally different.

I’m currently reading “Care and Proper Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. Laura, and she speaks to this. Many of us expect men to act like women as well. We expect them to be a girlfriend that listens to our problems without fixing them. We expect them to feel loved without touch. We expect them to know what’s going on in our female brains. Even though I still suck at remembering these things, I’ve been trying to remember and treat Mr. RedPill like the manly man he is, and I’m slowly transforming my closet into something respectably feminine to catch his eye.

Good stuff, I hope she keeps at it.

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15 thoughts on “New Blog To Watch

  1. redpillwifey on said:

    Wow, thanks for the shout out! I’m humbled by the response I’ve gotten so far… Hope I can live up to the hype. 😉

  2. It’s delicious to read this blog. I’m becoming addicted to it. That’s how more women should become.

  3. I appreciate her candor. But i would like to use her story to speak to the higher purpose of cementing red pill wisdom.

    First, redpillwifey spent her fertile years tacitly agreeing with feminism by pursuing a career and (it seems) by taking hormonal birth control. Most girls i know who were down for uncomitted sex took birth control under the rationalization that they did it for a medical reason. To conclude, true red pill thought is to accept that women have natural ebbs and flows of their hormones and moods. Belief that birth control is neccessary is fem-empowered delusion and the first ‘tell’ that you still tacitly agree with feminism.

    Second, i would challenge redpillwifey to think about how she is going to teach her daughters the red-pill wisdom that she has learned. The first and foremost way is to demonstrate to her daughters how she keeps herself feminine and respects her husband’s leadership. In my experience, daughters have to worship their mother’s beauty and attitude in order to captivate their respect. Children learn from observation of actions, NOT by words spoken. To conclude, she might have given us her past story, but now she has the obligation to use her new knowledge for the future- to ACT in line with red-pill wisdom.

    They have taken a good first step, and now we will see how much of a Captain her husband will become, how much of a First Officer she will become, and how they will weather red-pill reality.

    • redpillwifey on said:

      Hey, thanks for the thoughtful response… I do want to sort of explain things, though. I was taking hormonal BC when we first started dating, and decided to stop not long after we married, not because I wanted to get pregnant, but to see if the BC was the reason for my waning libido. I discovered, not long after, that I did indeed have some serious hormonal issues, since I had ovarian cysts, and those can seriously mess up a cycle.

      Without going into gory details, I’ll just say the suffering was unbearable for a while. I tried several other medications to fix the problem, and didn’t find much if anything that worked until we decided to start having kids. Both my pregnancies were successful due to Clomid (fertility drug), and it was the only thing that made my cycle regular and bearable. Unfortunately it’s a little pricey, and I don’t really want to spend the rest of my life super-fertile, so I decided to go back to hormonal BC for a while to keep the ovarian cysts at bay. I’ll likely quit again in a year or two to see if things have settled down a bit (cysts sometimes are lessened and the symptoms “cured” with proper diet, which I’m working on, though there is no cure for the syndrome I have). Going without any medication just isn’t going to work right now though, it sent me through the ringer, no libido, constant period which caused anemia and fatigue, etc. I’ll probably repeat that all in a future blog post, since I left it out… I tended to use it as an excuse, I think, though it certainly didn’t help the situation at all.

      Well, that turned out way longer than I intended. But back to your second point, you are 100% correct… I can already see a little 2 year old hamster in my daughter, and I’m determined to squash the thing when it shows up. I’m determined to show them a better example than I or Mr. RedPill had when we were growing up. If I didn’t, I’d be setting them up for failure in their future marriages.

  4. Young Hunter on said:

    All I needed to see to know I’ll be reading her blog was “First Officer’s Log” at the top of the page.

  5. For all the accusations of misogyny flung at the manosphere:

    It is proof we are anything but such when a woman forgoes delusion and accepts she is different but no less valuable.

    Best of luck to you, Mrs. Redpill.

    And I am bold enough to speak for the ‘sphere when I say that.

  6. just visiting on said:

    Look forward to reading your blog.

  7. an observer on said:


    Tips on dealing with young daughters:

  8. Thanks for shouting her out, I’ve added her too, great to see the female Red Pill perspective, I’m sure it will help as I’ve started leading my wife down this road but need to do it in a positive way and RedPillWifey’s blog is right up that alley.

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