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Down the rabbit hole I go. Deti, being brilliant and savagely honest, has been commenting prolifically at The Woman and the Dragon (link below). This comment stands out. It’s a searing observation of the infamous cock carousel.

As always, his comments are brilliant.

In light of the incalculable damage feminism has done, in light of our society being on the brink of irretrievable and total collapse, I think women need to ask themselves, individually and collectively:

Was it worth it?

Was the cock carousel worth it?

The sex, the occasional orgasms, the attention and validation, the rush, the feelings?

The drunk dancing on tables, the hangovers, the feelings of immediate regret, the knowledge that you’ve just been used as a semen receptacle (for the 14th time)?

Was it worth it?

The ridiculous thoughts to yourself that, no, THIS TIME it will be different. This time I won’t get f**ked over. This time I will get what I want. This time I will save it for a good man, a kind man, the right man — who never shows up.

Did you get what you wanted?

Did the hot man, the rich man, the sexy man, the alpha, marry you? Did he give you the brass ring of commitment? Did he pledge his life to you? DId he promise to stay around for longer than just until he’s tired of f**king you and putting up with your bulls**t?

Or did you fall (again) for the player’s smooth line that “hey, I think it’s great that a woman like you can have sex with who she wants. That’s only fair. It’s a man’s world, and you should get to partake in it just like we do.”

You get out of his bed. You’ve got to get to work this morning. You try to find your panties and put your miniskirt and 4 inch heels on to walk to your car and get an Egg McMuffin and some coffee. You add another notch to your lipstick case (one you’ll have to come clean about someday to your therapist or drug counselor or ER doctor, if not your husband). He says “I had a great time. Let’s do it again. There’s some coffee downstairs. Help yourself. I’ve got a lot of things to do today so I need to get going. Sorry I can’t have you stay longer.” You reply weakly: “It’s OK. Call me, OK?” “Sure. You bet I will.”

Little do you know that he just infected you with genital herpes. You’ll find out in a week or so after the incubation period is up and you have festering blisters all over your pubic area. The pain is so excruciating you have to take the day off work, get some treatment at the ER, and stay in bed. You can’t wear panties because the weight of the fabric on the sores is too painful. You can’t walk because the skin on skin friction hurts. Oh well. I’m sure your future husband will understand.

Tell me: does it occur to you that you did it again? Does it occur to you that you’ve f**ked up yet again? Are you getting it yet that the guy who blasted another load on your chest or in your hair last night has no intention of returning the texts you send him, unless it involves an encore performance? Does it dawn on you that maybe what you’re doing isn’t working and maybe you need to try something else? Does it dawn on you that the only things you really got out of last night were a couple of bottles of beer and bragging rights?

It’s 6:45 am on a Sunday morning. You stumble through yet another Walk of Shame across the quad back to your apartment, with your hair and clothes reeking of Aqua Net and stale cigarettes and Old Style and semen. You pray to God above that you don’t see any of your friends. He smiles on you and today, you are spared the agony of your good friends observing you in all your disheveled, deflowered ignominy. But you see mirror images. You pass by other girls in miniskirts and heels, some of whom lost their bras last night and couldn’t find them. You see other men on their way home, some of whom are hungover, some of whom have little smiles on their faces. You exchange knowing glances with both the men and the women, some of whom you kind of know, others you don’t — but the looks are the same.

“I know what you did last night”.

“I know WHO you did last night.”

“That sex sucked. But he was hot.”

“I’m never doing this again.”

So as you get home, exhale a breath, disrobe and try to wash the stench from the oddly arousing yet horribly convicting things you did and you allowed another human being to do to you, on you and in you, do you ask:

Is this worth it?

Do you have anything more to show for your life than N>10, an STD, recurrent UTIs and probably an abortion in there somewhere?

The Woman and the Dragon

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65 thoughts on “Cautionary

  1. Whammy.

    I didn’t know Deti came from such a dark place.

  2. Wow. Wow. A brutally honest and real perspective.

  3. I’m thinking of joining a cult.

    At least then I’ll know the girls have only fucked one other guy.

  4. Completely on point.

  5. I have finally realized why Deti does not have a blog.

    The manosphere is his—the rest of us just borrow it on occasion.

  6. A piece of deep, bitter irony:

    If one speaks with the most ardent carousel riders, one will quickly learn that many of them were incapable of having orgasms throughout there sexual history.

    So even that “reward” does/did not exist for a significant percentage of them.

  7. just visiting on said:


  8. Privateman:

    You flatter me too much.

    Peter Phoenix:

    Maybe some light will come from that darkness.

    Ace of Spades:

    Nothing belongs to me. I seek only to serve and bring my experience to bear. I’ve learned from all of you, so the chance to pay it forward is my reward.

    just visiting:

    It is. Maybe some will realize that and step out of it. Most don’t believe that is possible. I do.

    • Deti, do you really believe that any significant amount of young women will not only understand this, but actually act on it in their own long-term interest? It’s too late to prevent, for most of them.

      As a twenty-two year-old male, I have no faith, whatsoever. By the time these girls get enough ‘experience’ for any of this to actually begin to make sense, they’re ruined. Most will never understand.

      Best case scenario, you end up like Dante from Clerks. You find a ‘good girl’ who’s only fucked three guys…and sucked thirty-seven dicks. And then, you can’t even care about her, because that’s not attractive behavior.

      Grim, indeed.

      • Vicomte:

        Most won’t get it. A few will. Even fewer will find the strength to pull themselves out.

        I’m in a minority in the ‘sphere who believe sluts really can reform. Most don’t and some can’t. A few can, and do, IMO. Most around here disagree with me. OK. It is what it is.

        The best you can do for yourself as a 22 YO man is to learn the slut tells and never, never marry one unless she’s reformed, and I mean really, truly reformed and you both want kids. In fact, unless a man wants children and has a strong religious or spiritual impulsion toward marriage, he should not marry in this SMP.

      • This may be a moot point, but do you have any advice for the hypothetical young man who finds sluts (reformed and otherwise) inherently unattractive?

        Electroconvulsive therapy?

        Ice pick lobotomy?

        Man up? (Kidding)

      • Shameful on said:

        Hate to say it but two things work against women ever helping reform the culture.

        1. As it stand women are totally shielded from all consequences of their actions. Even when there is fallout IE spinsterhood, they are provided a ready excuses IE “there aren’t any men left, just boys!”. So asking a woman link a cause/effect relationship when young and desirable, well not going to happen in any meaningful way. The state and culture has their back, we are quite literally outsiders in the wilderness.

        2. Game theory. Lets assume a woman knows rationally what is mainline in the Manosphere. She knows the SMV and the cultural/legal biases. It would be in her best rational interest to act in an even more radical way to get her rocks off early, possible birth some kids (preferably with men with assets) and then a quick trip to church to lock down a hapless beta to cuckold. Acting in a honorable manner would actually be against her long term reproductive and financial best interests. Further would men who have already seen the black sunshine of hypergamy believe her?

        I haven’t been at this game long, spent my whole younger years as the most churchified beta you could imagine. But having been at this a little while I have heard things that would have blown my mind years ago. A girl swearing to me virgin till 18…but a N count north of 50 by 22, when I met her. Her mother loved me, and my earning potential and flipped out when her daughter told me that number, of her own accord. More recently a girl I had been seeing felt the desire to tell me about her first gangbang, at 15. I’ve been the other man, a girl confessing right after sex that she was engaged and was still going through with it. Even my onitus from my beta days has told me stories that would have rocked me to my beta core years ago. I had one divorcee of 23 swear to be that she had only been with one other guy, and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh as soon as she said it. Might as well been telling me that the moon was made of green cheese. So even if a girl is pure, having see the desert of the real, could you even believe her?

      • just visiting on said:

        So even if a girl is pure, having see the desert of the real, could you even believe her?

        That’s the rub, isn’t it? You can’t tell. But that can cut both ways. If you’re a low count woman, nobody is going to believe. And lord help me if I’m being judged by slut tells because I have more than a few.

        Slut reformation may be the uneasy reality.

      • Vicomte:

        “do you have any advice for the hypothetical young man who finds sluts (reformed and otherwise) inherently unattractive?”

        Color me cynical today.

        1. Decide what is too slutty for you. For some it’s N>1, others it’s N>10. It’s your own comfort level you need to be concerned about. Just accept right now you’re probably not going to get an accurate answer — at least not at first.

        2. Decide what you want. Are you a player? Are you looking to get married someday (which I don’t recommend unless you are religious/spiritual and really, really want children)? Do you want LTR or series of LTRs? Going your own way (which does not necessarily mean celibacy)?

        3. Learn the slut tells. More experience with women will teach you the slut tells. (Hint: a woman’s varied experience in bed with a variety of partners does not necessarily translate into sexual skill. Why? She’s relied on her looks and her body all her life and she’s never had to learn how to satisfy a man in bed. The men who sex her don’t care all that much about her skill. As long as he gets off, he couldn’t care less how that happens.)

        4. Here’s a list of slut tells:
        a. She is quick to defend other sluts or slutty behavior.
        b. She rails against the perceived double standard of “man has lots of sex, he’s a stud; woman has lots of sex, she’s a slut”
        c. She is evasive and defensive when asked her partner count and immediately shames you. She demands that her prior conduct is never to be judged or evaluated.
        d. Or, alternatively, she talks about sex frequently with you, before you’ve even had sex.
        e. All her ex-boyfriends — every single one of them — are assholes. in her mind, no man has ever treated her kindly or fairly or nicely. She talks freely and openly about this to you.
        f. She takes no responsibility for how poorly her prior relationships turned out.
        g. She has no concept of her prior sexual conduct as an indicator of her character. She is genuinely surprised to hear anyone take a negative view of a woman’s promiscuity. She is flummoxed at suggestions that female promiscuity is detrimental.
        h. She frequently uses profane and vulgar language.

        Here is a list of “reformed slut” tells:

        a. She speaks of prior sexual experiences as “mistakes” that “made me who I am today”. She says that “you’re special” and she “wants to do it right this time” because she is “not like that anymore”.
        b. She tells you about her prior sexual conduct and ONSs, but wants you to wait for sex to make sure you’re “for real” because she doesn’t “want to get hurt again”.
        c. She has taken a sudden, fervent interest in Christianity and refers to herself as a “born again virgin”. She uses frequent Christianese, including saying things like “I prayed, and God told me to _________________________. ” and Facebookisms like “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it”.
        d. She talks about her plan for her future single life in case she never marries. This means she is looking hard for a husband and closely gauging your reaction to her “plan”.
        e. At church she presents as a prim and proper girl. Everywhere else what she does is calculated to attract male attention.
        f. At church she seeks out the few good looking single men and lavishes them with her attention while purposefully ignoring and nuclear-rejecting the less attractive men.

      • just visiting on said:

        Deti, I think your list of tells is better than Rossy’s. A few months ago on one of the women’s blogs , we found out that most of the women in the sphere would have fallen into his list.

      • just visiting on said:

        And that would have included an ex nun.

    • FemaleReader on said:


      Your thoughts are always invaluable. Even if some are reading the piece as ‘dark’, well… it’s “the dark backing that a mirror needs if we are to see anything”.

      I want to read this piece out loud to almost every woman I know, of various ages. Even if some of the details don’t ring true for me personally, I know for a fact they will for them. (And it’s the underlying question, “Was it worth it?” that’s the most important part that hits home in the gut, all details aside.)

      Is it okay for a woman to ask here how to become reformed, as a former slut/”serial dater”?

      And do you think it’s possible to be reformed without true-belief Christianity? (In a Thomistic sense, I have not been gifted with the grace of faith. I see it as a failing on my part, but I don’t want to give up, as I still derive a lot of wisdom and moral guidance from Christian teachings.)

      If this isn’t the appropriate place to ask, please let me know and I’ll stop taking up space.

      • @ female reader:

        “And do you think it’s possible to be reformed without true-belief Christianity?”

        This is just my opinion. The short answer is no. The longer answer is yes, but only to the point of learning how not to live the former slut/serial monogamy lifestyle, and not to the point of suitability for marriage.

        how to become reformed, as a former slut/”serial dater”?

        Read this and Dalrock’s followup comment right after it for my opinions and for Dalrock’s.

      • “And it’s the underlying question, “Was it worth it?” that’s the most important part that hits
        home in the gut, all details aside.)”

        One place I agree with Mojo is this: For the average clueless young woman, to the question “was it worth it”, the answer is an unqualified “Hell yes!” Because five minutes of alpha is worth five years of beta.

        Only the truly introspective, intellectually curious, repentant woman can look back and say “No, all things considered, it wasn’t worth it.”

    • FemaleReader on said:

      @ Deti,

      …Wow. Thank you so much for your response.

      The comment you linked to at Dalrock’s, as well as his followup, may be *the* most clear, reality-based, honest and applicable advice I’ve encountered in my 27 years — and that’s including multiple years of seeking direct guidance from pastors, teachers, extended family, group therapy, and counseling. None of it comes close to this.

      My eternal gratitude to you, sir.

      As for the question, “Was it worth it?” … My answer is a resounding “No”. It wasn’t worth it in hindsight, and it really wasn’t worth it at the time. I wish I’d known there was some other option. I wish someone had _taught_ me this.

      (I can already see one overarching challenge now will be to not let the anger at neglect and genuine repentance turn inward into full-blown self-hatred and bitterness. At least, finally, I have some kind of a roadmap.)

      Thank you again.

      • @female reader:

        You’re welcome.

        I don’t know if you’re looking for marriage, FR, but if you are, I strongly recommend you continue reading at Dalrock’s. His advice for men and women looking for marriage is nothing short of superb. You should continue reading here so you can understand men better, and understand your own nature better.

        Short bit of advice if you are looking for marriage: Don’t even consider for marriage any man whom you aren’t head over heels in love with (including sexual attraction), who you cannot submit to, and who you cannot see yourself staying with until one of you is dead.

      • “I wish I’d known there was some other option. I wish someone had _taught_ me this.”

        Damn. I hear this frequently from women who come here. Feminism has done you and others like you a terrible disservice.

  9. sunshinemary on said:

    Vicomte wrote:

    Do you really believe that any significant amount of young women will not only understand this, but actually act on it in their own long-term interest? It’s too late to prevent, for most of them.

    Indeed, for many it is too late. The purpose of my blog is to reach Christian women, especially younger ones; they’ve been reading Christianity Today and Relevant for too long and actually believe that men want to marry career girls who have lived “a full life” (with all that this entails) before marriage. My commenters dispel this myth. They are quite clear that what they really want are virgins who can cook, weigh less than 200 pounds, and have ditched the sassy attitude in favor of a pleasant demeanor. I think Christian women should know this. If they know this, and still choose to be careerist sluts, they will join the ranks of The Bitter Babe.

    Oh, and deti is a manosphere/Christiansphere treasure, about that there can be no doubt.

  10. Random Angeleno on said:

    Dark, indeed. And yet I do believe as Deti does that sluts really can reform. But I also believe that far too few of them will even try it and fewer yet will succeed. The road back as described by Deti awhile back is hard, too hard for most women who can’t think beyond next weekend. Or the alpha(s) they’re still pining for.

    • FemaleReader on said:

      Random Angeleno,

      I hope it’s okay to ask you the same thing I asked Deti above — do you have any thoughts on how it’s possible for previous sluts to effectively become reformed, beyond registering the baseline feeling of deep regret? I’ve been looking, and it seems the culture (and other women) can’t offer any roadmap for that ‘hard road back’ that you’ve mentioned.

  11. And note how *young* these people are! Who’s protecting the honour of teenage girls? Well, their fath… ah. You see the problem. Their fathers were kicked out of home, and now its their slutty mothers showing them how to live. They are too young to make sensible choices, and no longer protected from making stupid ones.

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  13. Paul Murray-

    Do you think that there is a subconscious willingness for single mothers to allow their daughters to whore it up because they did so themselves? Pushing sexual responsibility on their daughters only highlights their own sluttery. So they rage about double standards, and their daughters ride on.

    • I do. So far…

      I had my first date with one who was old enough to have a daughter 18 and up. She was 37. Do the math. Oh and F y’all I’m old, hehe – but her body was like a playboy bunny – oh my!

      Anyway, yeah she had an older daughter and from the things she was telling me, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and it was obvious there was no judgement, behavior boundaries nor learning from past mistakes in that household. There was also no man around, ever.

      Surprise, surprise.

  14. Deti is pathetically beta, and I don’t know why the manosphere can’t see it.

  15. Deti-

    He makes a good point – if you ever start blogging, who is going to leave comments like that on our posts?

    And personally, I like the dark tone.

    • I very much agree with the points you posted at Mojo’s site.

      So thank you for saving me the trouble of typing them.

      [A tech issue prevented me from saying such there.]

  16. I think most young women have no clue whatsoever they are damaging their LTR / Marriage value by having a high partner count. They actually think they are empowered for allowing themselves to be strip-mined.

    Even moving in with a LTR boyfriend and breaking up has about the same effect on their marital happiness and divorce chances as a failed first marriage does. If she’s lived with three guys, you should just consider yourself her “fourth husband” if you’re gonna pop the question to her.

    • Athol:

      Women say they don’t know they are damaging their LTR and marriage values. But I don’t believe this is true. If they don’t know a high N is damaging, why do they try to hide it, lie about it, engage in elaborate machinations to rationalize it? It is because deep down they know a high N is unattractive and makes them slutty.

      • I think they understand cheating damages, hook up they are fuzzy on but they think a LTR is perfectly 100% good.

      • I never thought of it like that. That’s an extremely valid point.

      • FemaleReader on said:

        This is very true. Most women (myself included) have a series of pre-packaged “explains” about their sexual history that they’ve refined out through a combination of talking with their female friends (rationalizing) and gauging the response of various men they’ve interacted with (calibrating/sleight-of-hand). The “explain” they pick will vary depending on the guy, what they can gauge from his known history and values, and their own current moods and motivation to impress him.

        (Quoted from Athol Kay’s comment:)
        >> I think they understand cheating damages, hook up they are fuzzy on but they think a LTR is perfectly 100% good.

        Yes. This is why I was hesitant to agree with the label of ‘slut’, at first. All of my sexual history took place in the context of monogamous LTRs, and I always thought “sluts = ONLY women who do the hookup bar scene, with no emotional connection” … but since I started dating early in high school, those “committed” LTRs still amount to a regrettable higher partner count.

        I think the ‘LTR=Good, Everything Else Those OTHER Women Do=Bad’ is a major special-snowflake fallacy that’s almost impossible to confront directly, given the current state of the culture.

  17. well. This little comment of mine caused quite a stir.

    I’m not an alpha, and certainly not a player. It’s a long road back from beta, and sometimes it’s two steps forward and one step back.

    I can live with pathetic betaness if it will save my son and other young men from that fate.

  18. I just clicked on your link to “In Mala Fide”….might wanna check it out….

  19. This sort of comments falls way short of the NAWALT defense strategy. Fellas, The Enemy is cunning, we must do better than this.

    deti, while many women indeed are a bad marriage bet because of the sex partner count, there are many who are equally bad bets but have low to zero count. I have met plenty of the latter, they’d cry NAWALT at comments like yours and they would be right. It’s because you haven’t touched on what they all have in common: none of them was raised or educated to be a wife and mother. I know that the sex thing always trips you Christian guys up, but it pales in comparison to the fact that they are raised and educated to be everything *except* what matter the most: a good wife to a man and a good mother to his children.

    • To add to the above… you marry a woman who has no idea how to be a good wife & mother and refuses to submit to your leadership as her husband / head of the household (that’s pretty much all of them these days), she will still wreck your life with all the powers society and the law have granted her just the same, regardless of her dick count.

      • Spacetraveller on said:

        I agree with you on this. I have seen this happen. Sure, ‘sluthood’ is bad, yes. But there is a lot more to being a good wife and mother than virginity. I was stunned to come to this realisation, but I am glad I have…
        It’s amazing what you Manosphere men can teach a woman 🙂

      • I agree with your above two thoughts Candide. They are a quick summary of my marriage to the ex-Mrs. ZLX1

        Low count woman, but feministing mother. Wife had no clue how to be a wife and mother and in many respects thought it beneath her. Was extremely combative and entitled.

        About the only thing negative from the various lists here that she did not do was get fat. I guess she needed to stay in shape for her boyfriends. ROFL. (sorta)

    • “a good wife to a man and a good mother to his children” any chance of a little more elaboration on this apart from the obvious of course

      • me:

        Courtesy of M3, there are two places to start that will take any woman fully halfway to being a good wife to a man and a good mother to his children:

        1. Don’t be fat.
        2. Don’t be a bitch.

        I would add:

        1. Be a woman of good character. Don’t lie about things. Be honest. Be trustworthy with your things and money. Show him loyalty. Never, never, break bad on him in public to anyone, including your parents and your family of origin.
        2. Work on your physical appearance. Keep your weight down, your hair long, your makeup on, and dress well for your body type.
        3. Learn how to cook.
        4. Learn how to clean and care for a house.
        5. Be kind to him and his family of origin.

      • me:

        Courtesy of blogger M3, here is what will take any woman fully halfway there:

        1. Don’t be fat.
        2. Don’t be a bitch.

        I would add:

        3. Be of good character. Be honest in the way you live your life. Don’t hang around slutty or bitchy friends. Be trustworthy and frugal with your stuff and money. Be loyal to him.
        4. Learn domestic skills: Cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, child care.
        5. Be kind to your man and his family of origin. Be pleasant to be around.
        6. Be sexually available to him.

  20. Don’t hang around slutty or bitchy friends. that would emliminate 75%+ of the female population

    • So?

      You’re not trying to marry them.

      And if they are bitchy, why would you want to be around them, regardless?

      “Keep good company and you’ll be one of them.” – Scottish Proverb

  21. redpillwifey on said:

    Brutal, but too true.

  22. My blog is now collecting opposing comments. Excellent. I mostly delete them. Why? It’s my blog and I make the rules. Hey feminists, don’t tell men what to do.

  23. I get that the women in the current SMP are decimating their MMV.
    I get that the men in the current SMP are also destroying their ability to trust women.
    These two facts are undeniable (I’m another guy who has yet to meet an unmarried woman with an N<10, and those married women ard either over the age of 40 or unattractive.)

    The thing that pisses me off the most is this: the majority of these modern hook-uppers aren't even enjoying the sex that they're having. For all of their chatter about "sexual freedom", "empowerment" and "ease of access", have any of you ever had an "in vino veritas" conversation with the leaders in the SMP? The same women who are bragging about being sex "goddesses" are the ones who are most likely to be "starfish" women (spread arms and legs, take what is being offered. Most of them aren't even good at oral sex.) The same men who consider themselves Casanovas are the ones who use the elementary "find the clitoris, diddle until moist, JACKHAMMER until orgasm in two minutes, wake up in the morning and give her a Pop-Tart", method of lovemaking.

    I live in New York City (America's epicenter for hook-up culture.) All of the women who I've met who were worth a second encounter were either foreigners or "inexperienced" divorcees. For all of their bluster and all of their knowledge, the average mid-20's transplant to this city is shocked (shocked, I say) when she meets a guy who knows anything about a vagina. I'm not talking about, "(bored) Oh yeah, that was soooooo good, yeah.", I'm talking about, "Oh shit oh shit oh shit yes! Whe…where'd you learn how to do that?", shocked. The guys aren't much better. The Irish-American bartender (27, this year) at my local is (secretly, as if we don't know) dating a decidedly overweight (44, 5'6", 180+lb) British divorcee. Jokingly, I asked him why he was willing to put up with a woman who was old enough to be his mother, when the most common question that he was asked by younger women was, "Are you *sure* that you've never modeled? It's just, I swear that I've seen you somewhere before…." He told me, "She does this tjing with her tongue and my 'banjo string', its too good to leave it behind. It's a good thing that she likes me, though, because I can never get her off."
    How embarrassing is it that an otherwise healthy young man can't bring a work-menopausal woman (for those of you who don't know, women tend to be their most responsive in the two years prior to menopause, for some reason.) It's the whole point behind hooking up with cougars, the fact that even the least-experienced of them seem to jump if you know the basics of female anatomy. With his looks alone, he should have her halfway to orgasm, and he *can't finish the job*.

    As a guy who had to prune his Facebook page on a seasonal basis due to the fact that my new "friends" were enhancing/destroying my reputation with salacious updates (eg. Because of my knowledge of vaginal structure, 5 of my last six commanding officers know that I can make women squirt. I'd have rather lived in a world in which 53-year old women didn't send me messages reminding me to "Wear a condom, Sergeant!"), this dearth of knowledge is inexplicable. I learned everything in needed to know about pleasing women without running out of fingers to count upon, there's no reason that guys who go home with 2 different women every weekend aren't able to do the same. There's no reason for a <25-year old woman with a mid-double digit partner count to be worse in bed than a rural Minnesotan widow who tells me that she's never actually tried to be "naughty" before, who literally gives her bohunk teenaged (19) son her itinerary for that night (with instructions to call her job in the morning if she doesn't come home by midnight), and whose body betrays a distinct lack of penile experience. I fought that the whole point of dealing with "experienced" women was to have a sexual partner with…experience.

    tl;dr The sexual revolution was "supposed" to enhance female pleasure, enlighten male prudishness and create an overall libidinal utopia (at the expense of monogamy, but to make an omelette.) It failed, and it failed badly. We gave up a world in which a person with 1-3 prior partners would actually have a *response* to sex (even of the "Mmm, my ex used to do the same thing.), to a world in which a guy is dating way below his league because none of the young and so-called "experienced" and "empowered" girls in his class know how to stimulate a frenelum (or even know what a frenulum is, or can have sex when sober, etc.) Win?

    • “I get that the men in the current SMP are also destroying their ability to trust women.”

      I’d say it’s women doing that, not men, the manosphere is full of men that trusted women only to get the kick in the ass after a law enabled theft.

    • The part of men knowing little “about a vagina” as you put it is not that much of a mystery, those that “go home with 2 different women every weekend” get so much poon and so often that they don’t bother to learn, after all, why invest time to learn and please one to keep her when they can just get another piece of ass once the current one or he himself gets bored?.

      Then there’s the rest, those that due to our lack of game don’t even have access to a vagina to even learn on their own from experience. And those that manage to get it? quickly lose due to being “bad in bed” to most “experienced women” or the aforementioned betaness.

      Finally those that know how to do it in the manosphere (such as yourself) for whatever reason don’t spread that knowledge, most say they’re so used to it they just do it out of habit so it’s hard to break down the process or several other explanations, which could all be true, except it doesn’t really matter the reason they can’t explain if they criticize without offering any light in the matter, you can make a woman squirt to the point you get compliments in facebook? Cool, but it’s meaningless to the rest of us unless you tell us how, and it’s quite annoying when it comes with a critique about how we are useless at it. Of the top of my head I can think of only one manosphere personality that has actually given some light in that aspect, DannyFrom504.

      So Mamu, start a blog and give us some of that info or make a guespost somewhere, we’d love to make our girls have squirtingly good time the same way you do, but if all you do is whine about it, you’re coming of as condescending and smug as a feminist bitching about how “no man can satisfy her”. Just saying.

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