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Pre-Selection While Absent

Your friends can help you with women even when you aren’t around. If a friend or group of friends and is out and about and meets up with girls and there’s an extra for you, it’s their obligation to somehow get you involved whether you’re present or not. The first priority would be to contact you and invite you to an arranged location, preferably not where they first met up with the girls and not in a loud nightclub. This is a venue change opportunity.

The girls in question must know that you are being contacted to be invited into the group. This is not a simple matter of stating “I’m calling Bob to see what he wants to hang out with us.” This is a huge opportunity to pre-sell Bob. Frankly, it’s your friends’ sworn duty to pre-sell you. Especially if they are single. Yes, this also applies to friends who are out with wives and committed girlfriends, provided you get along with wives and committed girlfriends. The sales pitch could be something along these lines:

“Oh we have to meet up with Bob later, he’s a great guy.”

“Bob needs to hang out with us, he’s really cool.”

“If we don’t get to party with Bob, I’ll be really disappointed.”

You get the idea. The girls will get a very positive vibe about you and should be anticipating your arrival. This is pre-selection while absent. Should you do arrive later, it’s important that you make a strong entrance, if possible. Don’t shuffle in quietly. Yell out to them as you walk in. Slap backs with smiles all around. This is your crew, dammit, and you’re really pleased to see them. Your friends should then commence with the introductions to the girls and your Charisma should kick in. But your frame should be that out came to see your friends, not the girls.

If logistics prevent you from meeting, then the girls know of your existence, they know you’re a cool guy, and you might run into them. Hopefully, they will still remember the pre-sell pitch and you can use that to your advantage.

In order for all this to work, you must have charismatic and outgoing friends who are usually out and about. Housebound friends won’t work. Shy friends won’t work. Friends without social skills won’t work. This may require you shift your social circle or perhaps even make new friends.

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