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Leaving The Gene Pool

A very bright and capable single fellow has quite possibly committed genetic suicide. He blogged about it (link below). The vasectomy is a brief surgical procedure that pretty much guarantees that a man won’t have kids. Millions of men have had this procedure but not so many take themselves out of the gene pool prior to reproducing. Our man Mentu did exactly that. I did it as well.

Based on the comments in Mentu’s blog post, other childfree men are seriously considering it. This is not a new trend. Back in 2008, CNN published an article entitled Young, childless, and snipped (link below) Here’s the money quote:

In a 2007 Pew Research Center telephone survey of 2,000 U.S. men and women, only 41 percent said children are “very important to a successful marriage.” In 1990, that figure was 65 percent.”

It’s now four years later and I sincerely doubt that the percentage has increased.

The decision to jump out of the gene pool is certainly huge on an individual level. From a cultural outlook, it’s an extremely troubling trend. There are some exceedingly sharp minds in the Manosphere and it would seem that the majority are childfree and that lifestyle option is appealing to many men and they’re willing to make a (mostly) permanent decision.

If smart, creative men are voluntarily remaining childfree, what does that say about our culture and society? These men are not making the traditional investment in society, that of having and raising children. To a certain extent, these men have truly gone their own way by turning their backs on a strong social expectation. If they’ve taken the Red Pill, then they become an almost dangerous threat to our current, blue pill “progressive” culture.

I’ve got a somewhat fatalist view of the upcoming social changes. That’s why I often state that “I’ll be poolside”. That’s a euphemism for simply standing by and doing little to prevent the social decline with the exception of helping men be better men through this blog.

One piece of advice for men considering getting the big snip: Don’t tell anyone. Trust me on this.

Like I said, I’ll be poolside.

Mentu’s Vasectomy – Part 1

Young, childless, and snipped


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24 thoughts on “Leaving The Gene Pool

  1. Sir, they are investing in society. They are taxed to pay for the dregs to reproduce. Personally, we all need to snip that instead of ourselves.

  2. Shameful on said:

    I personally know several childless guys who have gotten the procedure as well as several who got it after one to many “accidental” pregnancies with an SO. It’s about the only rational thing to do to avoid the yoke of state sponsored slavery at the will and pleasure of a woman. I would be thinking along the same lines but I’m litterally the last with the family name that stretches back centuries. Got my copy of bang poland and planning a future vacation/relocation.

    • With my vasectomy and my brother’s two daughters, it is highly likely that my family name (rather common, actually) comes to a complete end for my family.

      However, one of my nieces might become a voluntary single mom to a son. That might keep the line going but I hope that neither is that stupid.

    • Actually, people who voluntarily don’t reproduce or adopt kids are referred to as “childfree”. The others are “childless”. But it’s not a hard and fast rule and I’m not going to get all pissy and politically correct, that’s really lame.

      Oh shit, ableist language! 😉

      • Shameful on said:

        Have to remember that one. Those terms dont usually even come up, more “settle down”. Moms are crazy about that stuff. My own started buying baby stuff for my “future children” and a friend’s mom upon herself to try to recruit a “nice girl” for him to shack up with.

        Does swing both ways, an ex gf I still talk to is bemoning not being able to find a successful guy to have a kid with. Not unsurprisingly not that i’m done with school established in a well paying career she is trying to hint around at getting back together. Guys dropping out has an effect.

  3. And enabling the dregs of society to be stand ins for what once was via taxation is what? Investment. You cannot expect men to voluntarily have children when all of their taxes go to involuntarily support the same system that marginalizes them and traditional families. It’s one or the other.

  4. If the FDA ever gets off its ass and approves the 20 year old procedure out of india that is the completely reversable chemical vasectomy for men ( RISUG ) then this discussion would be a lot different. For one thing, doctors would have no issue with patients getting it at even 15-16 years old. Mentus need of a routine of conning the doc with a “wife” to get the doctor to perform the procedure ends. No more “accidental” pregnancies when the woman is in charge of birth control. No more babies born “early” by 3 months after the wedding ( a long tradition in my family it seems ) And men would be put in a position to set thier life path to thier own schedules… and those carosel riding ladies would hit the wall with far fewer ways to trap a man into a marriage anymore.

    I look forward to seeing the fallout of that actually. Because if the demand is there, some nice little clinic is going to open up in mexico or cuba or singapore and medical tourism will kick the feminists “no male contraceptive ever” policies right into the trash.

    Hell, an all inclusive resort that sets you up to be child free for the next 10 years? should be every 18 year old males first senior high school trip! 🙂

  5. someguy302004 on said:

    I’m 37 and child free. I’m also the last of ten children and have 23 nieces and nephews, so a certain percentage of the genes that I share with my siblings and my last name have been passed on.

  6. In many ways, a man’s intelligence and gifts passed on through a legacy of his children are in fact an investment in the future of society. That many smart and productive men are now refusing to invest in the future of society is a bold statement about the current and future state of the social climate.

  7. My boyfriend is also “childfree” by choice, and intends to remain so. I respect his right to decide that a hundred percent. I don’t think choosing not to have a child because you see your life playing out a different way is as sad as churning out kids because the state will support you if you do.

  8. Just turned 36 and intend to stay child free forever. With my brother passing away early to cancer.. my parent’s lineage ends too.

    Still waiting for Vasalgel to get trials and approval here. Not going under the knife for the snip snip. I can wait and double bag. Won’t be in any relationships with enough trust to not wear one anyways.

    Told a former FWB about my conviction a few months ago regarding it. She looked like she was going to cry, saying it’s all the smart, thinking guys that choose to opt out and the retards who shouldn’t have kids that end up having kids. I just shrugged.

    Chickens come home to roost.

  9. I, too, am fatalistic about the fate of our society and culture. I try to maintain a frame of hopeful cynicism.

    I am my father’s only natural son, and he his father’s sole male heir; I have no children (that I know of). So if I don’t procreate, the “name” will die out as well as the genes of my direct patrilineal line. And at my age, it’s highly unlikely that I will have any kids. I’m not particularly concerned.

    I haven’t taken the step of getting the snip, though I firmly echo the advice to not tell anyone.

    One only need read my favorite Craig’s List story about a man, his vasectomy, and his pregnant girlfriend to realize the unshakeable truth of this advice.

  10. “If smart, creative men are voluntarily remaining childfree, what does that say about our culture and society? ”

    That it willingly is committing suicide?

  11. Gannicus on said:

    Why do you not tell anyone? Isn’t part of the benefits of having it that you don’t have to use a condom or pull out? How many women not on birth control will be cool with you repeatedly unloading inside of them?

    • If it’s casual, you want to be wrapping it anyways due to STD’s. The other benefit as explained above by the Craigslist story is that a woman can’t trick you into saying the condom failed and the kid is yours when you know you’re firing blanks. That’s an awesome story.

      And if you are in a relationship with someone to the point where you have enough trust to not use a dome, you can fire away with total confidence whether she says she’s on birth control or not. It’s your body, your reproductive choice.

      Finally, if you want to be a total dick (which i still find amusing) you can look towards the ladies still dizzy from hitting the wall and and make yourself look like a total beta schlep willing to fulfill her wish of ‘having it all’.. and just keep firing repeatedly into her until months/years pass before she attempts to drag you to the doctor for fertility tests, at which point you can tell her there’s no need because you had a vasectomy.. and watch as the horror fills her face that she wasted all her 20’s building a useless career and chasing alpha’s and wasted her 30’s with a pissed off beta who used up her last chance for a baby and divorce cashflow consolation prize.

      Anyone who says it’s unethical to not divulge that you’ve gotten a vasectomy should be out fighting for legislation saying all abortion requests must be divulged to the father before the procedure can actually occur.

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  13. one of my female readers (Jacquie) said what saddens her is that the men the should be reproducing are opting out.

    monday i’ll be dropping by urology.

    • It is sad. Not many men that I know of in their early 20’s that I know of get vasectomies. Hint, women, hint. Get married early and don’t ride the carousel if you want to have kids.

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  15. May Peterson on said:

    There is simply nothing wrong with a vasectomy. My husband had, and it was for the betterment of the whole family. (For single men who had vasectomies, your reason might be of a different nature.) But anyway, for the years that he had the vasectomy, we did fine and we were able to postpone having a child. When the time came that we decided to have one, after all, our financial conditions somehow improved, we used Dr. Wilson to do the reverse vasectomy on my husband for only $1700 (small price to pay really). You can check out his site at

    Each and every men is entitled to it for his own reason, but I think that getting a vasectomy for the benefit of the family is more laudable.

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