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Leaving The Gene Pool

A very bright and capable single fellow has quite possibly committed genetic suicide. He blogged about it (link below). The vasectomy is a brief surgical procedure that pretty much guarantees that a man won’t have kids. Millions of men have had this procedure but not so many take themselves out of the gene pool prior to reproducing. Our man Mentu did exactly that. I did it as well.

Based on the comments in Mentu’s blog post, other childfree men are seriously considering it. This is not a new trend. Back in 2008, CNN published an article entitled Young, childless, and snipped (link below) Here’s the money quote:

In a 2007 Pew Research Center telephone survey of 2,000 U.S. men and women, only 41 percent said children are “very important to a successful marriage.” In 1990, that figure was 65 percent.”

It’s now four years later and I sincerely doubt that the percentage has increased.

The decision to jump out of the gene pool is certainly huge on an individual level. From a cultural outlook, it’s an extremely troubling trend. There are some exceedingly sharp minds in the Manosphere and it would seem that the majority are childfree and that lifestyle option is appealing to many men and they’re willing to make a (mostly) permanent decision.

If smart, creative men are voluntarily remaining childfree, what does that say about our culture and society? These men are not making the traditional investment in society, that of having and raising children. To a certain extent, these men have truly gone their own way by turning their backs on a strong social expectation. If they’ve taken the Red Pill, then they become an almost dangerous threat to our current, blue pill “progressive” culture.

I’ve got a somewhat fatalist view of the upcoming social changes. That’s why I often state that “I’ll be poolside”. That’s a euphemism for simply standing by and doing little to prevent the social decline with the exception of helping men be better men through this blog.

One piece of advice for men considering getting the big snip: Don’t tell anyone. Trust me on this.

Like I said, I’ll be poolside.

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Young, childless, and snipped

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