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Post Recycle – Charmed By An Older, Southern Woman

Note, September 2012: I never did run into this woman again, alas.

I walked over to the gourmet burger place for dinner this evening. Waiting in line behind me was a beautiful and stylishly dressed woman, though probably 10 years older than me. That would make her around 60, quite possibly older. She was arranging a newspaper in her hands so she could read an article.

“Anything good in the news?” I asked.

“I’m looking to read about Elizabeth Taylor, it’s probably the least tragic thing to read today.” She had the most charming Southern accent. I agreed with her assessment of the news and we exchanged just a few more words.

I ordered my burger at the ordering counter and then walked a few feet over to the convenience store for a smoke with the guys over there, the half-brothers who owned the place and who were always on duty. They refer to me as “Writer Rider” because of my profession and my vehicle.

As the burger place takes about 15 minutes to prepare their food, I wandered back there after my smoke. There was the stylish woman sitting at a table waiting for her to go order. I walked over and asked if she had found anything interesting in the newspaper. Game has taught me to be quite willing to talk to just about anyone.

I wasn’t looking to run Game, I was just very curious about this attractive and stylish Southern belle. She was open and friendly. We chatted about nothing in particular. I did learn that she was from the Bristol, Tennessee area. I mentioned that my mother’s family was from the Cumberland Gap region in Kentucky.

I also learned that she’s a local, like me. I had asked her if she was a visitor. I assumed as much because of her charming and educated Southern accent. It was a pleasant surprise to know that we were neighbors in a certain sense. She lives less than a mile North of me in a very exclusive enclave community immediately adjacent to my town.

Game has also taught me to be very observant about people. This women had perfect white teeth, a nicely coiffed and short hair arrangement, smooth and almost alabaster skin, and little or no fat on her upper arms. She was also wearing nice makeup and her clothes fit her quite well. She was rather slender. Frankly, she was damned gorgeous.

She was quite willing to smile and to be warmly polite to me. It was rather disarming because such poise and manners are exceedingly rare things to find down here.

I noticed no wedding ring and assumed that she was single because she would have likely accompanied her significant other or even just a man she was dating to such a burger place. She was quite alone.

As the beeper buzzed to alert me that my own to go order was ready,  I interrupted the pleasant conversation to go to the counter to pick up my food. On turning away from the counter, I found her standing in anticipation of her order being ready soon. I introduced myself at that point. “It was very nice talking to you, I’m Private Man”.

“I’m Eileen (name changed). I do hope to see you again.” She smiled honestly as she said that.

As we are both local to this small community, I fully expect to see her again. As I was unsure about her age, I was quite reluctant to give my business card and say “well, seeing each other can be arranged.” She had an ageless beauty and could be over 65. That might have been awkward.

But I will make a point to be more often at the local grocery store where I know she shops. There really is only one local grocery store.

No matter, there are some important observations and take away lessons here.

1. Eileen looked good. She was well-dressed, had put on make up, and lacked the slovenly, “casual” appearance all too common with women out in public. Her style caught my eye. I could tell that she worked on her figure, too (no upper arm fat, remember?)

2. She was warm, friendly, and pleasant. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprise from a woman obviously raised in the Southern tradition. Regardless, it attracted me almost instinctively. The feminine attracts the masculine.

3. She showed no signs of being uncomfortable or put-upon by being in a crowded restaurant with all sorts of people being too close and at one point, rather pushy.

All in all, Eileen was wearing the delightful ensemble of a naturally feminine woman of good character. This put me on my absolute best behavior. Any desire to run some Game was whisked away and I found myself reverting to the manners my mother had taught me so well. Did I revert to those NiceGuy characteristics I have worked so hard to expunge from my soul? To a certain extent, yes. I just felt that Gaming a woman like this would be somehow cheap and tacky, beneath her and me alike.

Here’s another take away lesson: A woman of truly good and honestly feminine character should bring out the gentleman in any man, player or not.

While Eileen and I only chatted for five minutes, I was somewhat enthralled with the whole exchange. It’s amazing what femininity and good character can do. If I run into her again, this blog’s readers will certainly be informed of the exchange between us.


I did a bit of online snooping. Even with just limited information I learned that she is 62, likely married to a man who is 77, and has three grown children. I even learned how much she paid in property taxes last year. She’s wealthy, or her husband is. The amount of public knowledge available on the Internet is very scary indeed. Note to self: continue to be anonymous.


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