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Two Dating Rules For Men

This is about the women you have been involved with romantically and how they have impacted your life. This is also about the new women in your life.

First Rule:

When on a date, if you feel compelled to volunteer any information about ex-girlfriends or ex-wives in any way, you shouldn’t be on that date because you’re not ready for dating.

This is an iron-clad rule, no exceptions. Ignore those bullshit rules about a man should be more in touch with his feelings and express them fully. That’s nonsense spread by idiots who don’t understand the Red Pill rules of attraction.

Of course, this brings up the second and more challenging rule:

If you’re asked about exes (which she really shouldn’t be asking), the best response is: “I’d rather not talk about things that didn’t work out.”

Credit for that reply goes to Danny (link below). Once you give the reply, change the subject with your date. If pressed for an answer, be prepared to end the date because further pressure on you is a huge red flag. It’s a sign of bossiness and premature noseyness. I understand that your date might be probing for emotional landmines but that should be reserved for after if a strong connection is established and quite a few dates have occurred.

The happy byproduct of both these rules is that you establish some mystery about your past and therefore, you. Here’s something else to consider about complaining in general. Complaining on a date is not masculine. It’s too emotional and it’s negative. Additionally, complaining also reveals too much about you and there’s no mystery in that.

Yes, after a certain age, everyone accumulates emotional experience, both good and bad. There’s nothing wrong with such experience, it seasons us and hopefully gives emotional wisdom. At the same time, a man must be able to move past heartbreak and bitterness before he can attempt dating and possibly establishing a new, emotionally intimate relationship. Women are not stupid, they can easily perceive negativity about past relationships and that bothers them, a lot.

As an aside, this rule was motivated by my friend Chris during a long phone conversation we recently had. She’s a good egg and understands Red Pill dating and relationship wisdom. In fact, she was the one who had the great online dating profile (link below).


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