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The Vicious Circle of Lies and Misinformation With Good News

I wrote about the vicious circle of lies and misinformation (link below) last year and like most posts on a Manosphere blog, it still resonates. It’s both humorous and sad to read so many female online dating profiles where women proudly shout their independence and tout their travel adventures and careers as selling points to a rich and fulfilling relationship. Worse, they use the codewords that reveal a bossy and domineering nature (Link below).

Men are equal opportunity offenders. They write weak profiles that lack depth and practically scream out for a woman to dominate them and boss them around. There are few, if any, action words and they generally sound and appear just like every other male profile. Frankly, I’m not surprised that women just keep on clicking “next” in this sea of blue pill male mediocrity.

But every now and again, a shining beacon appears and my sadness vanishes. A reader actually revised her profile based on my advice (link below) and this was the result:

Just be yourself, that’s what everyone wants, right? Someone to feel comfortable with when you’re at your best and even when you aren’t. I guess that’s what I want.

Top 10 reason’s I’ll be your best girlfriend ever:

10 – You can have poker night without complaint (I might want to play sometimes)
9 – You can count on me to trust you without that you wouldn’t be calling me your awesome girlfriend in the first place
8 – You will feel like a knight in shining armour from time to time
7 – You won’t ever wonder if I am judging you
6 – You’ll come to learn I know the difference between sexy, sassy, classy, cute, and hot – not to mention when to be which one
5 – You experience random acts of kindness towards others including you
4 – You’ll be surprised that I can make you think and about more than whether or not my shoes look good with my outfit, or if my butt looks fat.
3 – You’ll hear me celebrating more than complaining, see me smiling more than frowning, and dancing/singing more than sitting silently.
2 – You can expect if I ask you to shop with me it’s only because I’m buying something you know better than me or would want to see
1 – You bet I know how to cure a headache

I hope to grow together with someone to be the cute old couple that still holds hands, flirts, kisses in public and looks deep into eachother’s eyes with love, compassion and understanding.

The directions on the site say “talk about your hobbies, goals, what makes you unique and your taste in music.” Well, for me, I guess that’s the fun stuff you talk about as you get to know someone.

So, at the end of the day I’m looking for a relationship, not in a rush but that’s ultimately why I’m here. If you’re looking for the same, I’d love to hear from you.

Here was a follow-up comment from the same reader:

…I do appreciate the advice and I have gotten a lot of “great profile” and “wow, you sound amazing” guessing I should get rid of #1 because about 1 in 10 are asking me how to cure a headache – LOL

Thanks for the advice, it helped me to shift my focus from what I want to what I have to offer someone else.

This brings joy to my cynical and hardened heart. It’s enough to make me shed a happy tear. Wait, scratch that. She did use that fateful phrase “…be yourself”. Regardless, to keep the happy train in motion, let’s remember the follow-up to the dating exercise for women (link below) where reader Bellita had this experience:

I’m seriously amazed at how many more handsome men there are in my city than there were one year ago. But of course, it was not the city that changed; it was I.

Even Susan Walsh over at Hooking Up Smart chimed in on that one (link below). Hell, one recent commenter said that my advice helped her get herself a man. In a delightful irony, I had to ban that very commenter. Ah, the life of a blogger.

The essential truth to Red Pill wisdom simply works in the context of dating and relationships.

The feminine attracts the masculine (bossy and domineering ain’t feminine, Ms Sassy Pants)

The masculine attracts the feminine (Showing excess emotions ain’t masculine, Mr. Sensitive)

The Vicious Cycle of Lies and Misinformation

Online Profiles Used By Bossy And Domineering Women

Helpful Hint For A Woman’s Online Dating Profile

A Dating Exercise For Women – Amazing Follow-Up

Hooking Up Smart – Choose Attraction

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12 thoughts on “The Vicious Circle of Lies and Misinformation With Good News

  1. Cail Corishev on said:

    I wonder how many bad profiles come from people projecting their own desires onto the opposite sex. Women want a man who is adventurous, goal oriented, has a mission and other interests in life, etc. They assume men want the same, so they talk about their careers and hobbies in their profiles. Men want a woman who is loyal, kind, and good-looking, so they try to present themselves that way in their profiles. If all the men and women traded profiles with each other, success at matching would probably shoot up for both.

    • I am wealthy with perceptive readers. I never even considered the male projection side of online dating profiles. You absolutely nailed it and your idea of men and women swapping profiles is hilarious and likely quite true!


    • Exactly. Hence the mistake women have with thinking that acting confidence will get them an alpha male…

    • That is so true now that you say it like that. Sometimes I read women’s profiles and I just think to myself. “Damn, that’s one hell of a tough man.” Lolz.

    • And holy shite batman. I’m betting you could copy and paste exclusively from women’s profiles and come up with one hell of a fictional or real profile for a guy. Might be a fun reader challenge. Cut and paste a man’s profile together but only from stuff chicks say in theirs. Lolz.

  2. just visiting on said:

    danny from 504

    • just visiting on said:

      woops, my comment went before I was finished. I remember someone at Danny’s mentioning this once, and that was when I noticed men describing themselves this way online.

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  4. That was a great profile you helped her write.

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