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You Know You’ve Taken The Red Pill When…

You automatically observe social interactions between men and women and instantly determine his frame and her femininity.

If you’re single, you’re spinning at least three plates.

When a girl flakes on you, there is absolutely no emotional reaction on your part.

You’ve been called a misogynist at least once a month, probably more often.

When a girl rejects you, there is absolutely no emotional reaction on your part.

Your clothes are better than every other man in the immediate vicinity.

This is a consistent scenario with your wife or girlfriend:

You: We’re going to the steakhouse on Saturday night. I already made reservations.

Her: But we always go to the steakhouse!

[You know full well that it’s been six months since you two went to the steakhouse. You also know that this is a minor-league shit test and won’t engage her with any kind of comeback.]

You: Wear that red dress I like so much.

Her: What time are the reservations?

You never ask a date where she wants to go.

You memorized both the 16 Commandments of Poon and the nine Iron Rules of Tomassi.

You think before you speak.

When the news reports that a famous guy going through a divorce is accused of physically assaulting his kids or his soon-to-be ex, you know exactly what’s going on.

You have a new group of friends and they look up to you.

Any feminist you know claims she hates you but she always manages to show sexual interest in you.

Instead of watching TV, you read at least five Manosphere blogs daily.

OK my hoard of craven incredibly smart and perceptive blog readers, add your own with a pithy comment…

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113 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Taken The Red Pill When…

  1. Takahashiryu on said:

    I do about 90% of all that…

    Another sign:

    You catch more women looking at you,
    They smile more when talking to you (it’s like they are honored by your incoming attention)
    They keep touching you.

  2. derthal on said:

    You do not watch the porn.

    • Eh, there’s nothing wrong with porn and the Red Pill. The important thing is to keep it in perspective. If you’re whacking off more than once a day, you might need to be concerned. But dudes whack off, and while stopping temporarily might increase your testosterone and make you more “hungry”, long-term it’s bad for your mental health to be dependent upon women for the entirety of your sex life.

      Of course, I work in porn. When dudes whack off, I get paid. Full disclosure.

      • derthal on said:

        I found stop wanking very interesting experience. I don’t whack off at all for about half a year. From that perspective it’s just wast of time, nutrients and energy in general. It seems very strange to me now imagine me jerking off, even creepy. Thanks to Ferdinand Bardamu.

      • If it works for you, great. I watch porn ALL DAY. If I didn’t whack, my head would explode and Mrs. Ironwood would be . . . very preoccupied.

  3. Cail Corishev on said:

    Good stuff, but I’d make the title, “You Know You’ve Fully Absorbed the Red Pill When…” When you first take it, you start seeing everything differently, but there’s an awful lot to relearn. It can take years to adjust your thinking before you can be reflexively dominant, indifferent to feminine drama, and so on. Taking the pill is just the start.

  4. … ennui … there is no longer enjoyment in talking to women … none … be on your guard … always be on your guard … and counter with humor … always counter with humor … no matter how much you want to be honest with her …

  5. You can never look at a woman romantically again.
    “Something dies in you.”

  6. You become more laconic, but at the same time are much better at getting other people to talk about themlseves.

    “We talked all night and he’s lovely” says the hamster, and all you did was through in a few lines of roissy’s inbetween.

  7. *throw in a few lines*

  8. For me it isn’t a matter of taking the red pill once, I have to take it daily. The old beta ways die hard. I’ve noticed that women are much more cold and ruthless about ending a relationship than I am. I actually feel bad about rejecting a woman after only knowing her 2 hours than certain women have felt after being intimate with me. I’ve found that it is not enough to act alpha some of the time, or most of the time, you have to game ALL the time. The least little let up or misstep and chicks will ditch you faster than a fat woman downs a Milky Way. The most important part of game which is not emphasized enough: when you first bed her, bed her like there is no tomorrow. Do it right and get an endless supply, screw up and nothing else matters. I fight oneitis on a daily basis. I fight my weakness for accepting fat women (was married to one for years so I got used to it). But there is hope–I get laid by multiple women and THIS SHIT WORKS. 😉

  9. Memorize the Nine Iron Rules of Tomassi? Sounds interesting, and worth a look. I could not find them on the internet. Anybody have a link or remember them.

  10. original trouble on said:

    As a woman, you’ve been infected by the fucking red pill when you read this:

    And agree with it wholeheartedly.

    Or, when you see an advertisement for ludicrous shows like “The Week the Women Went,” and think…”We should have a week that the men leave, and see how well those women survive when faced with challenges like fixing the car, repairing a toilet, restringing power lines, and arresting criminals.” I learned to do a lot of that stuff, by necessity, but people in rigid male/female role relationships don’t tend to adapt all that gracefully for a couple of months to having to perform an entirely new set of functions.

    Damn you, manosphere. DAMN YOU. 😉

  11. Private Man,

    Found the rules. Looks like there is some other good things. Thanks for the tip.

  12. You know you have taken the red pill when you don’t ask your wife’s permission to do things you want to do, instead you simply tell her when you have added something to your schedule.

    • There’s something wrong if you’re asking permission from anybody to do anything really. Unless it’s your boss for days off work.

      • I watch my friends ask their wives for permission all the time.

        “Honey, is it okay if I go fishing with the guys on Saturday?”

        It makes me cringe to see it but they simply can’t help themselves, it’s part of who they are.

  13. Senior Beta on said:

    You do simple things that never occurred to you before. Like talking to every good looking woman next to you in a grocery store line.

  14. Professor Mentu on said:

    When you text a girl, you keep it general because you’re going to immediately copy and paste it to two other women.

  15. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Whether male or female you know you’ve taken the reality pill when you realize this world and everything/everyone in it is so temporary as to be likened onto an illusion.

    It is incumbent to practice detachment and outcome independence in every sphere of life.

  16. you fab no more than once a week. that testosterone surplus flows into approaching more, working out, and general alpha increase in bloodflow.

  17. The Seething Lurker on said:

    When you find you routinely pick up on a hidden world of non-verbal indications of interest that you would have previously missed.
    When you track your girls’ menstrual cycle to time their ovulation.
    When you have trouble listening to the radio because every popular ditty about putting women on a pedestal turns your stomach.
    When you find yourself biting your tongue when a well intentioned friend gives you blue pill dating advice.
    When you worry that you may be addicted to the manosphere.

    • Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

      “When you find you routinely pick up on a hidden world of non-verbal indications of interest that you would have previously missed.”

      Careful with that Too many men interpret politeness and general friendliness as ioi’s.

      • I know. Either they panic and start looking round for their wives or switch into pick up mode. When all you’ve done is smile at them and ask them to let you past.

  18. anaïs on said:

    “You: We’re going to the steakhouse on Saturday night. I already made reservations.
    Wear that red dress I like so much”

    Where is this man? Where?

    • Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

      Really! Most men don’t even notice a dress, earrings or new hair style. That’s why its said “women dress for other women” because our female friends DO notice.

      • True, but dudes should notice such thigns, even if they don’t call it out. Game is about being fully informed about the female you’re with, including knowing what her fashion choices indicate about her mood and attitude. Shoes are particularly important, as is jewelry. Don’t sound gay or anything (“I LOVE those pumps, girl!”), just use it as an opportunity for a blindsiding soft neg (“Thank you … those shoes are MUCH better! Hope you forgot to wear panties…”) or a dig at her hamster (look at dress appreciatively, face/hair/makeup…get to shoes and make a face. “Interesting choice. Ready to go?”).

      • Oh they notice…and as Ian says, they may neg you about it, but they definitely notice!

    • Where is this man? Where?

      … at the steakhouse … dress quicker next time …

    • cynical optimist on said:

      I’m right here woman, high heels mandatory. Pick you up at 8

    • Anaïs on said:

      There you go. Well done. I’d love that.

  19. theislander829 on said:

    I do most of it.

    I also maintain eye-contact with all the girls.

  20. cynical optimist on said:

    when you enjoy shit-tests and throw some beta chum in the water just for fun and watch the hamster engage the entitlement monkey (heh)

  21. The Seething Lurker on said:

    You see hamsters everywhere!

  22. just visiting on said:

    You realize that you don’t want your sons anywhere near the public school system.

  23. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Ian Ironwood and Cynical Optimist, high heels are for women who have not yet taken the red pill about our culture and consumerism. Please see here;

    If you’re going to take the red pill, might as well swallow ALL of it.

    • I don’t mind high heels. Sure, they destroy women’s feet . . . but they make their boobs and ass stick out, and it slows them down. (Mrs. I can’t wear them because of her back, and I don’t have any particular foot fetish, but some dudes do — I don’t judge.)

      • You take the red pill when you lust after women who look good in high heels but you date one that cant wear them, realizing that the last time most women looked good in high heels was in 1985 before the obesity epidemic.

        Fat chicks in high heels….yuck.

      • Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

        “I don’t mind high heels. Sure, they destroy women’s feet . . . but they make their boobs and ass stick out, and it slows them down.”

        Now, that’s my point! Its a perfect example of mainstream blue pill vapidly shallow and materialistic western corporate consumerist “culture”.

      • The purpose of high heels is to make a woman’s feet look smaller. Small feet indicatehih oestrogen.

    • Chill out, comrade.

    • @Something Fishy:

      “Its a perfect example of mainstream blue pill vapidly shallow and materialistic western corporate consumerist “culture”.”

      I’m OK with that. That was the culture I was brought up in, and that’s the one I’m most comfortable in. If I wanted to be Amish, I would have converted. Your life is only as shallow as you make it, and mine is deep, vast, and eminently enjoyable. I’m not going to turn my back on the high-point of human civilization and technology based on some mis-guided 19th century conception of “the good life” involving Yeomen farmers and simple country churches. We live in a civilization dependent upon hyper-specialization and a service-based economy. That means we are, by necessity, “consumers” and “materialistic”. And corporations are the means by which we distribute our bounty at bargain-basement prices.

      Part of taking the Red Pill is looking at reality over ideology or fantasy-fulfillment.

  24. (Married Game version)

    You are getting laid more. A lot more. I mean, you’re too-tired-to-masturbate more.

    You start to thoughtfully give your father relationship advice.

    You recognize the hamster speaking in your wife, and know how to counter it instinctively.

    You get justifiably pissed off at your wife . . . and you tell her.

    She starts asking YOU for permission.

    You can kiss your wife for ten seconds and not have her wonder what kind of porn you’ve been watching.

    You know you’re going to get laid Friday night.

    You know you’re going to get laid Saturday night.

    You know you’re going to get laid Sunday morning.

    You know she’s going to complain of how hard you wrung her out over the weekend on Monday . . . while her single friends seethe in jealousy.

    When someone asks when your last blowjob was, you look at your watch, not your calendar.

    When your wife can’t stop praising you . . . to her mother and sister.

    When the other dudes you work with just shake their heads and ask you why YOU never bitch about your wife cutting you off.

    When you start flirting with the receptionist, just for practice.

    When the receptionist gives you her number. Just in case.

    When your wife goes on a “girls night out” and when she’s asked about her love life, all she can utter is a wordless slur of vowels and a wide-eyed expression.

    When you can approach women on behalf of your single friends and show them how it’s done.

    When your sister-in-law starts flirting with you unconsciously.

    When your wife tells you to be careful on the drive home and you tell her no.

    When “date night” isn’t a dinner and a movie, it’s a moonlight picnic, making out like teens in the car, and screwing in the back of the minivan in the woods because that way her noises won’t disturb anyone.

    When someone tells you that your attitude is sexist, and you grin and say “Yeah, I’m OK with that.”

    When all of your wife’s single friends have quietly come to you and mentioned that they’d be interested if your wife ever gets hit by a bus.

    When you consider what needs to be done, not what you can do.

    When you . . . oh, hell, let’s just do it all:

    Start paying far more attention to what women do than what they say.
    Work out like your life depends on it.
    Start telling, stop asking. No one is going to give you permission to lead.
    Start thinking of yourself as a valuable asset, not an appendage to a woman.
    Start valuing your own desires and respecting your own sexuality.
    Buy a black fedora and rock it hard.
    could be mistaken for “the most interesting man in the world”.
    Walk around like you have a broadsword on your hip.
    Talk to strange women and aren’t afraid of a little light flirting.
    Stand up straight.
    Make the bed, every morning — it’s where you have sex, and you should respect your stage.
    aren’t confident — you’re overconfident.
    Call your mother every Sunday.
    Are able to change a tire on demand.
    Solemnly thank veterans for their service.
    Test drive a sports car.
    Sing loudly in the shower without caring who hears.
    Pay more attention to what you wear than she does.
    Are unafraid to look at and appreciate a good-looking woman, and be able to do it without being labeled “creepy”.
    Complain about the cooking when it’s bad.
    Praise the fellatio when it’s good.
    Are able to drop a compliment at an instant’s notice.
    Have a picnic date pre-prepared in the trunk of your car at all times.
    Learn how to speak Italian, at least the dirty words.
    Do something no one else knows about, and take satisfaction from that.
    Get your shoes shined by a guy who does it for a living at least once in a while.
    Overtip when the service is outstanding.
    Pay an older woman a compliment and then flirt with her outrageously.
    Go play pool in a really sketchy dive.
    Take guitar lessons.
    Be a good loser.
    Figure out your favorite manly drink and instantly ask for it at the bar.
    Pick something off the menu in the first three minutes and don’t worry about whether or not you should have gotten the fish.
    Tell her she has beautiful eyes.
    Figure out if you’re a beer man or a liquor man and don’t pick up a Zima even if there’s a gun to your head.
    Know how to identify poison oak, ivy, and sumac.
    Sit on your front porch and watch the sun set, just because you want to.
    Read a classic in public without shame or fear.
    Stay in the game even if you’ve got a shitty hand, and play it like it’s pocket aces.
    When you switch from cunnilingus to intercourse, do her hard for ten minutes and then go back to cunnilingus until you’re damn well good and ready to continue with screwing. Make up private nicknames for her boobs.
    Practice your free throw until it is PERFECT.
    Call your dad and ask him what he would do, even if you already know the answer. Imagine a better way to state the problem, then make the asshole on the team see reason even if you have to beat him to death in the men’s room.
    Are able to sing one song in public and do it well and without embarrassment.
    When you shake hands, and are the guy with the stronger grip.
    When a woman tells you she’s a feminist, grin broadly and say “Really? Seriously?” and then shake your head and walk away laughing.
    Create some art, just because you can.
    Go to a minor league baseball game and shout at the pitcher.
    Tell her she’s pretty and try to mean it.
    Learn how to ballroom dance.
    Build a shed. S
    tay up all night watching TED talks, and let your head spin.
    Suggest anal, even if you know she’s going to decline.
    Know who your great-grandparents were, where they came from, and what they did with their lives.

    There. Just a few.

  25. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    “You start to thoughtfully give your father relationship advice”

    Relationship advice or marriage advice? You’re dad should be married, to your mom, and if not, old people got no business dating, its just disgraceful and beneath their station in life.

    And that goes DOUBLE for single parents with kids below legal adult age living at home!

    • They’re still married, coming up on 50 years. But that doesn’t mean Papa Ironwood always gets everything right all the time. I’ve been able to help out a few times.

      And old single people have plenty of business dating. Male sperm is viable into your 70s, hate to waste the last few years . . . just when I’m starting to really get good.

  26. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Ian, detachment from outcome does not mean dry and emotionless living.

    QUESTION: I’ve seen a few comments with “no longer ask wife’s permission”. Do spouses actually ask each other permission to do stuff? Seriously? I’ve never seen or heard of such in my life. Of course there is informing the other of what you plan to do, or consulting on matters that will affect him/her, but “permission”? Have they not grown into adulthood?

    • The current social expectation is that husbands (because they are men) are usually up to no good and so must ask the wife’s permission to do something that doesn’t directly involve her. So, she gets to give orders, “We’re going shopping this weekend, I need shoes and you need shirts” while he must grovel “Honey, the guys want to go fishing next month. Can I go, too?”

      Contemporary relationships are broken. Is it any wonder that divorce rate is so high and that women file for divorce over 70% of the time? Men are too weak, women are too domineering.

  27. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Mitt Romney just said live from the Republican Convention that “my wife’s job as a mom is more important than mine”.

  28. … you listen to women ½ as much [regardless of topic] as you used to and quickly realize you aren’t missing anything.

    • Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

      I love how when I ask random men in public, ”you’re not one of them mens’ rights activists, are you?” and they laugh out loud and say, “nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”.

    • Sparrow on said:

      You find yourself wearing makeup. Every day. Just in case.

      You start living in dresses.

      You realize that you’re surrounded by kind and giving men who will happily help you out.

      You say thank you and smile much more often.

      You drop the sarcasm and have fun flirting.

      You can’t seem to stop reading manosphere blogs.

      You realize that yes, you do need a man’s help to manage things – and you’re good with that. You’re also more than happy to appreciate any help given to you.

      You’re much more quiet during girl talk.

      You’re much more cynical about your girl friends’ relationships.

      • Great stuff here…

      • Anaïs on said:


      • Sparrow on said:

        Thank you! 😀

      • So very true!

      • I started reading manosphere blogs, and now I’ve got a pleasure trail and a nonstop craving for craft beers. I’m also a lot more obnoxious for some reason, yet am also beset by a crippling lack of confidence which makes me jeer at attractive strangers. I’m really mad at all of my friends for not sleeping with me-that’s another thing I can’t work out, since I’m suddenly terrified of homosexuality-and I just can’t stop holding doors open for people.

        Lads, I really need your advice. My parents have been making noises about getting me committed. Yesterday I punched a wall so hard I broke all my fingers, and then I wrestled like five mountain lions to take my mind off the pain. I told the girls at school that they should wear make-up all the time “just in case”, but they just gave me filthy looks and left me alone at the lunch table. Please, please, please tell me how I can take the Blue Pill-this Alpha shit is going to get me killed.

  29. You take martial arts classes and change your name to “Tyler Durden”.

  30. Rafasch on said:

    When you realize you must be a masculine man and not a feminine one.

  31. Your girlfriend, her soon to be wed bestie, and some chick neither of them know all send you naked pics at your request.

    You text, “I’m going to bed.”, she texts, “Noooooooooooo”, You text, “So convince me to stay up.” She texts a naked pic. You’re already asleep.

  32. Craven??? not the best choice of words there buddy.

  33. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    “The poor bastards.

    You gave them an opening and they slam it shut.

    But I can’t fault you for trying to find a man with balls.”

    NOPE! not looking. Was shit testing them. If they would have said “yes” then I wouldn’t have proceeded with the conversation about whatever creepy guy I came across that week.

    By the way, a question for the guys here; When you were around 40 and women your age or older showed signs of interest, did it disgust you or were you flattered? Or neutral?

    I’m asking for a reason.

    • Disclaimer: I’m not proud of this, but it might be useful to know.

      When I was around 40, I met a woman who showed strong signs of interest. I was married, so was she. She was five years older than me. We had an affair that lasted over a year, so obviously I was not disgusted by her signs of interest.

  34. …flattered by the pretty ones, neutral towards the plain ones, disgusted by the fat ones. But really most women that age seem perfectly happy with either the harem they’re already in or their vibrator. I get way better results from girls half my age or less. I’m 46.

  35. Jacquie on said:

    How about when you know you’re being gamed by your husband because you’ve said ‘I love you’ to him twice and you know he hasn’t answered you because he’s using the 2/3 ratio; and it doesn’t bother you. You simply smile and shake your head while telling him that you love him that third time.

  36. When you see husbands being depicted as morons on TV and you get mad.

  37. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    “You find yourself wearing makeup. Every day. Just in case.”

    Huh? Wouldn’t red pill women scale back the corporate consumerism that depends on the suffering of animals and is harmful for human health? Slathering petro-chemicals on your face?!?! Hello! Can’t get more mainstream blue pill kool aid drinkin’ than that!

    • Swing…. and a miss.

      Put the bong down so I can tell you something, cupcake. The desire for a woman to have a pleasing appearance to men is thoroughly Red Pill.

      “Petro-chemicals on your face” Snort, chuckle, guffaw.

      Admit it, you’re a dirty hippie.

      • I agree with PM. Before Red Pill most times I felt that putting on makeup was a hassle. After Red Pill enlightenment I know it’s part of the ‘eye candy’ for my husband and not near the hassle I once thought it was. Giving him something ‘sweet’ to look at means his eyes are not going to need to find it elsewhere.

      • I really think Something Smells Fishy is the troll known as “Plain Jane” on HUS. Does OffTheCuff comment here? He recognizes her instantly.

      • Ah… this would make sense.

  38. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    “You take martial arts classes and change your name to “Tyler Durden”.

    Owen Cook already did that. Again, more hollywood celebrity mainstream American culture stuff. I wanna hear from some REAL red pillers!

    How about “you know you’ve taken the red pill when you convert to Jainism, and the Digambari sect to boot!” or something that shows you really get it.

  39. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Aleph One and Geo. I asked because my aunt is 40 and she is disgusted by men her own age and older who hit on her thinking they stand a chance. She is not attracted to men her own age because in her words “they look so old”. She only dates men between 25 and 35, before crows feet and grey hair set in. I wondered if there were any men who felt the same.

  40. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Private Man, won’t click on the link as it has the word “cat” in it and I’m allergic, besides finding them utterly boring animals. Plus, I’m not a “pet person”.

    As far as dirty hippie, I probably take more showers in one day than most Americans take in a week.

    And I still don’t see what’s “red pill” about giving hard earned money to makeup corporations and covering your skin, which is an organ that is supposed to breathe, in petro chemicals and contributing to the suffering of millions of animals.

    Sounds pretty mainstream American to me.

  41. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    Ah I see the free cat card link is for my aunt. She’s not into pets either. We’re both too clean to have animals in the house.

  42. Pingback: Linkage Is Good For You – Labor Day Weekend | Society of Amateur Gentlemen

  43. Something Smells Fishy About This "Study" on said:

    “Swing…. and a miss.

    Put the bong down so I can tell you something, cupcake. The desire for a woman to have a pleasing appearance to men is thoroughly Red Pill.

    “Petro-chemicals on your face” Snort, chuckle, guffaw.

    Admit it, you’re a dirty hippie.”

    Swing and HIT wrt mainstream American culture, whether red or blue pill.

    The fact that you equate makeup with “pleasant appearance”, “dirty hippyness” and the non-participation in that cruel and un-healthy (for the skin of all things!) corporate industry is typically mainstream American.

    A pleasant appearance comes through healthy and clean living, which does not include putting chemical gunk on the largest organ of the human body. But why should I expect a typical American to know this, even a “red piller”.

    Red pill, my toned ass.

  44. Don’t you mean “my Vegan ass”?

    • Not to criticize a vegan diet, however: I’m on one and lost 30 lbs in 4 months. I’m officially slender. Now if I can put some muscle on me and ride a hog Id be a real bad ass.

      If fat chicks went on a vegan diet it could save the west, IMO.

      I’ve got a hankerin’ for another broccoli spear.

      • Broccolli?!?! Doh!

      • Sparrow on said:

        Vegan? Eep. I like my butchered, charred and mutilated animal corpses. 😉 As is, I do try to eat healthy and have lost 10 pounds this summer, and am at a good weight.

        As far as the makeup goes – although I think a genuine smile is the best makeup of all, no denying that I do get more attention when I put in the effort of a “natural” makeup look.

        As far as the clean living goes, don’t I need to slather my face in chemicals to avoid sun damage and prematurely aged skin anyway?

  45. great stuff here – inspired me to update my blog with a map of the manosphere and some essential links for red pill dynamics, this page included.

  46. Y’know, I knew I’d taken the red pill when my heart began to palpitate.

    Don’t mix up your meds, people.

  47. Okay, I’m gonna cut through my own bullshit and talk shop for once: Fellas, I’m a woman. I got my licence seventeen years ago, and I turned pro thirteen years later. This means that I understand the deadlier of the species better than you ever will, so I can say this with confidence: Very little of this will work on chicks in real life. I don’t know what kind of hell-harpies y’all used to date, but trust me: us gals are just trying to get by, same as you. Our brains are wired pretty much the way yours are. We don’t set you little tests to prove your manliness, and we get pretty fuckin’ pissed off when you use your “manly” “dominance” to decide where we’re going for a date. As a matter of fact, when a man pulls shit like that, we automatically assume that you’re a shelf-stacker at Walmart who got passed over for a promotion to Chief Mopper-Upper. And when we come to that conclusion, we get all relaxed about keeping our tentacles sheathed. The man who dies via a tentacle to the cortex is only half a man at best.

  48. “When a girl rejects you, there is absolutely no emotional reaction on your part.” <= the way it should be! Whether you're a man or a woman you must deal rejection in a healthy manner. A strong man has many other options and rejection doesn't bother him. I praise you for that!

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