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The Most Remarkable Blog I Have Read But Won’t Link To

I have stumbled across a most extraordinary blog while reading comments elsewhere. I’m not providing a link but I’m sure my readers will dig it up on their own. It’s the blog of a young, single woman who has gone through quite a few husbands who are not hers. She’s in her 20s and seems a magnet for husbands. This is part of her About page:

I almost exclusively sleep with married men but my attitude always has been and always will be “if your man doesn’t care about your relationship, why should I?

She finishes up her About page with:

I think divorce lawyers owe me a commission.

Oh yeah, this blog is pure gold and I’m afraid she’ll eventually get outed. Some other Manosphere bloggers have found her and I’m disappointed in myself for not finding it sooner.

She writes quite extensively about her relationships with married men and she actually tries to reach some conclusions about husbands, wives, and marriages. It’s all quite remarkable because she describes how the affairs start and the personalities of the people involved, including the wives because she sometimes knows the wives. The whole blog is simply stunning.

From one of her posts, I pulled the following three paragraphs. The first paragraph serves to introduce more of who she is. The second two paragraphs she really does nail down well why a husband might be unfaithful.

I personally am lucky enough to have the body of a runway model (thanks to an amazing personal trainer, a fairly good idea of what to eat and decent genes) but I’m nothing special…I rarely wear makeup, I am very girlie when I dress but I do not keep my nails done 24-7 and I only hit the salon once a week for my hair….I can tell the few women who have seen me have sized me up immediately and wondered “ew, why her?” or “she’s not really more attractive than me, is she?” the short answer is no, I am not…I am nothing special…I am like every other female, fairly average with a few special talents and honestly most likely nothing like you.  So why did your husband pick me?  I sadly cannot answer that for EVERYONE but there seem to be some common things I have noticed about men.

-I am easy to talk to…I think this has to do with my personality (I am EVERYONE’S best friend) but even so I’ve noticed plenty of men have conversations with me that should be saved for their wife…I hear it all from men…fears, problems, daily stress, marriage issues, issues with children, thoughts in general, etc…I’ve asked a few men why they do not speak to their wives about these things and they are quick to say “she doesn’t understand me” (no one understand men, wtf do they expect?!), “she’s not as easy to talk to as you are”, “she’s so judgmental” (women, we often want men to listen to us “just talk” so why don’t we do it for them?), “I can’t connect with her”, etc…  This is something to consider women, every long term affair I have ever had has started off as an emotional affair and even if you’re speaking to your husband, are you connecting with him?

-I am “fun”and I love to sexually satisfy the man I’m with…I have mastered the art of flirting with men..I enjoy sexy lingerie when men are around…I am a complete freak in bed…these are all things I hear men complain about wives not doing, refusing to do or being so reluctant to do that it would never be enjoyable for a man…I question women who refuse to sexually satisfy their men…I often hear of women putting their husband on sex restrictions or flat out refusing to do things in bed that their husband enjoys…I feel as if these women are setting themselves up to be cheated on…men will be men and I am not advocating turning yourself into someone you’re not to please your husband (he should know the real you anyway) but he should be satisfied and know you find him attractive…this won’t make your relationship “cheat proof” but it’s one less urge he’ll look to other women to fulfill

The first reason is about wives not being respectful enough connect with him by just talking and listening. It’s also about a wife simply being friendly and warm with her husband. Lose that connection, lose that friendliness, she might lose that husband. It’s also very telling that this is the first reason the mistress blogger gives.

The second reason is the sex and this is obvious. But to see it presented from the very woman the husband goes to gives it far more validity. Do married women not understand this? For every wife that doesn’t complete satisfy her husband, there’s a potential affair with the very type of woman who authors the blog. Husbands have been preaching this for so long that I guess wifely ears are now deaf to it.

I’m not going to judge the author of the blog even though she claims that women are superior to men. So much information gathering and observations recorded should be encouraged.

Frankly, I think this blog should be a Manosphere secret.


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118 thoughts on “The Most Remarkable Blog I Have Read But Won’t Link To

  1. Old Glory on said:

    Hah! Of course she’s “inside the Beltway” or DC. Looks like it’s been around for 1.5+ years now… This should be good. hahah

  2. Good post — I won’t search out the blog, as her story is pretty standard. Indeed, I did a similar post this week about marital advice from a retired whore who said essentially the same thing.

  3. rgoltn on said:

    Interesting. I must read her blog.

    I will say as a married man, her comment below is interesting.

    “I hear it all from men…fears, problems, daily stress, marriage issues, issues with children, thoughts in general, etc…I’ve asked a few men why they do not speak to their wives about these things and they are quick to say “she doesn’t understand me”…”

    You have to be careful in balancing your communication with your wife. Women want to connect emotionally, but being too vulnerable does invite judgement and thoughts of insecurity, neediness etc. I am a red-pill, MMSL convert and I know you have to lead your wife and your life. Luckily, mine wants me to lead and satisfies my needs emotionally, sexually etc.

    While common wisdom dictates that your wife should be your best-friend and closest ally, hypergamy still exists…even after 20+ years. Sadly, if she thinks you are weak, unable to provide her security and/or falling behind in SMV, she may begin looking outside if her options are good and your marriage is weak.

    For a mid-40’s married guy, it can be easier to bang a 20 yr. old and divulge to her your fears, weaknesses and problems than it can be to tell them to your wife and set her down a path of worry, fear or thinking that you are a puss. I am a realist and know that if my marriage were to end, my opportunities would be plenty. However, i also know that there would be a huge financial penalty to pay as well as an emotional one for my daughter.

    So, you have to connect emotionally with your wife…but she is not your f*cking Therapist.

  4. greenlander on said:

    I couldn’t resist the temptation to go find the blog. Lol, I’m laughing my ass off.

  5. Rhino Tingley on said:

    I would say the two reasons she gives are interlinked. A man will find it difficult to connect emotionally with a wife who is not putting out. And if she isn’t (other than for medical reasons), chances are her warmth and friendliness disappeared with the sex anyway.

    “The second reason is the sex and this is obvious […] Do married women not understand this? ”

    No, in the vast majority of cases, I don’t think they do. Woman-think is : “I’m perfectly happy with the situation, so he must be too, right ? ” If he complains, it is because he’s a natural complainer, never satisfied with anything. When they find out he’s banging his secretary, they are dumbfounded. I’ve known quite a few women who have been “cheated on”, none of them ever said they could see it coming. Wasn’t it Ferd Bardamu who coined the term “the eternal solipsism of the female mind” ?

  6. Despite the fact that she is a wanton strumpet, she appears to have a great writing style. I guess its disturbing to me how ridiculously high value a woman, who should be average, has become in 2012. She has a nice body (nice legs of a runway model (?)), dresses girly (presumably dresses, skirts, high heels), wears sexy lingere for men, has sex like a rabbitt, and has a great personality.

    This should be ALL middle aged women.

    Do you know how rare this kind of woman is in 2012? Like 1%. Thats 1/100, at best.

    The USA is so fucked up.

  7. Neither surprise me, but the first surprises me the least. An emotionally available women, who doesn’t judge or lose respect, would have no trouble attracting men.

    • just visiting on said:

      I question her emotional availability. Mirroring ability on the other hand……
      I’ve known and have had friends like this. They’re of it but not in it.

      • just visiting on said:

        The female equivalent of players. Unlike men, the ability to steal someones commitment, or garner it is a big part of the validation

  8. alwaysl8ylike on said:

    Please email me a clue… I can’t find it!! I’ve googled so many phrases but nothing. Just one little clue…

  9. Like Greenlander, I couldn’t help myself. Simply amazing.

    The woman has a point about what married men want. Nearly all married men want a wife whom they can confide in for emotional support. Many wives cannot or will not give it to them. But rgoltn has a point in that you can’t make your wife your therapist.

    • I’m going to ask Athol about this.

      • Here’s his response:

        There’s two things happening here I think. The first is the expression of negative emotion, and the second is the ability to maintain yourself as being active and not giving up.

        Guys tend to hold it all in until they emotionally break down… and at that point give up. Women see the tears as = this dude is signalling he’s just become useless. Thus attraction takes a dive.

        However, being an emotional guy and even crying is fine, as long as you get up and keep going. You release a little bit of pressure and don’t break, and keep on trucking.

        That being said, you sure as hell don’t lead with tears on a new woman. You have to establish a pattern of I can release a little and keep going, plus have your Alpha shit together as well. It’s easier to express big emotions if you’re a big guy.

        Or put another way, if you’re public speaking and are a man, you can cry all you want, but your voice needs to stay strong and powerful the whole time. Male emotion + male power = Women eat that shit up. Though I’m not saying it’s an easy trick to pull off.

  10. forstfromtrees on said:

    belt away your banging on the right door (heh he)

  11. Old Glory on said:

    As I’ve read through her blog a bit more, it’s amazing to me how she recounts all of these details for her audience and how she seemingly justifies ignoring the “ring on his finger,” while putting these men down and exclaiming how superior women are — all at the same time.

    She really has no morals and I wonder if it stems from the sugar daddy arrangements she mentions having had… those were likely married men and so she’s rationalized this as a kind of “normal” behavior for herself. Heck, she started a blog about it all, although she only posts about twice a month, so that says something!

    Well, anyway, let’s hope she continues blogging till she hits 30. Then we’ll get a good look at that bio-clock and hamster spaz that’ll likely hit her.

    • just visiting on said:

      From what I’ve seen. women like this do quite well through the decades. Seriously, I’d love to get a catty dig in, but they don’t hit the wall.

  12. Vicomte on said:

    I wonder what kind of trauma/defect encourages a woman to brazenly lead multiple affairs with married men, then write a blog about it.

    Once or twice, I suppose is understandable. But a preference?

    Bitch be disturbed.

    • Rhino Tingley on said:

      Yes, I had a look at the blog, and I would say “Bitch be disturbed” or “Dat ain’t be no bitch”, if you get my meaning. This is the internet.

  13. LostSailor on said:

    She actually has a decent post with advice to the “nice guys” out there, though the actions of the “nice guy” she ran into that prompted the post are epically cringe-worthy.

  14. Senior Beta on said:

    Fascinating. One more item of proof about the DC gals that Roissy, Roosh and GMac rail about. Wish I could have that hour back though.

  15. LostSailor on said:

    Wow, indeed. I’ve read a bit more of that blog and I’m likewise blown away. Yes, she has some good insights into Red Pill relationships, but then counters that with cognitive dissonance on a truly impressive scale.

    Her most recent post about the latest married man she’s banging:

    I told him that was fine and asked him when he wanted to come over and he said he was at dinner with his wife, I realized how much of his time had been spent ignoring her while they were at dinner together and I told him to stop being rude and pay attention to her (I don’t like the woman but he shouldn’t be so disrespectful either). … I told him regardless of what he does with me he needs to be a bit a respectful of his wife even if I don’t like her, he’s cheating on her and making her feel ignored and unloved isn’t something I’m okay with (I’m really not a fan of men, so I want to smack most of them when I hear they are belittling women)

    She doesn’t really like men, but she serially bangs married men. Elsewhere she declaims any responsibility for the affairs she engages in and feels no remorse about the wives involved because it’s the men who bear the fault and responsibility and she doesn’t care about protecting a relationship that doesn’t concern her. But best of all, she’s fine with enabling the ultimate betrayal of those women by their husbands, as long as there are no petty slights or belittling; those are right out.

    A female sociopath with a hamster wheel the size of the London Eye. Fascinating stuff…

  16. Richard Cranium on said:

    Here’s my take. I haven’t read her blog but from what you quoted here something struck me and it connects to porn. Bear with me and hear me out.

    Why is porn so popular and secondly why do women hate it so much? Because for the most part it portrays women being friendly, not bitchy but most importantly willing participants in frequent sex and also enjoying it.

    I’ve read stories from prostitutes that a lot of guys pay them not for sex but to just talk to them, be nice to them and not nag them which they obviously don’t get at home. Same with this girl the guys she’s with are getting something from her they’re not getting at home. Years ago my family thought I was crazy and made me go see a psychiatrist. I only went once (I do need some help but that’s another story for another day) but one thing he said has always stuck with me. When you want something, especially in a relationship, and you’re not getting it, you’ll find a substitute and your mind will rationalize it as long as that itch gets scratched. She’s scratching an itch the wife at home isn’t.

    I am troubled over her seemly nonchalant attitude over hooking up with married men however. It goes against my whole “do as you please as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or screw anyone over” credo. But at the end of the day she’s the one that has to live with herself and karma’s gonna cash in its check sooner or later.

  17. TigerChick on said:

    As her blog gets more and more hits, someone will figure out who she is. DC (and I’m betting she’s a Capitol Hill/ K Street type of gal) is a small town. The details as to her looks (and that she has a relationship with the manager) of where she gets her car serviced) will be figured out. Someone will work out her personal info from her IP address and wordpress blog. There are THOUSANDS of peopl e and her name will be made public. There’s no such thing as anonymity inside the beltway.

    • TigerChick on said:

      I meant to say there are 1000s of people who figure out who is behind a computer for a living. She’ll get run out of town, although she may get 15 minutes before she does.

      • just visiting on said:

        Don’t count on it. Women like this don’t care what you or I think. And men are charmed enough to start hamstering the details. Like I said earlier, they’re female players.

  18. Pirran on said:

    @just visiting

    Female player? There’s waaay too much cognitive dissonance involved on that blog. She despises men, she “hearts” men. She supports women, she despises women, she believes that “Cuddling May Be Key to Long-Term Happy Relationship”???

    Either this is the best relationshit Poe I’ve read in a while, or “bitch be disturbed”, as others have noted. To be a player seems to imply a ruthless honesty about your aims, intentions (and limitations). Her? blog seems a train-wreck of chaotic narcissism, confusion, self-pity and contempt (for all concerned).

    If she is real, do you really think she won’t hit the wall at 35 (even with a great trainer)? I’m not buying it, personally. But I’m still not sure I’m buying whether she’s real at all….

    • just visiting on said:

      Women like this are disturbed. It’s part of why they do so well. It isn’t fair. Every catty female aspect of myself would love to see come uppence. But, the reality of what I have seen with such women does not support it. I can either hamsterbate, or relate the truth, no matter how distasteful.

      • Pirran on said:

        It’s not about “fair”, it’s about “crazy”. Like many guys, I humped my share of psychotics in College; there was a frisson of danger that made it seem more “real”. But that’s it. You just don’t want THAT much crazy as you get older.

        I still know of one or two from those days. Their careers seem OK, but I’d hardly describe their personal lives as going “well”. Comeuppance doesn’t really enter into the equation, it’s just that crazy has a sell-by date.

      • just visiting on said:

        Tell your self what you like, but these women, despite having a screw lose, do very well through out the decades. Alphas are usually smart enough to not commit, though not always. And yes, there is such a thing as an alpha widower, despite not commiting. I’ve known such women well, either growing up, or as friends. (And such friendships are toxic)
        I’m not talking about college lays, but women well into their later years.

      • just visiting on said:

        one of them was college aged when I was, the others were older than me.

      • Pirran on said:

        Nope, you’re conflating Alpha females with crazies. I’ve known a few Alpha women as well (of all ages), but they were definitely not as crazy or as confused as this. Indeed, they had a cool, ironic detachment that would shame most Alpha guys (despite the occasional eccentricity).

        That’s my whole point; she’s not one of them (which made me question the reality of the blog in the first place). I’m not disputing the existence of Alpha women or how well they do, I have personal experience that’s not the case. I’m just not buying “her” as being one of them.

  19. flying on said:

    Her lawyer comment is interesting considering the girl lawyers are up in arms over an abovethelaw column on the Wall as it hits them.

  20. Johnycomelately on said:

    Since when did men become caricatures of Woody Allen, little whiny neurotic twerps? Emotional connection, what the heck are emotions? The men I know have three emotions, wanting to punch their boss in the face, itchy balls and wanting to punch the coach of their favourite football team in the face.

    I guess another example of Spengler’s law of gender parity in full effect.

  21. Interested on said:

    I read it for a few minutes. You really don’t need to read more than that to get the gist of her points.

    But two thoughts came to mind.

    First, she can talk all day long about how nice and friendly she is. But women who only target married men are hiding a lot more than we all think. Insecurity? Sure. These guys are typically unavailable and unwilling to commit. She doesn’t have to really expose herself to heartbreak because she never exposes herself. She just fucks them silly and writes know it all posts about the married men she fucks. How many know it all types really do know it all and aren’t compensating for some internal conflict or shame? Oh, and for all the guys who tell her they want their wives to go away so they can marry her how many do you think really mean it? How many are telling their buds over beer that they are banging some gal who laps up the attention from married men? Who is playing who? I’ll bet it ain’t her 100 percent of the time.

    The second thought revolved around her comments. Forget her issues, some of her observations are spot on. The one that stuck out for me is as follows:

    “….he should be satisfied and know you find him attractive”

    This right here for me is so fundamental it’s amazing to contemplate how many women ignore it. If a woman would just figure out figure out the frequency and variety that her mans enjoys regarding sex most men would be transformed. And they would reciprocate in many ways beyond sex. That’s it. This is not telling some lady to go outside her comfort zone. Hopefully, before two people got married they figured out if they were at least in the same ball park regarding sex.

    You want a happy boyfriend or husband? Who is thoughtful, affectionate, helping, and generally happy? Do as the lady suggests. Satisfy him and let him know you find him attractive.

  22. betsywetsy on said:

    That’s a dude.
    20 something hot female with the time to blog about nailing married guys?

    • I also thought about that possibility. Isn’t there some website that analyzes text to determine the probability of which gender wrote the text? I’ll have a look.


      According to… there’s a 79% probability that the blog was written by a woman. But we’re only dealing in probabilities and I have no way to evaluate the methods by which the analysis was done.

      • Ha this is brilliant. I’ve just put yours in and it also thinks this one is written by a woman (57 percent). Or shall we call you PrivateLADY ????

      • Don’t be coy, Fiona, you just want to see my photo. Actually, only about $300 in additional donations are required for me to post my photo. That’s about 190 quid. Care to pony up some cash?

  23. betsywetsy on said:

    The storytelling was my clue.
    The revengemunching caught in the act by the wife?
    Yeah, that’s a fish tale (minus any real fishy smell) thought up by a dude if I’ve ever heard one.

    Chicks don’t admit to this stuff. It isn’t in their DNA.

    • This is going to generate some serious controversy.

    • Its a chick. The run-on sentences are tell-tale. Also the disrespect of men for illogical reasons.

      For me, its easy to imagine a leggy check who dresses to show off some skin who has charm and knows how to flirt to get this amount of attention from men. Men in the USA are so deprived of this many will make a beeline for her–even the married ones.

      She kind of reminds me of a woman I knew who I calculate banged over 500 men since puberty. What was it about her? She was hot, flirtatous to the men she desiresd, and aggressive.

      Women like this are rare, thanks to the obesity epidemic. But they do exist. And men notice.

  24. So it’s you who posted my blog and has everyone hitting Google like crazy! WOW For the record I’m not trying to secretive to keep myself from being “outed” for my protection…there are some long term relationships I carry on and their wives do not know about me, why ruin a good thing?

    For the record I am 10000000000000000000000% female….

    • As I said in my email to you…It’s the most fascinating thing I have read in awhile. I actually don’t want too much traffic going to your blog because someone will eventually find you. You’ve dropped too many hints and frankly, I think it’s important that you keep writing.

      • Why is it important I keep writing? I’m reading some of the comments on your blog right now…I don’t think fascinating is the correct word for my blog according to your readers but luckily I write it for me not for anyone else so I don’t need their opinions to validate it….

      • Your blog is fascinating, at least to me, because you have some good insights into how women should be behaving to maintain strong relationships with their men, even if it’s couched in criticism of the wives who are not doing what’s necessary to keep their husbands from cheating with you.

        Combine that with your disdain for men in general, and complete disregard for these guys’ relationships with their wives, along with your disdain toward these women coupled with not wanting their husbands to belittle or humiliate them (cheating with you isn’t belittling, humiliating betrayal?) makes for fascinating and instructive reading. Insightful narcissism! It’s a new niche.

        I don’t condemn; you’re right that these men are adults and make their own decisions. TPM, too, is right that you’re an important voice and need to keep writing. More women need to read you…

  25. Advantage of imposing Sharia Law in the US: the stoning of wanton sluts
    Disadvantage of imposing Sharia: the death of all sexually attractive women left in the US

  26. Vicomte on said:

    I don’t think the continued existence of the blog is particularly important. As others mentioned, you read one or two posts you get the idea.

    It’s a predictable slice-of-life from a hardcore clinical narcissist and a bunch of typical middle-age male dipshits. One can find the ‘advice’ given on how to treat men echoed many other places without having to sift through bravado and general unpleasantness. Her intent is braggadocio and validation, not to inform or improve others.

    No different than the PUAs who write up field reports on how strong their proverbial pimp hand is. It’s empty; it’s pathetic; and it’s not unexpected.

    Should Lil’ Miss Disaster read this and wish to express how little she cares about my or anyone else’s opinion of her, know you really don’t have to. I understand completely.

    • Thanks for your opinion…I notice how much time you clearly spent reading my blog you must have enjoyed parts of it…or it was a train wreck to you and you couldn’t take your eyes off of it…either way…you’re spending quite a lot of time on something you claim to not like…very odd IMO

  27. CX Love wrote, “I don’t think fascinating is the correct word for my blog according to your readers but luckily I write it for me not for anyone else so I don’t need their opinions to validate it….”

    And yet you *post your writings in a public forum for anyone to read.* Why write an Internet blog if you don’t care if anyone sees it? Your words will be around forever now because you made them public. If this were some private journal you kept, than that’s great. You can write about whatever you want it truly would be written by you and for you. No one else would see it, but this isn’t happening here. You’re making private affairs public and reveling in it–for what?

    Also, anything that can generate this much verbiage is indeed fascinating on one or more levels. Fascination takes many forms.

    • I have a public blog because when I talk to women in general they take my advice and it works…the women who email me and ask for advice thank me for my advice and some people thank me for writing my blog so some people enjoy it…I write it for myself though that doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it, it just means if they do, that’s wonderful, if they don’t I really don’t care they don’t have to read it!

      • I don’t really understand why people are being negative about the blog to be honest. Women I can see because you do represent a threat to their relationships. But I don’t understand why men are so angry and derogatory about you unless it’s because you come across quite clearly as being in control of the situation and can’t be ‘Gamed’. You’re not even negative about the men, compared to how women are frequently described here. I think it must be because you’re calling the shots and they don’t like that.

      • I dont like her because she is an amoral narcissist.

      • Well really what does she do that other men don’t do? Maybe she doesn’t always turn married men down but would men turn down a married woman who offered no strings attached sex and they wouldn’t get caught out? And she writes about it.

      • Anaïs on said:

        Why would men or women like her? She’s not a nice human being and all she cares about is herself.

      • There are a lot of men who have affairs, or have harems, which I consider amoral. But many will feel somewhat guilty about it, and wish that the societal context was different so they could be different. Some of these men are narcissists, some are not. For example, our genial host does something I consider amoral (forms harems), but I sense that he wishes the context was different because I think he kind knows that harem forming is wrong. He does not come off to me as a narcissist.

        This is a different chick. She purposely targets married men and has no guilt about it, apparently. She twists the truth in her mind (hamsterization) and says she is doing a social service to others when she writes about it. She is also a narcissist. She appears to be unable to discriminate between right and wrong in the context of a romantic relationship.

        Add to that hot youthful looks, and you have a dangerous woman.

        Its the summation of her sins is pretty unbearably high and points to an individual with a serious character disorder.

      • I do not purposely target married men…you haven’t read my blog at all if you think I “target” men LOL I let men come to me I just simply am not going to be responsible for their relationships…

      • I have to say if I knew her and had a partner I’d want to make sure I stayed on her right side, but she is nice I think to her friends and family. She just doesn’t care about other people that much which might be the case for a number of folk but she’s just more honest and upfront about it.
        It’s not so much that I expected everyone (or anyone) to approve of her behaviour, but the negative reaction from people, who I would say I wouldn’t necessarily class as that nice to other people either, seems slightly extreme.

      • Fi,

        I expected this reaction to my blog but what I didn’t expect is the positive reactions I get and there are more positive than negative….quite a few people get the wrong idea about me because I ONLY focus on my sex life with married men in my blog which if any of them read my posts they’d see these men come to me, I have never pursued a man in my life (I think that is something a female should do)…as far as me only caring about myself, I do come off that way in my blog but I’m not that way in real life…I personally don’t care TOO much about the wives of these men (do all these people criticizing me care a lot about people they have never met or people who are less than acquaintances?) and some people who are upset by my blog just can’t take my obvious sarcastic tone too well…

        The thing is, even though most of the comments HERE are negative they out number the positive emails I have received…mainly from men and women who are dealing with a cheating spouse or have had an affair themselves…quite a few people who have had issues in their marriage (other than an affair) have told me this has been the push they needed to get therapy or start speaking…which was the whole point of me sharing my story to begin with so these few negative comments don’t bother me although a few of them make me wonder if I should change some of my writing styles and if I should blog a bit more about other things in my life so it doesn’t appear that all I do is target married men…

        As for your assumption of me being nice and caring about my family and friends that’s pretty much true…almost everyone who knows me considers me their “best” friend and even men who have ended affairs with me for whatever reason have still decided to keep talking to me because they “miss the friendship”….if I was so selfish, narcissistic, etc. I doubt I’d have that reaction from people but who knows? Everyone else here seems to be the expert on me and I’ll let them think what they want to think…..

      • Well, fi, you appear to be a moral relativist, which is not unexpected since you are writing to us from Europe. So the comments here may upset your sense of moral relativism. IMO, its moral relativism and the lack of outrage toward women like CX LOVE that has led largely to the mess that the west is in. But when the growing population of non-relativists build their second Kabba in Brussels then maybe you will get a clue.

      • NMH. I’m afraid I don’t know what you are referring to but I suspect what you call ‘moral relativism’ I would call balanced perspective and tolerance. I do agree that it tends to be an approach Americans are not known for.

      • Are we talking about morals on a blog that is about picking up women for casual sex, making fun of dating profiles and all within a network of men who do the same thing? LOL I’m not judging I’m just wondering where this moral line gets drawn?

      • Point of differentiation here… I am encouraging and helping men to meet their relationship goals. If that goal is casual sex, then fine. If that goal is a committed relationship, also fine. And yes, I am quite aware that if a man learns the skills to approach and be more attractive to women, there are fewer incentives for him to establish a committed relationship.

      • I’m not judging…I wish more men would take your advice…regardless of what my blog shows I do date single men and obviously I get approached by them…I can’t stand beta males in my life at all the world would do well without them!

        I am noticing though a lot of people commenting about my blog did not bother to read it so that makes their negative comments even more pointless..

      • The line is crossed when you bang MARRIED men, and when the men you bang are not aware you are banging multiple men at the same time. You could refuse to partake in this, but your moral caliber is such that you make excuses for it.

      • The men I sleep with are aware they are not my only partner and I normally do not carry on with more than one sexual partner at one time…you have clearly not read my blog…

        I never make excuses for it…but couldn’t these married men also realize they are married and not start an affair? I always accept my part in these affairs in each blog post I make about them…but I’m not going to explain my blog to someone who hasn’t read it and wants to assume things…

      • I’m still not getting it. It seems its ok to lead women on, insult them, laugh at them and call them sluts while trying to ‘pump and dump’ them. She treats these men well, makes it clear she isn’t happy when they abuse their wives or treat them disrespectfully, and is honest with everyone about what she’s doing. She isn’t the married one, they are, and while she is participating as she says if she didn’t they would look elsewhere – she isn’t enticing them into action they don’t want or wouldn’t do with someone else. While I’ve never had an affair, or been with a married man (just putting that bit in to pre-empt accusations that I’m agreeing with her because I do what she does) I can’t quite grasp why she is coming in for all this invective and is considered amoral.

      • The easy answer is because I am a woman and there is a double standard…you know in a lot of emails people tell me a man regardless of is I pursue him or not would be powerless to my charms (really? so a man can’t think for himself)…if any of these people had bothered to read my blog (which they didn’t) they’d see that all these men approach me…

      • You girls are playing “naive” game.

        The problem is not what she does, is the rationalization all around it. I have never seen a blog from the manosphere that praise banging married woman. And even if they do, they would know it is wrong, but they chose to do it anyway.

        The problem with the girl is that she is “perfect”: nothing she does is wrong, it’s always the people around her that are wrong.

        And I don’t see this “extreme negative reactions”; most of the guys seem to have found her quite interesting, and even saying some “red pill” stuff. Even so, we can see that she is someone who has psychological problems that she is unable to see.

        You two can hamsterbate as much as you want, but it doesn’t change a thing.

      • LOL where do I come off as being “perfect” in my blog? I do a lot that is wrong…I have no issues admitting that, never have and never will…you once again are someone commenting that has clearly not actually read my blog…

      • Yes, you say you are imperfect, so you are self-aware. You seem to understand the “moral rules” in our society. What is remarkable is that despite the fact that you admit you are imperfect, you (1) rationalize it—shift some of the blame on the guys that are involved, when you could say “I am at fault, I will make a unilaterial decision not to let this happen” and (2) you refuse to change your behavior. On point (2), Its like the bank robber who serves time and robs a bank again. That shows a lack of discipline on your part.

        You should never be married or have children. You are simply too undisciplined for these roles.

      • Are you really comparing this to a criminal act? Do you define people solely by a few “bad” things they do in life? If you do I’d be interested to see the angels you know…the wonderful thing about me is I know I’m not a terrible person…I do bad things but overall I’m not a bad person…I’m not going to sit here and write a laundry list of every good thing I’ve done, the volunteer work I regularly do, the things I do to go out of my way to help people…not to mention people flock to me because I am for the most part just a genuine, nice, decent person and anyone who knows me will tell you that…

        You also are someone who has clearly not read my blogs I state in many of them that the blame is on both of us but almost always the blame in these situations of cheating ends up SOLELY on the other woman and never on the man…my only issue with that is I feel a man is more to blame (not SOLELY but more) because he is the one who made a commitment to the woman he is cheating on, not me…

        It’s funny you say I’m too undisciplined for these roles of marriage and children because people who know me also think I’d be an excellent mother and I’ve been proposed to many times (some of these men have been affair partners who were openly ready to leave their wives not just saying it)…these are people who I also do not hide these affairs from so it’s not as if they are unaware of what I do…

        You might not agree with what I do and I don’t expect anyone to but I’m not the monster you’ve decided I’m am in your head…

      • CX Love is a great example of what could happen to people if moral relativism takes hold in a society. She tries to blur the argument that she is wrong by trying to lessen the magnitude of her sins in her mind and in defending her actions to others. She tries to parse arguments to confound them, saying that because she has a defect in discipline in one area could not possibly mean that she has a defect in another.

        We have a real strong hamster here.

      • lostsailor2 on said:

        Are you really comparing this to a criminal act?

        NMH wasn’t, that was just an analogy. But I will make the comparison, because in 8 states, while what you do is not a criminal act, it is a civil tort of “alienation of affection,” for which you could be liable for monetary damages. In 2010, a North Carolina woman won a $9 million judgment from the woman who her husband had been cheating with.

        I do bad things but overall I’m not a bad person

        I suspect there are some wives out there that might disagree.

        I state in many of [my blog posts] that the blame is on both of us but almost always the blame in these situations of cheating ends up SOLELY on the other woman and never on the man…my only issue with that is I feel a man is more to blame (not SOLELY but more) because he is the one who made a commitment to the woman he is cheating on, not me…

        I’ve read your blog–all of it. You occasionally admit to some blame, but far more often you lay blame pretty much solely at the feet of the men who are cheating and the women who are apparently not able to keep their men at home. You’ve written several times that “the men don’t seem to care about the relationship, why should I?” I’m not sure your volunteer work overcomes this extreme lack of empathy.

        Of course the men are at fault, if anyone still believes in marriage, but the fact that you can rationalize away your own really says volumes about the decline of our society. Like men who practice Game, you’re just taking advantage of the fruits of the decline of Western civilization. It doesn’t make it right, but it does make it real.

        Like TPM, I’ll be poolside enjoying the show.

        But I would caution you to stay out of North Carolina…

  28. The second reason is the sex and this is obvious. But to see it presented from the very woman the husband goes to gives it far more validity. Do married women not understand this?

    Nope, many don’t. I know I didn’t. I remember being told time and again growing up (gen X) that boys and men don’t need sex. It was taught to us to keep us from giving up the goods too young and also from becoming promiscuous. It made perfect sense to us girls. “It’s just sex. Only, we were never taught how important sex is to our husbands. We were never taught that sex and affection translate to love when it comes to our men. I discovered this about 2-3 years into my marriage and I was stunned (and ashamed) that I truly didn’t know this. I believed what I had been taught, that it was just sex. Thank God I learned how important it is fairly early on. More wives need to learn just how very important it truly is.

  29. What you are pretty much saying is that “I have the right to do something wrong if someone else is doing it is well, and this excuses my behavior” An analogy (taken to the extreme) may be you have the right to rob a bank if others can do it. You dont seem to see anything wrong with this.

    I think you believe in the “golden rule”, right? I imagine you apply it to your friendships. You know, treat a friend as you would have them treat you. But you appear to fail to apply the golden rule in your sexual relationships. Instead of treating them as you would have them treat you, you treat them as they treat you. If they are in the mud, you are there in the mud as well. An amoral parity, if you will.

    One of the key foundations of western society is applying the golden rule in romantic relationships. If you fail to do so, you are just encouraging a race to the bottom, where everybody is just banging away without any regard to feelings. You may not hurt the guy you are banging but you are most certainly hurting his wife and family, leading to more social destruction.

    • As an aside – I don’t think she is hurting his family. He is and he should respect them more and not do it. I don’t understand why the wives don’t walk if he keeps doing it.

      That is what is so weird about this site and others like it – most men on it talk in such an unpleasant and disrespectful way about women and at the same time have a very narrow-minded and traditionalist view of what the world should be like I sometimes feel as though I’ve slipped into the 19th century. But I think that naivety (which manifests itself in a fear of anything ‘socialist’ or ‘foreign’ and a belief that they’re told the truth by politicians and the media and not just knowing the words to the national anthem but actually singing them) , which is characteristic of Americans rather than just men commenting here, is rather charming.

      • just visiting on said:

        Lol. Hey, the popcorn’s pretty tasty. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen ,”but I’m not judging,” written on either side. Lol. Mirrors can be funny that way.

    • I do believe Ive been insulted. *pulls white glove off hand, slaps fi with it in the face*

  30. CX Love: “I can’t stand beta males in my life at all the world would do well without them! ”

    The money quote here. Women, hate, hate, HATE betas (Whiskey).

    • Money quote, indeed. Just more evidence of extreme solipsistic narcissism. How dare men she doesn’t find attractive approach her thinking they have a chance, they shouldn’t even exit! That’s 80-90% of the male population that is irrelevant to the point they are not needed in the world.

      Imagine her perfect world: a world of only alpha men. Of course, such a world would be a world of savagery without the modern conveniences of electricity, heat, water, etc.

      Her narcissism blinds her to the fact that it’s the beta males that make civilization possible. The backbone of society itself are unworthy of her regard, respect, or affection.

      • From a recent Roissy post:

        “The bad news is that hot girls are the best at sussing out even the tiniest hints of weakness or incongruity in men. If your game isn’t consistently good and believable, you’ll be lunch meat. And you have to be on top of your game for YEARS. The beta margin of error that you normally get with plainer girls will be greatly attenuated with hot girls. If you want to prevent a hot girlfriend from straying, you’ve either got to mate guard like a drug lord’s right hand man, or you’ve got to game guard like Casanova.”

        CX Love hates betas because she is attractive enough to garner the attention of men with tight game. Beta’s to CX Love are like a fat chicks to an alpha male–just stuff that is in the fucking way.

  31. Stingray on said:

    Private Man,

    For some reason, I have been going into moderation a lot at other WordPress blogs. Would you mind taking me out? Thank you.

  32. Stingray on said:

    Bugger, it’s your spam filter then.

  33. I suspect that if CX Love were a man writing about red pill strategies, some of the guys here would be applauding her.

  34. Vicomte on said:

    Women usually don’t understand this, but not all dislike is tempered by jealousy or insecurity. We men often dislike people based solely on such arcane indicators as behavior or beliefs(no difference, really).

    Man or woman, it makes no difference. Our darling Jezebel is simply an unsavory person.

    I don’t hold her in any esteem, just as I don’t think much of Roissy or any of the ‘soft harem’ PUAs.

    Yes, I’m sure she’s good to her friends, kind to animals, does charity work on the weekends, etc. I forget where I read it, but one of the writers around these parts said that everyone is a ‘good person’ most of the time. It’s that small ten percent that defines who you are.

    Women are prone to an inability to accurately discern character. I think it might have something to do with the attraction they tend to feel toward people who display ‘alpha’ characteristics. Rationalization ensues when someone they’re attracted to is shown to be generally bereft of character: “I like him/her. They can’t be a bad person because I don’t like bad people–>They must be a good person.’

    And, of course, anyone with anything less than nice to say is a ‘hater’, a hypocrite, or jealous. Why is it that so called ‘negative’ opinions are always written off, while ‘positive’ opinions are taken as genuine, valid, and true?

    Hell, I might start a blog just to ask that question. It’s one that flummoxes me constantly.

  35. Senior Beta on said:

    Good job linking to this blog PM. This may turn into one of the those Walsh thousand comment posts. And this gal (God I wish I had run into her when I worked in D.C.) confirms what you and the other guys teach daily: women loathe betas males. The married vs. unmarried moralistic stuff is, to me, another “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” argument. Give the gal her props. She is servicing guys who are deprived. And trying to send a message to the wives about how to avoid her. Athol does the same thing; just from a different angle.

  36. Jacquie on said:

    I am confused about something and perhaps I am missing something, at which maybe someone would help me understand. I understand the sex part, but I thought a man wanted respect more than anything else. From the comments I’ve read here I get the distinct impression that the blogger does not hold much respect for men in general; therefore aren’t the married men she is with going from perhaps a wife who does not respect him to an affair with another woman who also does not respect him. She may listen to him, but a lack of respect has got to show, unless there is simply not enough time spent together for him to realize it and she is a realy good actress. Could she really be with that many men without having respect for any of them and without it showing through her actions, attitude or in conversation?

    • just visiting on said:

      The initial seduction would appeal to him feeling like a king. Most women who seduce in this manner will require narcissistic supply. After a few months they’ll flip the script and vamperize the guy. Highs and lows and hamsters.

      • Vicomte on said:

        The kind of men that cheat on their wives with a woman like lack that kind of perspicacity, methinks.

      • Men who seduce in this fashion are exactly the same way, JV. And, I wouldn’t say that all of them are alphas, some are betas or below who’ve learned to play the game and who are basically a walking puddle of narcissistic need. in fact, I know a guy very much like CX in real life, and I would not at all classify him as alpha…in fact, I think he’s a beta who was running game before game was invented because of his own narcissistic personality disorder.

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  39. Dog eat dog, eh?

    It’s just nature rebalancing. The men get so weak that women eat them alive, till there are only men left who should be around. No problem, really.

  40. collegegirl on said:

    The wives were good enough for a commitment, but not good enough to be faithful to, the mistress is good enough for the attenton and sexual interest but not the commitment… It’s all very depressing, you get the feeling nobody can win

    Great to have knowledge and all just knowing what to do with it

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