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Trying Something New – Need Input

Now that I’m technically no longer The Private Man (link below) and I have the infrastructure to receive payments, I’m going take the advice of Professor Mentu (link below) and offer a regular conference call lasting at least an hour. It will be in the weekday evenings (time to be determined later) and limited to 10 participants per call. All it requires is a minimum $10 donation. When payment is received you’ll get the call details. Each conference call will cover a particular topic and feature time for live questions from you and answers from me.

Some potential topic titles:

  • The Confidence Sub-Routine Is Not Optional
  • It’s Charisma For A Reason
  • Red Pill Wisdom For Guys Dating
  • Get The Date, Dammit!
  • PUA? We Need To Talk

[You get the idea]

There will be some content from my blog but there will be new material. With the opportunity to ask questions, exploring topics more in depth and dealing with participant’s individual issues will certainly happen.

As I don’t do politics or cover the minutiae of social trends, these calls will primarily be about meeting women and how to navigate the ruthless waters of Dating 2.0. I will never do politics nor allow the calls to get political. It’s about me helping guys (and women) with dating and beginning relationship issues, nothing more.

Once a month, I’ll have a serious Manosphere guest (yo, Rollo!) and that conference call will require a minimum $25 donation.

So, what do my readers think? Would you donate $10 for a fun, entertaining, and extremely informative conference call where you can ask questions directly to me?

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14 thoughts on “Trying Something New – Need Input

  1. Anaïs on said:

    I think it’s a great idea. I’d call if I were a man. Well done in coming out btw.

  2. just visiting on said:

    Online dating profile consultations. Perhaps a free texting charisma download (valued at 27.00. naturally) with purchase of dating e-book?

  3. Hey Andrew (sounds weird calling you that),

    In addition to taking conference calls (my favourite topic is red pill wisdom), you could also talk to bloggers about doing interviews with you on various topics. People would pay for that stuff if there’s premium content.

    • There is some very preliminary Manosphere discussion about this. There’s tremendous talent and extraordinary skills with both Manosphere bloggers and commenters. Imagine a conference call where both Deti and Dalrock are speaking and are available for questions.

      • Keifario on said:

        Some sort of pre-recorded manosphere podcast would be great. A few guys from the manosphere talking about a host of man-topics, not just game. Over skype, or however that works. Perhaps if you get Roosh, he can actually convince Roissy himself to do it. That would be something, although I doubt that would ever happen.

  4. I think it’s a great idea. I have no idea what the size of your readership is, but even if large, if you can arrange some cross-promotion, it would really help. I agree with hustleandswoop that might want to consider something like interviews with either other bloggers or successful Red-pill men as pod-casts, downloadable for a modest fee.

    Any movement on your live classes you talked about a while back?

  5. just visiting on said:

    Live classes, pod casts, dating profile help, and your book. Perhaps a freebie down load (texting charisma valued at 27.00,lol.) with the purchase of the e-book. If you have a manosphere guy with product that is part of your conference, perhaps an affiliate button with amazon or where ever so people can buy from your blog and you get a commission.

  6. Richard Cranium on said:

    Interesting idea. At first I thought your coming out was a bad idea because of the vitriol I’ve seen towards others but now I see there’s a method to your madness. I’m all for helping out and educating.

    Maybe consider live seminars for us locals?

  7. I knew it would work. Congrats Andrew, and here’s to being a inspiration for maybe more of us working under our real names. I know I’m seriously thinking about it.

  8. I’m waiting for the photo.

  9. To those of you new to this-

    He prefers being called Drew. Your welcome.

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