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Patton Oswalt – The Two Dumbest C*nts In The World

Patton Oswalt is a pretty funny stand-up comedian. A couple of ladies are actually talking on the phone during one of his performances and he calls them out.

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5 thoughts on “Patton Oswalt – The Two Dumbest C*nts In The World

  1. Angeline on said:

    LMAO! “I don’t care – your money’s already in my pocket. I’m gonna buy cheap booze and a handjob with your money.”

  2. Breeze on said:

    I bet these two were typically entitled bitches who thinks their cute ass makes up for everything. More men need to call them out for this sort of shit.

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  4. Old Glory on said:


  5. Hamster Tamer on said:

    Props to Patton Oswalt, but, in typical Beta fashion, he landed one, but then BELABORED it until it went stale. For an amped up (and much briefer) Alpha version, with EPIC ESCALATION, watch Joe Rogan completely DESTROY a 24-yr-old Entitlement Princess/Feminazi Attention Whore:

    “How many women in here want to fvck me, right now?” (*Raucous cheering*)… LOL!

    “I’ll wrap my dick around your neck and start you up like a fvcking LAWNMOWER!” ROTF-LMAO!!!

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