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Munson Has Left The Building

To cap off a truly shitty week, I have just learned that Munson has passed away.

His story is a page on my blog. Please read the comments on that page because Munson wrote many of them. His life was epic and interesting.

He will be missed.

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18 thoughts on “Munson Has Left The Building

  1. Jason on said:

    Augh, sucks.

    I wasn’t a Munson fan, but no one should die to cancer, and especially not unplugged, funny dudes like him.

  2. Just1X on said:

    Oh hell, I didn’t think he’d be dying this soon. I was hoping that he was making the most of life

    My sympathies to his family and friends

  3. LostSailor on said:

    A sad day indeed. I didn’t always agree with Munson, but his commentary was great. A shitty way to go, but I’m glad he found the Red Pill part of the net before he left.

  4. It’s amazing how typing words on a keyboard and hitting “Enter” lets others into your life; and how reading others’ words gives you a glimpse into theirs. Munson didn’t pull back the curtain on his opinions. Once he unplugged, he ripped the curtain from the poles, tore it to shreds, grabbed you by the face, and forced everyone to view his life and opinions. And such well thought out opinions they are.

    Go to HUS and read there. Read Living Like Tom here. Munson’s was a life well lived. And he shared some of it with you. And it will be here as long as PM keeps it here. You could do worse than to live like Tom.

    Because someday you’ll die. We all will.

  5. Damn. Sometimes I wonder what the point of life is.

  6. There is no point. The only purpose out there is the one you wanted to be out there.

  7. His wit and wisdom will be sorely missed in the Manosphere. May his ancestors greet him with honor.

  8. just visiting on said:

    Deti and Ian have already said what I feel. I’ll miss him.

  9. SarajMgmt on said:

    Cattle die,
    kinsmen die,
    you yourself will die;
    I know one thing which never dies:
    the fame of a great man’s deeds.

  10. Im sad 😦

  11. Senior Beta on said:

    Wish he could have gotten those hilarious tales of the summer of ’76 published. Would have been an epic and a great epitaph. At least we have it here. Thanks for encouraging that PM. This guy was a friend. Can’t think of a single disagreement I had with him. And a college football fanatic to boot. What a guy.

  12. Damn, I was just reading the page you put up for him about 12 hours ago and now he’s passed. R.I.P. Munson

  13. deti on said:

    Today I still grieve.

  14. I’ll miss that guy. He raged like a swarm of hornets and said some great stuff. He hit hard and he hit fast. His lines about my generation (I’m 25) and about not getting married were brilliant.

    RIP, bud.

  15. Candide on said:

    Never read much of his writing until one of his rants on marriage. I’ll miss his sharp wits. Rest in peace, Munson.

  16. Sad news. I always hoped Munson would start his own blog. Glad some of his comments are living on here. Great guy, he’ll be missed. RIP Munson

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