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Why I Blog

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve banged out over 300 new posts. I have recycled a few posts, as well. My regular commenters are always welcome and I especially encourage new commenters to jump in. The growing page view traffic and comments are encouraging. But it’s the emails which really motivate me. I dispense advice when requested and sometimes I get an email like this:

Hello Private Man,

You know, I’d never thought to myself that I’d be emailing you, or any of the other Manosphere personas that have been spreading Red Pill Wisdom. But the truth, when realized, always shatters the lies that the apprentice had been told before listening in to the master(s).

Anyway, you asked about getting in touch in the your second last post, so here it is:

You seem to be (and I’m not trying to flatter here) a fragment of the father figure that I have lacked growing up.

It’s interesting witnessing myself writing that last sentence. Is it my lack of acknowledgement, arrogance or indifference towards my own father? Not necessarily; I love my father dearly, and am immensely grateful that him and my mother went through so much to raise me and 3 sisters (more on that, if I keep writing;), and wouldn’t trade in the world to have him replaced.

And yet, here I am, a serendipitous stumbler into the world of the Manosphere. [I’m trying to remember how and when it happened, but that is a distant faded memory; as if its necessity has always been there]

I’m not the first one; nor am I going to be the last of my generation (or the next, if things continue to be as bad as they are for men) to be seeking out what has been, by nature, a prerogative for us men. But all that which has been lost under the veil of ‘civilization’ is now being revealed, slowly but surely (As the Chateau puts it: “where pretty lies perish”).

I wasn’t sure if my part of the world is contributing to lifting the veil. I grew up in the Middle East amongst 3 sisters, with parents who’d migrated from the delta country of South Asia. A typical family upbringing, and yet upon closer inspection, and armed with Red Pill Wisdom, one can diagnose the illness that had come and washed over the psyche of a male amongst female family member; an absent father who’s always at work, and a mother and sisterhood who had tried their best to ‘help’ their only brother, but ended up really fucking over his masculine entitlement.

You get the picture now.

Perhaps because there is so much to read up on in the Manosphere, I’m sure there are other with a similar story as mine, and we’re all striving to become aficionados of the school of charisma and crimson arts.

With that, I want to thank you for your input to this world, and hope that, because of your contribution, I still get to enjoy life 20 years from now (when I’m 45+) without the chains that bind, and the lies that kill the spirit of man.

[I think it’s very appropriate that you are the first Manospherian I should consult, among the many others whom I hope to consult in the coming days. What’s interesting (probably the rationalization hamster doing this) is that you seem to be one of the few who, on account of his years, have a long-view of things as they are. (referring to your ‘about’ page)]


That’s quite an endorsement for me and the whole Manosphere. Despite some challenges in my personal life, I will endeavor to keep writing because of emails like this. I hope that all my readers are telling their friends about the Manosphere.

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