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Woman Up! (Re-visited)

[Note: This post was the last of three entitled Woman Up! that I posted about eight months ago. The female blogger bbsezmore (links in the post) did something quite remarkable and it’s worth re-posting]

To end the hat trick of the Woman Up posts – one and two – I present the blogger bbsezmore (the link is to her blog’s home page). She’s a married woman of undetermined age living in a place where I don’t know. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that she did a Woman Up experiment to see the results.

The posts are based on an initial challenge from Susan Walsh over at Hooking up Smart.

There are eight posts that are required reading for my female readers and worth of spreading far and wide over the interwebs. I’ve arranged them in the proper order (with the full length URL for easy copy and paste):


It’s worth reading every single post in the series which include BB’s and her husband’s observations. The comments are interesting, too. As well, BB has plenty of other posts that are relevant to the whole Woman Up concept.

Let’s all say it again, Woman Up.

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