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Hey Blog Readers! What’s On Your Mind?

It’s a lazy, rainy, viciously humid day here in South Florida.  I’ve noticed the Manosphere is heating up, too. There are some excellent new blogs appearing (I’ll post on those another time) and general page views are increasing. Perhaps Red Pill wisdom is being absorbed by more netizens and the word is spreading at an accelerated rate.

I am soliciting opinions and observations from my readers about the state of dating and relationships. I’ve got lots of steady readers and I am quite sure that there are some excellent words to appear in the comments.

So, using the comment feature, I ask the question to you, my readers…

What’s on your mind?

It can be a random thought. It can be a pithy essay. Hell, it could even be Munson (and where the hell is he?!).

Speak up, my readers. Post some links. Lay on some righteous hate if’n ya want. I’m a light touch on comment moderation so you can exploit that.

While you’re writing up some cool comments, I’ll be enjoying the company of a fine woman.

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16 thoughts on “Hey Blog Readers! What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Well it’s been a hot sunny day in N Florida until an hour ago. Spent a few hours at the pool. Now it’s raining and we’re watching “We Bought a Zoo.” Pretty good movie. Catch you all later when the kids go to dad’s for a few hours.

  2. just visiting on said:

    Stingray has a blog and it’s very good!

  3. wingman on said:

    The joys of bar tending.

    I get to tend bar once a week for a few hours because a friend owns the place. Here’s my take – if you’re a guy looking to improve your approach, find a way to work a bar at least part-time. It’s a great set-up. You become the alpha of the place just by standing behind the counter. The girls will flirt with you. They will charm you and they will respond to your every dumb-ass attempt at charisma. Once in a while, dole out a free drink to the right ones and just see what happens. When you tend bar, you are in a position of high social value. Everyone wants to be your friend. Then when things quiet down a bit…. before you know it…. you’ve honed in on a lonely customer who wants your ear. You dish out whatever ersatz advice you wish, she give you digits.

    The next day, when you’re back to your regular self, you’ll find your overall demeanor just a bit brighter, and your confidence just a bit higher.

    • sosweet2362 on said:

      Dannyfrom504 has a similar philosophy about flirting. You should check out his blog as well.

    • P Ray on said:

      Gatekeepers have high status in the minds of people they can kick out.
      The problem is staying in that frame out of the workplace.
      On the other hand, the fact that you come into contact with a lot of people …
      means you can move on fairly quickly if you get the idea that you are not appreciated.

  4. Höllenhund on said:

    Off-topic: hilarious complaint of a divorced woman that she didn’t get enough booty.

  5. LostSailor on said:

    Somewhat related to the last post on a picture is worth a 1,000 words…

    Friday, on a Manhattan cross-town bus on the way home from work, I notice two women, slim, long hair, in stylish dresses. Now, on a hot summer day even in Manhattan, most women are in baggy shorts and shapeless tops. These two women stood out as fine examples of the feminine.

    So I strike up a conversation and we have a pleasant chat. No digits; married, alas.

    But the revelation? Both were European…

  6. Burning out of game and the soft harem… just seems like a skill set that can be mastered and put to good effect; but the social skills (salesmanship) should be be used to answer man’s higher calling of righting a civilization gone awry, rather than slinging tang. Reflecting on that… but you probably knew I would. Big picture sh*t.

    Half-assed it this afternoon with a gal twelve years younger to fill vacant third position. Slobbering make-out with front-side groping in Chuck Town mall parking lot (hot!) after three drinks and escalating kino at a sh*t-yer-gutz out Mexican dive.

    Cure my ennui with inspiration of how we are building a greater society and man. Now that’s a blog!

  7. ZLX1 on said:

    Random Thought:

    Missed Opportunity.

    Saturday – went to the store to get some new sunglasses. Rolled over to the outlet center near my house. Cruised into El Sunglass Shop or whatever it’s called. As I was checking out the Ray-Bans (yeah I’m an old fashioned – Predator IIs) There was a very, very tight early thirties brunette waiting at the case in front of me. She was a with a kid of about eight, so I scoped her left hand, no ring. Good.

    I was standing behind her while we were all waiting for the busy sales girl to come over and unlock the case, etc. The woman turned around completely and checked me out three different times and smiled at me on the 2nd and 3rd times, while we were waiting. Semi-lost in my own world I finally was like “Duh – dude – she’s IOI-ing you big time.” So I struck up a little idle-chit chat and got her to laugh at a joke but I had wasted too much time as the sales girl finally came over and they got down to the business of shopping. She got her stuff, gave me a smile and said “Good luck.” in reference to the odds of getting waited on in a timely fashion and she was off and away. Bummer. She was hot, and my type. It was good though that I fumbled the opportunity as it drove home some lessons.

    Anyway, I made the best of it when it was my turn to get waited on and flirted relentlessly with the sales girl. She had to stick with me as I modeled a lot of different shades for her to get the “female opinion”. I asked which ones would allow me to check out women most covertly. Giggles from the girl. I asked her to move in close (within personal space) to make sure the glasses weren’t too transparent and my eyes could be seen, etc. On and on till her mid forties crone of a boss started giving her the stink eye. Now you might ask: did you try to number close the sales girl? No I didn’t. She wasn’t really my type, but in retrospect I should have just for the practice.


    Pay attention to what’s around you.

    If you get an IOI, dive in and start the interaction sooner rather than later – don’t waste time. Time is a very limited resource.

    Flirt every opportunity you get – it’s good practice. Sales girls are especially fun because it’s a bit of a captive audience in that if you release a verbal turd she can’t really walk away, so you can just keep trying until you’re done with your bidness.

    Always try to number close. Just because a girl isn’t your type doesn’t mean you should waste the opportunity to practice a number close. You don’t have to call her – smacks self in forehead.

    Don’t over-think it. I have a tendency to pass up some opportunities for interaction because I’m like – “Meh, not my type…” That’s dumb. Take any opportunity to flirt because it will only put you that much further ahead in smoothness when you do run into one you like. Besides you never know when her hot friend is going to suddenly appear out of nowhere and come over and join you and you will have already got some pre-selection and a conversation going.

    My verbal chit chat, flirting, jokes and fun teases are good. I’ve always been very good at conversation and I’m not shy about it at all. Where I fall down is in either passing up an opportunity because I decide I’m not interested before I even talk to a woman, which wastes good practice, or when I’m out and about I’m too wrapped up in my head about all the shit I have to do that day so I don’t pay enough attention. I’ll work on that.


    So after I finished up my monumental shopping trip I stepped outside of the store. Then it hit me, to quote Col Kurtz, like a diamond bullet right in the forehead, this outlet area is so, so ripe for day game, especially for a guy like me.

    It’s constructed like a giant open air, square shopping village. There are benches along the way all around the sidewalks that front all the stores. There is a Starbucks for some coffee shop action. Lots of stores chock full of cute sales girls. Lots of pretty women out walking in their sundresses lazily shopping the day away. It’s in a nice affluent area near my house so it’s pretty much the opposite of the Wal-Mart crowd.

    What a goldmine only four miles from my house and I hadn’t really considered it since like most guys when I go shopping I’m on a fucking mission – get in – get the stuff – get out – go home – and unlike the grocery store you have a legit reason to just kind of hang out here for long periods of time and you don’t have to worry about your milk getting warm in the cart. Lots of opportunities for openers and gentle teases based on what the ladies are shopping for / have bought etc. The only thing that could make this location better was it they had a Victoria’s Secret onsite.

    I’m going to check the weather reports for the next good Saturday afternoon and give myself four hours of day game approaches here, if nothing good comes of it that is fine. Online is burned me out and I don’t get to bars that much as I have my kids full time so this is a venue with good logistics for me. Plus I can just go into any of the stores I’m interested in and shop and practice charisma on the sales girls.

    That’s my random thought. CYA!

  8. Capt. No-Marriage on said:

    Random PBR-fueled Thought:

    With Americians getting fatter and fatter every year, how do you think it will affect the sexual market place for the average guy or even for the man fluent in game? The underlying premise is that as women get fatter there are less and less attractive ones. Thus making the attractive ones more difficult to deal with because they know they are a shrinking minority. I did mention this thought was fueled by PBR didn’t I?

    • I believe you are dead on correct. Like any other commodity, the greater the demand and the less of a supply, the greater price the one who holds the item can charge. When you have something everyone wants you can be a real dickhead to all the potential buyers knowing full well that they will continue to attempt to buy. For a time at least…

  9. Enjoying the slow progress I am making. Every now and then I experience set backs, but each failure is just more practice for success. I’m looking forward to my 30s, 40s, and 50s, instead of dreading them.

  10. Onder on said:

    My hates and frustrations –

    – I hate that i have to work harder than most people to attain a ‘normal’ level of dating that others i know seem to be doing graciously.

    – I hate that i have to change from my nice ways in order to fit in with a bitter and cold society.

    – I hate that the things i was told by women are the things that repel them in the sexual market place

    – I hate that i have to go through a daily struggle to meet and greet new women, only to get blown out yet again because i made a silly mistake in my interaction to capture her attention.

    – I hate that despite all my hardships in improving my attractiveness, i have to face a potentially rude, bitter and entitled female who will ruin my day when she herself hasn’t go anything to offer to a man who has got his act together.

    – I hate that shallowness of materialism and status is what gets a woman’s hamster wheel spinning.

    – I hate that despite men having to go through so much pain and struggle to become something women desire, we are still painted in a corner and expected to keep our mouths shut when it comes to male opinion.

    – I hate that i spent most of my life like a sexual outcast and expected to deal with the bitter truth that who i am isn’t enough.

    – I hate that not caring and being completely cold is the the key to getting as many women as i want.

    – I hate that society and influence has lead a woman astray and to believe that a man that loves is the epitome of an unattractive man, and scolding him for doing so with a less desirable yet attractive man.

    – I hate that women insist equality yet are naturally expected to be treated differently on the face of chivalry.

    – I hate that women want to have their cake and eat it.

    – I hate that hypergamy exists and is the bitter truth to nature.

    Above all…

    – I hate that we’ve had to resort to the internet and blogging because society has failed to recognise this, and instead lead us down a wrong path.

  11. Onder on said:

    If a woman does something wrong that is deemed different to most women… It’s a mistake
    If more than one woman does something wrong that is common to most women… It’s nature

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