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Hey Blog Readers! What’s On Your Mind?

It’s a lazy, rainy, viciously humid day here in South Florida.  I’ve noticed the Manosphere is heating up, too. There are some excellent new blogs appearing (I’ll post on those another time) and general page views are increasing. Perhaps Red Pill wisdom is being absorbed by more netizens and the word is spreading at an accelerated rate.

I am soliciting opinions and observations from my readers about the state of dating and relationships. I’ve got lots of steady readers and I am quite sure that there are some excellent words to appear in the comments.

So, using the comment feature, I ask the question to you, my readers…

What’s on your mind?

It can be a random thought. It can be a pithy essay. Hell, it could even be Munson (and where the hell is he?!).

Speak up, my readers. Post some links. Lay on some righteous hate if’n ya want. I’m a light touch on comment moderation so you can exploit that.

While you’re writing up some cool comments, I’ll be enjoying the company of a fine woman.

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