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Picture, 1000 Words…

This image has made the rounds in the Manosphere already. But its simple and direct message is so strong that it needs to be displayed again. So many relationships could be saved if women realized that maintaining physical attractiveness – even through something as simple as dressing in a feminine manner – is extremely important to a man. Some women do understand. The artist who penned this simple cartoon is a woman. She was likely kicked out of the Strong Independent Woman® club for her heresy.
OK, so I didn’t write 1000 words. Sue me.

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25 thoughts on “Picture, 1000 Words…

  1. Hehehe. Maybe i knew you were going to do this so i took the liberty of penning this down yesterday. Just my take on that pic.

  2. In Ukraine I dated a girl who said, “You should look just as good at home than when outside. There’s never an excuse to look bad because your husband still sees you when you’re at home.”

    • Such revolutionary thoughts from that girl! In North America, of course, women don’t need men so there is no motivation to please them.

    • Infantry on said:

      When I was in Poland in 2004 I met a girl who said if she didn’t put on her high heels and makeup to leave the house, her mother would berate her. Apparantly she had to dress up even if she wanted to pick up some milk from the corner store.

      I like Roosh’s Ukrainian girl even better though.

  3. just visiting on said:

    Things sure have changed over the years. My grandmother used to insist that that the household (with the exception of my grandfather) dress for dinner.

  4. Spacetraveller on said:

    This makes sense, PM.
    Good lesson for those of us who are as yet unmarried, for the time when we are.

  5. I’m a high heels guy. I love a woman that wears heels. If she doesn’t, it will never work. I make that clear to a woman up front when I meet her. I follow it with “And if you have a special something you like, let me know.” It goes both ways.

  6. collegegirl on said:

    One thing that confuses me abit, I actually love dressing up and making the effort but I almost feel guilty doing it, like do men not sometimes complain they feel conned by the makeup and heels and all the rest of it, I mean makeup makes you prettier, high heels make you slimmer/taller etc.. Does feel a bit like you can’t win with that one

    • If you’re reading Manosphere blogs, you’re reading about the comparison between a woman getting dolled up and a man learning some Charisma. It’s not actually a complaint that men are being conned, it’s merely looking at both sides of the gender divide in regards to creating attractiveness.

      Seriously, you simply can’t go wrong looking more feminine. Some of the politically correct simps might claim that women are only attractive without all the extras (hair, makeup, fashion) but those are the guys pandering to women in hopes of getting into some feminist panties. Ignore those guys because they are the killers of the lady-boner.

      • I resent it when I’m told that my methods of flirting with women are “manipulative”.

        To those who feel that way:


        How is it any different than a woman wearing a flattering outfit, a fetching hairstyle and make-up?


        It’s not.

        It’s the same thing.

        My behavior is no more disingenuous than a push-up bra or the latest product from Clinique.

        To the best of our respective abilities, we’re both repackaging goods we’d like someone else to purchase.

        Where a difference does exist is in who’s buying and what they want.

      • P Ray on said:

        The difference is, women want to get a man above their attractiveness.
        The prevalent thinking is that a man who gets a woman above his attractiveness, is “cheating” unless he buys her off with riches or fame.
        In other words … it’s all about her 🙂

    • Depends on your man and find out what he likes. If you’re pretty enough that the guy you’re with likes you without makeup, having to cake on a face and use a whole can of hair spray is obviously overkill, just accentuate what you got. Lingerie also helps direct his gaze where you want it to go, the exposed area’s of flesh. And heels magical properties are well known. There’s a difference between accentuating to look hot, and piling it on to look like a whore. It’s finding the balance. The prettier you are, the less of the ‘fakery’ you need to still achieve your goal.

      And props to you for actually enjoying being feminine. Seems so rare nowadays.

    • Anon on said:

      I’ve seen a lot of young men who say this but I wouldn’t trust it, because it’s not what most men *really* want. The ones who say it, I have a feeling, are those Nice Guy (TM) types. Nope, men want their women to look good.

      • P Ray on said:

        If you are interested in what “most men” want rather than what “your man” wants,
        you might want to let him know that.
        That way, he can work on being what “most women want” so that he returns the favour.

  7. collegegirl on said:

    Thanks, I’d never listen to a man who says women look better without any effort, but I thought it was the false advertisement that bothered them, Still I never really thought of it like that, if it’s like a man applying a bit of learned charisma then who cares, the end result is still the same isn’t it?

  8. Once Upon a Time on said:

    Rarely do I share Manoshere insights with the bride, but this one is too relevant not to pass along to her. Thank you for posting this.

  9. Phoenix on said:

    I should happily send this link to a female friend of mine. She is too lazy to shave her fucking facial hair off and she wonders why guys don’t want her enough past a fuck buddy or ONS.

    The game doesn’t change once you secured a relationship. Keep working on maintianing your looks.

  10. WhatsNew on said:

    if women realized that maintaining physical attractiveness – even through something as simple as dressing in a feminine manner – is extremely important to a man.

    But the simple explanation behind the image above is that they do realize it! They simply don’t care to do so when the audience is their partner, because they think the partner needs them more than they need the partner.

    It is all about power: making an effort to look sexy is for most women a tool of power, and if they already have power over their partner, it may not be worth the effort.

    Conversely when a woman makes that effort a man can be pretty much sure that she reckons that he needs her less than she needs him.

    Then some small notes:

    * There is mythical small number of mutant woman who don’t see relationships with men purely as power based.

    * Makeup and heels are not related to sexyiness, they are just its vulgar level.

    * Many men are slobs too at home. If you want to maintain your manly attractiveness to your partner make sure that she does not see you as a funny blob.

  11. Höllenhund on said:

    I’ll have to disagree. If a woman actually wants to have sex with her husband, she’ll make some sort of effort. She certainly won’t dress in pajamas or whatever it’s called. And when she dolls herself up, she does it to grab the attention of the 10-15% of men she actually wouldn’t mind having sex with.

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  13. collegegirl on said:

    I spose the other thing is women I think instinctively know when they’re not new anymore, and that other women maybe seem more appealing regardless of any effort you make, to other men outside of the house you’re still new and hot, maybe for the women that don’t like dressing up so much that does come into it, in fairness

  14. I wonder if this happening is in direct correlation with a guy acting less masculine.

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