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Post Recycle – Why Feminists Hate Us

Note: I wrote this post last year and it garnered some great comments. It’s worth posting again. Original post here.

Feminists loathe anyone who participates positively in the Manosphere – PUA, MRA, MGTOW (defined below). I used to attribute that feminist loathing to simple man-hating. That was too basic, too binary for me and didn’t seem wholly accurate. I finally figured something out with the help of a blogger, “girlwriteswhat” and video a found over at Dalrock’s blog. She has an interesting blog and at least one excellent (if long) video.

While some radical feminists might be up for some righteous hate upon men, the average, card-carrying feminist simply can’t loathe all men. That’s because they need men, they just can’t admit it. As girlwriteswhat states clearly in her video and in some of her excellent posts, men are still expected to sacrifice their very lives on the alter of womanhood. Men have the social obligation to put the needs of women before the needs of themselves. This is the ultimate privilege that women possess.

Us Manosphere guys, the Red Pill men, the guys who figured it out, we know better. We don’t put a woman’s needs before our own. Run into a burning building to save an unknown woman? We’d think twice. It’s that hesitation which galls feminists so much.

A PUA sees an attractive woman? He doesn’t think twice about her relationship status, his needs come first. That galls feminists, too. A man eschews a committed relationship with a woman to live on his own terms? How dare he put his own needs first? He must be a man-child.

When I read Amanda Marcotte (no link from me) rail against MRAs, I know that it’s simply an expression of her incredible fear that she won’t be rescued first from the burning building. Yet she and her ilk continually denigrate the aggressive nature of masculinity – they use the rape culture proxy – that provided the vital attitudes of ambition, achievement, competitiveness, and assertiveness that built our civilization. Note the hellish hypocrisy of women bashing masculinity yet still expecting men to suborn their needs to those of women.

Even women who don’t identify themselves as feminists feel extremely awkward when confronted by a typical Red Pill question: “What do you bring to the table in terms of dating and a relationship?” The sense of awkwardness is a manifestation of fear that perhaps the man asking the question has learned too much about female privilege and male sacrifice.

Feminists tore up their side of the social gender contract and are desperate to keep men upholding their unbroken side of that contract. But the Manosphere keeps shining a bright spotlight on how that contract is so badly broken and that men should simply no longer sacrifice themselves for the needs of women.

PUA – Pick Up Artist

MRA – Men’s Rights Activist

MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way (Confirmed bachelors, amongst other things)


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19 thoughts on “Post Recycle – Why Feminists Hate Us

  1. Brian on said:

    The Red Pill was definitely bitter going down. But the freedom you feel once you’ve processed most of it tastes oh so sweet.

    The only aggravating thing about it is that none of the guys I know will accept reality. You’d think the eye candy that parades around with me would penetrate their thick skulls. But they keep falling into the “NAWALT” mentality, or the “standing in a bar while saying they aren’t interested in meeting a woman at a bar” thing. I can’t even get them to put down the freaking beer shield, so I generally just go out solo now unless we’re hitting a good whiskey bar.

  2. Just1X on said:

    “her incredible fear that she won’t be rescued first from the burning building.”

    She’s right to have that fear (in fact being rescued at all), I would not risk anything to save anyone who hated my sex, colour or sexual orientation. In fact I wouldn’t piss on her if she were on fire.

    She has chosen the world that she wants to live in (her and all other feminists) – that is fine by me, I will hold her to it. Cruel? no, not really, I am just according her the courtesy of taking her at her word, exactly as I would a man.

    Call me a feminist if you like – I believe in equality and I believe in consequences for all.

    • operatingomega on said:

      I would argue that most people in general are simply not aware enough to realize that part of their life situation has been / continues to be a choice. That said, someone who cannot view themselves rationally will also be unable to perceive others rationally.

  3. Yup. It’s the same rage I provoke whenever a bitchy, unpleasant woman realizes that I have absolutely no respect for them, and that I sleep with so many (hot, pleasant) women, that even she offered to pay me, I’d never give it to her.

    She realizes that I couldn’t care less whether she lived or died, and in fact I’d slightly prefer the latter, due to how incredibly unpleasant she is to be around. That I’m not negging her – that I’m outright insulting her whenever she shit-tests me, with a condescending smile on my face. They inevitably spiral out of control and start screaming.

    Note: I never treat a pleasant and kind woman this way. Women who are feminine, sweet, and friendly get treated like ladies. I reserve this utter dismal and contempt for the women who are under the delusion that their pussy gives them the right to act like horrible people. Maybe for beta males, honey, but I need an unpleasant woman like a fish needs a bicycle.

    • Brian on said:

      I agree completely. There’s nothing more fun that stirring up a firestorm when some homely women start bitching about how all men suck by throwing out a “they’d probably treat you better if you took better care of yourself”.

    • Infantry on said:

      Its funniest when an attractive girl (attractive for that particular social group) can’t understand why she can’t get you to chase her.

  4. Nine Furies on said:

    Nice post. That feminine fear of losing male power and support is nearly tangible when dealing with an aware man. Like gollum and the ring, women fear yet love/lust after that masculine force refusing to yield to anyone but himself.

  5. Senior Beta on said:

    Excellent post. Particularly like the burning building analogy. That should make them think, at least.

  6. “What do you bring to the table

    Says it all right there and from where I am sitting, not much.

  7. freebird on said:

    No good deed goes unpunished.Especially in regards to the courts.

  8. P Ray on said:

    Amanda Marcotte wants to be rescued from a burning building …
    but only if she can either
    1. choose who rescues her OR
    2. can downplay the person who did the rescue.
    There is a reason why women do not make their gratitude towards men apparent … unless they’re attracted to them.
    It’s because they have to police the attractiveness hierarchy, and if a guy is seen getting validation from a girl, he can possibly trade up.
    Which is why in most of the relationships where the dysfunctional person is the girl:
    – the man will have his social activities restrained.
    – the woman will only want to see him in places where her social pressure of screaming and throwing a shitfit can paint the man as a jerk.
    – those same places typically don’t have any single women around.
    – while having quite a few men of means around.
    … hence you can see that the woman who is after expensive, fancy dinners … buys right into the above type.
    Knowing where a person goes to be seen by others, says a lot about how they plan on replacing the person they’re with.

  9. Stig on said:

    Girlwriteswhat knocks me out

  10. Candide on said:

    I’m sure an Affirmative Actioned female firefighter would rescue Amanda Marcotte from a burning building. She has nothing to worry about.

    • Just1X on said:

      That’s good to hear – what a weight off my mind (caution – may contain sarcasm)

      I’m happy to leave it to people that she’d find able to thank for saving her

  11. someguy302004 on said:

    you are right.
    “So, what makes you a good date?” And “why would I want you as a girlfriend?” Get blank stares.. as if the resident thought “he should just buy me stuff” twitches in the inside.

  12. More or less like this:

  13. Fumingtortoise on said:

    There are so many things about feminism that causes me mild amusement to outright anger – namely their arrogance and smug attitudes. But in reply to this, they have the nerve to call us rapists, go on about male privilege and brag that women hold more management positions and make more money than men, they shoot down that guy that doesn’t measure up for an “alpha” male (and call the “subpar” make a creep and potential rapist) they want “equal” treatment, yet they expect any random male to throw themselves under the bus for them, then they sit there and wonder why guys like me exist who hate feminism with such passion.

    I could rant in, write a dissertation, an essay or a thesis on why my hatred of feminism is more than validated.

    Also, for the record, hatred of feminism does not equal misogyny – woman are fine, being strong, independent good people doing their own thing until feminism comes along and ruins them.

  14. Jamie Mortonthal on said:

    Radical feminism is actually not misandry – that’s the pop version of it. Kind of like your “pop misogynist” post. Truly radical feminists, by the technical academic definition, want gender equity. We dare to hope that men and women would help one another as human beings in the event of a structure fire and that both genders realize that using another human being to masturbate is gross and demeaning.

    • This is simply not true, only mere sugar-coating. Radical feminists–from Mary Daly to sites such as RadFemHub–are at best separatist and at worst eliminationist when it comes to men. Even mainstream feminism doesn’t seek equity but supremacy. Under the real-world definition of feminism women have rights, men have responsibilities. The truth is that feminism can only succeed to the extent that men allow it, and the men are waking up…

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